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Motorola TLKR T7 two-way radio


Why was this product reviewed?

Except for the bit about assigning names to devices, this radio looks EXACTLY THE SAME as every other PMR radio out there on the market. Same power output, channels, VOX, range, everything. In fact, this review could have covered ANY other PMR radio made by Motorola, and most other companies.

Nice review, but how about reviewing something novel next time?

Designer touts 'super sight' sunglasses


Ah, how typically British that...

... most the comments are simply trying to showcase their cleverness via sarcasm.

I've done my time as a cycle commuter in London (largely law abiding, I might add). Increased peripheral vision would be a good thing to have whilst riding in any major city. If the product is as useless as claimed, it'll fail. But give the designer credit for implementing an idea that on the surface of it is quite practical.

Russian conmen punt iPhoneys


Has this been around for a while?

Or are they faking the 2G iPhone to apeal to nostalgic marks?

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank


Lloyds- this really is no surprise

One of my best friends used to be a Lloyds coder. The stories he told of managerial incompetence, misused technology and organisational intertia were astounding- they on par with Dilbert scripts.

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV


Siege engines

Any invasion plans for Switzerland are incomplete without provision for trebuchet-launched squirrels.

Breakup with Sadville lion ends in kidnap plot, duct-taped dog


The cop must be

Hellboy's smaller, paler cousin.

Fart-lighting youth in petrol can mishap



Many of us no doubt did stupid and dangerous things as young kids. But even then, I'm sure that most of us were not quite so stupid as to think that naked flame near that part of the body was a good idea.

(Note: I grew up in the back of beyond, Oz. Even in the countryside, it was only the *really* stupid kids that ever tried lighting farts!)

IBM solves world's 'paper or plastic' crisis


@Daniel and @Tim Spence

@ Daniel- I remember being taught this in the advanced physics institution that was my high school. And therefore assume that 90%+ of TheReg readers also know this, along with other tidbits like "why is the sky blue".

@Tim- good point.


@everyone @ing sam

14 comments so far and 6 of them have been to point out that the speed of light is affected by the medium*? Crikey, don't you READ the comments before having to show the world how clever you are?

We need a little piccie of a dead horse and a whip.

* Something most of us know already, anyway.

Quantum porn engine foiled by strawberries and muffins


Apparently it's pronounced "quill"

From : http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/149167/whats_in_a_name_better_not_ask_cuil.html

"That explanation is new to Foras na Gaeilge, the group that is essentially the official keeper of the Irish language, responsible for promoting use of the language as well as developing dictionaries and new terminologies. "I am unaware myself of the meaning 'knowledge' being with the word 'cuil' in Irish," Stiofán Ó Deoráin, an official on Foras na Gaeilge's terminology committee, said via e-mail.

He did caution that accents can make a big difference in Irish. In fact, cuil should have an accent on the "u" if it is to be pronounced "cool," like the company says it should. Cuil, without an accent, should be pronounced like "quill," Ó Deoráin said. His point was that the accent, in addition to changing the pronunciations, can change the meaning of a word."

Nokia 6220 Classic candybar phone


"a common 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter"?

"A 2.5mm AV jack socket means that with the help of a common 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter..."

Surely you meant "an IRRITATING 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adaptor)". What's the point of a sleek phone that mandates a clunky adaptor if you want to use a decent set of headphones?

Apple sees red over iPhone 3G


Does anyone else think that

the picture on the phone looks disturbingly like a demonic Michael Jackson?

Sony Ericsson C702 rugged handset


"It's not as rugged as it looks"

That's funny, because it *looks* about as rugged as a crystal vase full of pretty lilacs.

TSA says 'checkpoint friendly' laptop bags on the way


That's a good one

"Hawley claims, however, there won't be any confusion about what passes or not because security officers will be well informed about them."

Well informed TSA officials. Hur hur hur.

Most 'malfunctioning' gadgets work just fine, report claims


Some context would be nice

Is this a study for the UK, Europe, the world or the US?

If the US, it is no surprise. One would assume that returning goods on whim is written into the Constitution, seeing how often it happens.

I highly doubt that other countries suffer from comparable rates of return.

Canon EOS 400D digital SLR


Isn't this a bit late?

I mean, this camera has been out and reviewed since late 2007...

When flash mobs go bad


CCTV footage will be reviewed by police

And this story was only run yesterday:


EMC makes consumer storage box for China


Something just doesn't fit here

Conspicuous consumption by the wealthy in China is on fashion, cars and entertainment. Storage devices are pretty much the antithesis of this, and in such purely functional areas the Chinese are exactly that- functional. They're certainly not stupid enough to spend multiples of the going rate for home NAS.

This emergency alert has been cancelled by Hotmail


Restrictions are a good thing

Given the cries of outrange and general handwringing over SPAM, I completely agree with the Microsoft/Hotmail approach on handling mass emails.

Email should simply not be considered a guaranteed service, much like regular physical mail. If something is 'critical', don't simply use a bleeding-heart cry like 'but what about all the disabled people?' Instead, find a more appropriate medium, or mix of media, to communicate.

I have come across instances of my emails being caught by filters to certain destinations. I don't care- I just adapt to it and think that it's good that someone is at least trying to reduce potential SPAM.

How to case high-profile targets without really trying


Names like bong

are pretty normal in the Philippines.

Girls prefer pink: official


How did this...

...piece of tripe make it onto TheReg in the first place?

How to recover your 'unrecoverable' laptop


... and also...

... that this article was almost unreadable due to how it was structured.

Canadian iPod user struck by lightning



Both "smitten" and "smote" are the past tense of "smite". "Smitten" is more often used as a term to imply infatuation, whereas "smote" does not have this ambiguity.


Burnaby Park?

There is no "Burnaby Park" in Vancouver. There is Central Park (sometimes referred to as Burnaby Park simply because it's big) and a Robert Burnaby Park.

Deal struck on the phone is binding, rules High Court


Undermine what?

"An oral contract over the phone is binding, the High Court has ruled in a multi-million pound case which threatened to undermine the way the world of high finance operates."

So previously oral contracts were not binding? This doesn't sound plausible- the phone lines of trading desks of investment banks have been recorded for decades. Why bother doing this if the conversations were not legally binding for trades?

Google cancels anti-eBay bash


Lazy writing

Did anyone else find this paragraph somewhat mind-bending?

'But yesterday, after eBay removed all its ads from Google's US-based AdWords network, the Google team had a change of heart. "eBay Live attendees have plenty of activities to keep them busy this week in Boston, and we did not want to detract from that activity," read a new blog post. "After speaking with officials at eBay, we at Google agreed that it was better for us not to feature this event during the eBay Live! conference."'

Hitachi ships Travelstar 7K200 encrypted hard drive


"Technical layperson"?

"software encryption, which is generally not well understood by the technical layperson"

Is this a layperson who is technical (an oxymoron)

Or a person who is unversed technically (a tautology)?

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?


.co.uk - please!

.co.uk is an intergral part of the image of TheReg. Cheeky and bitingly sarcastic reporting that can only originate from a primarily British culture. .com isn't global- it's American and reeks of bland, CNN-ified pap.

Even some of the US contributers to TheReg, try as they may, cannot match the UK based journalists for style or humour (the most flagrant examples of shoddy fact-checking and poor grammar seem to come from your US contributers).

Keep it British!

--An Aussie in Hong Kong.

Long Beach cops boast first Segway-borne bust


Striking fear into the hearts of 13 year old criminals everywhere

It's reassuring to see that the Segway is an effective weapon in the fight against hardened, pre-pubescent criminal masterminds.

Dutch escort agency to service geek virgins


Revenge of the Nerds?

"People who are sought after for their looks or social status never have to try to be good in bed, or even very nice. Those of us who had to get laid on our other merits are going to work much harder to be good lovers. Also much more appreciate of our partners than the ones who get it early and easy."

I'm pretty sure that this is a slightly more elaborate line from Revenge of the Nerds. How fitting!