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Got a buck to send M Night Shyamalan to film school?



While we're at it, can we add Ewe Boll to that list please...

All his stuff is worse than most the homemade clips on youtube (NO not that homemade!!!)

Apple blogger legally unlocks iPhone



LOL at the FUD spread on here about jailbreaking iphones.

I've had mine for a week - it was a hand me down from my brother and so far I've managed to upgrade to the latest software revision, jailbroke that within 4 mins and then spent far too long downloading winterboard and themes.

If you can flash firmwares on motherboards without bricking them, an iphone is a piece of piss.

O2 coughs to data failure

Paris Hilton

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


The missus just got one today and guess what - it will not load up and get on so she can purchase any of the mobile tarrifs.

Paris - Why it's simple. Even she isn't able to suck for this long :(

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed


waste of taxpayers money

Another bloody "review" ...

How much do OFCOM want to waste on stating the bleeding obvious ?

Tesco tills go titsup

Paris Hilton

frijj on offer @ CRAIG

Yeah, I got 12 bottles on Saturday night of the chocco fudgecake ( 12 paid for, 24 taken home)

What's shocking is these were 79p only a few months ago and now they're upto £1.05 per bottle (BOGOF)

Paris... Well I bet she's not had to pay any more to get her supply of milky goodness.

US lawmakers to de-silence electric cars

Paris Hilton


Just give the electric cars a half decent speaker system and a CD of V8 noises they can play while driving about :)

Paris... Well she knows how to drive us all crazy ;)

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official


all this talk of food....rumble

I've had that a few times when I go up to glasgow.

Yes it cures the hangover after a night on the irn-bru & triple vodkas but it's not the same as bacon slices which are so nice...

quick everyone - asda have bacon butties on offer for 1 pound each until May :)

Profs: Sex with oldies or youngsters will give you the clap


What the....

What a load of codswallopsarsey crap.

My Missus is 6 years old than me and *scratches* I haven't got a dose of *scratches* anything, I've just got sensitive scrotum due to the change in washing powder.

/goat - as I'm hungry and will eat anything atm

U2 song whacked my hard drive


Samsung ?

Maybe samsung should use this technology so that when their mobile phones are used to play that crappy "scouse house" with some fat bloke shouting over the top, they break into a million pieces causing the chavs on the bus to cry :)

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears



Anyone who uses Tiscali needs their head reading anyway in a professional capacity.

Paris - Well even she has enough brain-cells to steer clear of tiscali as an ISP.

Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders



That episode of Atlantis wasn't even one of the better one's anyway so they should be greatful that people are even watching a truely great show which has been on a slow decline since the 3rd series.

Pirate symbol - well arrrrrgh and shiver-me-timbers ;)