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Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast

Mark Jones

why not include a DVD disc as well?

If only they had the sense to include a DVD copy of the film with the BR Disc then they would sell heaps more........I have a BR disc player - but only in one room - (until wireless HDMI becomes realistically priced!) so still buy DVD versions over BR.......

Mark Jones

Include both formats and everyone's a winner....

I have a BR (PS3) but as this is only in one room in the house and I have other DVD players in the house I still buy DVD over BR...until wireless HDMi is here at a sensible cost I will continue to do this and I suspect so do most BR owners....if (and I can't see why they don't...anyone?) included a DVD version in with the BR disc then I would buy that....sounds simple enough to me or am I missing something.....?