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Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?

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Re: Get me a babysitter

> I dont feel the need to quote the entire article

It seems you didn't feel to point out anything that was factually incorrect, apart from 'He's not antisemetic!' which isn't the point the article was making.

> Furthermore the drive to "stop Tseries" is all one big joke.

So if I say something like 'I hate purple monkey wheels', only to turn round and say 'It's just a joke!', does that mean the Purple Monkey Wheel community is not allowed to be outraged? May I remind you that for something to be considered a joke, it has to be funny in the first place?

EDIT: Also of note, click on the usernames of people defending Pewdy in the comments and be absolutely shocked that they've never actually commented on anything on this site before, apart from this article. Brigade much?




EDIT2: Ah it becomes clear, this article was linked on the Pewdy subreddit so in comes his army of morons to defend his actions.

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Re: Get me a babysitter

I love it when someone says 'FAKE' without specifying what parts were incorrect.

> This article for example has so much false information

Could you specify which parts of the article contains false information?

£220k fines for dodgy dialling duo who didn't do due dil on data

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Re: In other news today

ACT response is still listed as active on companies House and I couldn't see any documents listed about insolvency:


Same with Secure Home Systems:


Atari accuses El Reg of professional trolling and making stuff up. Welp, here's the interview tape for you to decide...

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Re: Meanwhile...

I hadn't seen that update from Giles, although my point still stands (kinda) in that Atari announced it for VCS before even speaking to Llamasoft about it.

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The modern game they've announced is Tempest 4K and the developer of said game had no idea that it was being released on the VCS:


For context, Atari and Llamasoft have had a long history together, although they did have a falling out recently due to one of their games being too similar to Tempest. My guess is that the announcement of T4K was due to someone at Atari wanting to play silly buggers with them.

Here come the lawyers! Intel slapped with three Meltdown bug lawsuits

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Re: OK, I'll bite

> How many of the claimed performance hits are estimates, and how many are based on real data?

Epic games posted a graph showing the CPU increase on a 'real' server:


Developers' timezone fail woke half of New Zealand

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Wake In Fright?

I thought that was an Aussie and film and had nothing to do with New Zealand?

UK.gov snaps on rubber gloves, prepares for mandatory porn checks

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Fantastic use of Godwins law

How about, rather than introducing draconian laws, parents actually monitor and guide their childs internet usage?

FCC blames DDoS for weekend web lockout

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Re: ISPs...

I was just thinking, who has access to a vast amount of bandwidth and wants to make sure that net neutrality is squashed so they can kill Netflix and push their own streaming services?

TBH it sounds more likely than 'John Oliver viewers crashed the servers'

Trump's cyber-guru Giuliani runs ancient 'easily hackable website'

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Aaand it's gone

Was up about an hour ago, now the name fails to resolve for me.

EDIT: Actually it's still up, just that the name doesn't resolve any more


The top doc, the FBI, the Geek Squad informant – and the child porn pic that technically wasn't

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"To be clear, our agents unintentionally find child pornography"

"The gynecological oncologist's defense team had previously argued that because the image was pulled from unallocated space on Rettenmaier's hard drive, there is no way to prove intent to possess and view the image"

Wait, if I'm reading that right, the image was found on part of the drive that hadn't been formatted. Why would the repair tech be running image recovery software on unallocated space if they weren't specifically looking for images?

I guess that the customer may have asked to recover some holiday snaps that were deleted, hench why the repair tech was hunting around for deleted images. Still, got to be a special brand of stupid to have child porn on a computer, then send it off to a repair shop and get them to find deleted pictures.

Dutch govt says no to backdoors, slides $540k into OpenSSL without breaking eye contact

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That's got to be one of the funniest El Reg titles I've seen.

25 years of SNK's Neo Geo video gaming platform

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Re: Neo Geo X

From the link you posted:

"Bearing in mind that the NeoGeo X is apparently based on the Dingoo A320, it's perhaps unwise to expect emulation performance on par with the Tegra 4-powered Nvidia Shield.

CPS1 and CPS2 emulation is surprisingly good, while the Mega Drive and SNES can suffer from dropped frames and patchy sound. The Game Boy Advance also has audio issues, but these could well be remedied over time as more hacked firmware hits the web."

You can get *much* better for the money, you are paying to have NEO GEO written on it. Even a PSP will run the emulators better and you can pick them up for less than £30. If you want something newer, have a look at the JXD S7800B.

Sonny Jim

Neo Geo X

"the little machine has proved popular with those sensible but nostalgic people who chose not to remortgage for the machine first time round."

Err? Have you read the same reviews I have? Overpriced and under-powered, they didn't even write their own emulator and ripped off Final Burn Alpha. The screen was the wrong aspect ratio (16:9), whereas games were 4:3.

In fact the reaction to it was so poor that SNK terminated the licensing agreement with Tommo in the US and wanted everything pulled off shelves.

The Reg's review of 2014: Naked JLaw selfies, Uber and monkey madness

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Re: I know it's a long article...

"lacking steering wheel, accelerator or break pedal "

" Sky News reckoned he was suffering heal problems that include a heart condition, a chronic lung complain"

"As November rolled in tow town a court in Sweden rejected his appeal "

"The smoking gun was the message one of Rigby’s attackers - Michael Adebowale - had sent to an oversees individual "

". In Barlow’s case, he and is Take Thaters were outed for avoiding £66m"

"So far, the sky hasn’t fallen and history is still breathing. By December, Google had received 174,226 - or 60 per cent - of versus 669 for search rival Bing from Microsoft."

"What will be Google’s response? Ultimately, take its toys home, as it’s provide it’s willing to do in Spain and Russia,"

There's more but I can't be bothered to find them

Marriott fined $600k for deliberate JAMMING of guests' Wi-Fi hotspots

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Re: Buy a 3G/4G dongle.

Except that on the majority of train services I've used phone reception has been terrible, so mobile internet either doesn't work or is so unreliable it drives you up the wall.

Renault Twingo: Small, sporty(ish), safe ... and it's a BACK-ENDER

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So I read the article

And I am left wondering what the IT angle is?

In any case, it did make me want to buy another Hillman Imp :-)

Turn OFF your phone or WE'LL ALL DI... live? Europe OKs mobes, tabs non-stop on flights

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During take off and landing

One of the major reasons why PEDs weren't allowed during takeoff and landing wasn't so much to do with the technical aspects, moreover during these critical phases of flight it's better than you are actually paying attention to the safety briefing rather than beefing up your defenses in Clash of the Clans.

Man, its smartphones are SQUARE. But will BlackBerry make a comeback with them?

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That's not a square, it's a rectangle.

NEW Raspberry Pi B+, NOW with - count them - FOUR USB ports

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Re: @sampler

> The guy who then posted them was a real jerk about it

If you are talking about rikkid, actually he came across as rather helpful when I was chatting to him in IRC. The mods have been spreading loads of FUD about him, you seem to have bought into it without knowing the full story.

If anything, the Pi mods have been total idiots by deleting threads without comment and banning people when other sites *already had the Pi on sale*. Stable, bolted. I'll get me coat

Brit inventors' GRAVITY POWERED LIGHT ships out after just 1 year

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Re: Stairs payback

As someone who used to live at the bottom of said hill, I wholeheartedly concur. Nothing quite like waking up to the smell of roasted coffee and burnt brakes :-)

Dopey dope-growing dope smoked out by own dope dope-growing vid

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Re: First rule of growing pot

> 4. Don't use lots of leccy

No electricity company in the world is going to go looking for what are probably their best customers and hand them over to the police. Much more likely that there will be approached by the police for the bills when they have other evidence.

FAA: 'No, you CAN'T hijack a plane with an Android app'

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Re: Every article I've seen about this neglects to mention the most important thing

Fair comment, although I have to admit I've taken a variety of PCB's and power supplies in my carry on baggage and I've only ever had them comment on it once (about my Tokyoflash "Pimpin ain't easy" watch).

Still, the headline "Phone + expensive transmitter can be used to hack planes" doesn't have the same ring to it ;-)

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Every article I've seen about this neglects to mention the most important thing

You need a computer (Laptop/Phone/Whatever) and a TRANSMITTER in the form of an Software Defined Radio. You can then spoof the various signals the plane receives, such as ACARS, TCAS, GPS etc.

An SDR is fairly bulky and probably wouldn't make it through secuirty, so I question the validity of this guys claims.

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

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Another design feature of the Crays

The C-shaped design was all to do with making the signal paths shorter, so they could run quicker. Very interesting guy and it's a real shame he isn't still around.

Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box

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You don't need to grab the key transmission

"Would-be car thieves need to grab the transmission between a valid key fob and a car before reprogramming a blank key"

There is a blind spot on the alarm system where it's possible to break a window and access the OBD port without setting the alarm off. Once they've gained access to the OBD they use the car to program the blank key. There's no need to get access to the original key, it's just a modern day version of 'hotwiring'.

Oz regulator tells telly-makers to mind their language

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Re: ACCC are reasonably good at common sense

What passes for Bacon in the UK is ridiculous. Even the cheapest of the cheapskate bacon over in Oz is several times better than the water-injected crap they sell over here.

Slim debut sales for fatter Nintendo 3DS

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"NO ONE WOULD BUY IT cause they would be scared of the new one getting replaced in a year or so with a slightly improved one where new games would be completely incompatible."

Take off the bit about new games being incompatible and therein lies the problem. Every Nintendo fan knows that if they just wait a bit, a new one will come along and the prices will plummet.

"Playing games online is a gimmick"

Are you being serious? I can't tell. Three words for you "World of Warcraft".

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The reason I haven't bought one is....

I've had several DS's, ranging from the original grey fatboy to the lites and love them down to the ground. I take at least one of them every time I have a long journey but I've never made the jump to the later consoles because:

1. A DS Lite can be accurately described as pocket sized, although my hands do cramp up a bit on it. Yes I know I can just put them in a bag but I like the idea of being able to sit at a bus stop and stuff it in my pocket when the bus turns up.

2. Lack of technology advancement and too small incremental steps. I'm not a fan of 3D and see it as a bit of a fad and once that's been taken out of the equation there's not much else different between my Lite and the 3DXL Gti Turbo Hyper Fighting II editions.

3. The fact that everyone who wants one knows the price will plummet within a couple of weeks.

LG readies bonkers big telly for sale

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I had a 56" one of these 6 years ago

Google maps looked *the business* on it, no zooming in, it was literally like having a map on the wall:


Ten... celeb headphones

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Gotta love the Sennheiser HD-25's

Comfortable to wear, they sound alright and although they aren't indestructible as some people like to make out, the last pair I had lasted for 10 years.

For the life of me I don't know why anyone would want to wear in-ear headphones, hat fanciers maybe?

Lesser-spotted Raspberry Pi FINALLY dished up

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Did some say "Homemade pinball"?

Because that's exactly what I've been doing and I have plans to port our project to the Pi (if I can ever lay my hands on one)


Cloudy QR code bike theft stopper gets Police thumbs up

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QR code does seem a bit like overkill

Why not just have a registration number, anyone can read that? Or spend some money on a decent lock?

BBC Micro team to celebrate historic machine's 30th year

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The 6809 saw a lot of use in pinball machines, amoungst other things. There's even a GCC port for the 6809 which we are using for our open source pinball operating system ;-)


TDK BA100 earphones

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Closed cup or go home

I understand the usefulness of in ear (small, discrete) but for me there's way too many disadvantages to them as compared to closed cup headphones.

1. They can be painful to wear

2. They have a tendancy to leak audio out and cause annoyance to people around you (tsch tsch tsch on the train)

3. Outside noise can leak in and no amount of noise cancelling technology will get around this.

4. In simple physics terms, to produce the lower range of frequencies requires a larger speaker cone. In ear headphones are limited by the size of your ear canal. If you want bass, you need closed cup.

Unless you a security guard or don't want to mess your hair up, buy a decent pair of closed cup.

Netgear debuts first next-gen powerline network kit

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It's not about having a beard and being called a luddite

It's the fact that these things broadcast illegal amounts of inteference and the government body that is supposed to regulate this sort of thing is being paid off or just flat out ignoring the problem, even when the GCHQ spooks are telling them that it's a problem.

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever

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The Playstation gave us true arcade style graphics and subsequently spelled the death of the arcade as we know it. The Wii introduced console gaming to a huge untapped market.

I think Nokia had more of a contribution to shaping gaming in the form of 'Snake' for the older handhelds than any frickin' iPhone game.

BT gets 14 days to block Newzbin2

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Electricity companies and Cannabis factories

Electric companies will not report excessive usage to the police, it's just plain not in their interest. What's more likely to happen is that the police will approach the electric company rather than the other way round, but even then that's unlikely to happen as a large electric bill is circumstantial evidence at best.

You are much more likely to get caught by the smell, neighbours reporting suspicious activity and good ol' thermal imaging cameras on helicopters.

Nokia pitches cheapest voicephones yet

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Designed for 'Developing nations'?

They look more like throwaway phones for drug dealers?

PS3 controller makes move on Android games

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If you have an N900....

You can do it for free:


Police arrest alleged LulzSec hacker 'topiary' in Scotland

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Let me guess....

They'll chuck a few terrorism charges on him then lock him up for not disclosing his password?

Hacked Sun site greatly exaggerates Murdoch's death

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Re: How odd

The Reg have offices in San Francisco if memory serves.

Akira Blu-ray remastered disc set

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I thought they did what they had to do, ie give a background setting without over complicating the main story. WRT to the last 20 minutes, I'm wondering if there's some cultural differences that cause confusion, as I'm always left scratching my head also.

Chess crown stripped in plagiarism furore

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There's quite a lot of evidence to say that he did copy the code

From: http://www.chessvibes.com/plaatjes/rybkaevidence/RybkaInvestigation.pdf

"Nearly the entire evaluation function is derived from Fruit. This includes

the formulas for calculating piece-square tables, methods and features of evaluating

piece mobility, rook king file proximity, rook and queen on the 7th rank, and king safety. "

"Disassembly of the root search analysis indicates nearly identical code and

variables, even including the ordering of the variables."

"Pre-Rybka 1.6.1 contains much identical code to Crafty, even including large

blocks of code with obsolete code inside them, and code that performs tests that make

no sense today (code that was left in Crafty by accident, by Robert Hyatt, also shows

up in Rybka 1.6.1). It is inconceivable that a second author could duplicate this code

purely by chance. At least hundreds of lines of code appear to be copied."

Groupon India publishes 300,000 user passwords

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Surely the best method for keeping online passwords safe is to have an 'airgap' and write them down on a bit of paper?

Stealth-cam software snaps laptop looter

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There's SMSCON for the N900

You can set a 'trusted' SIM card and a number/email/sshd to phone home to. If someone inserts a 'untrusted' SIM it will turn on the GPS and tell you where the phone is. You can also SMS it commands to lock the device, take pictures etc.


ASA smackdown for Yahoo! Thelma & Louise

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I complained about the recent 'Cuts are Criminal' advert

And received a very nice letter from a Laura Walker saying they were going to do sod all.

Can we get rid of OFCOM, ASA and the PCC ASAP please?

Firefox add-on with 7m downloads can invade privacy

Sonny Jim

Sounds like TACO all over again

Although this is slightly different, whereas TACO used to be trusted and slim, then got bought out and turned into bloatware. The way they got it past Mozilla that time was to have one of the Firefox add-on's board members in their back pocket.

I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened here.

GCHQ man: Powerline networks do interfere with radio

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Yay for Number Stations

Before any one says "Why don't they just use the internet" I'll explain:

1. Radio doesn't have a definitive 'end point', you can find out where it's being transmitted but you can't find out who is receiving it or where they are (only make an educated guess). With the internet they'll be logs and an IP it needs to be sent to.

2. Radios are cheap and ubiquitous, if you were an operative working in the middle east and you were carrying around some kind of uber smart phone to do your decrypting, you'll stand out like a sore thumb. A shortwave receiver and a pen and pencil can be found almost anywhere on the planet.

Most governments don't really use Number Stations any more, the UK one shut down a long time ago (google Lincolnshire Poacher) although the Chinese still use them quite a bit.

Mines the one with the Degen 1103 in the pocket.

CEOP to retain ops control under National Crime Agency

Sonny Jim

@AC, Erm, couple of questions:

1. Why did you need to encrypt the file? Surely just jump on a bus/train to a neighbouring city, walk into internet cafe (checking for CCTV of course) and upload from there, or just use TOR. Or post them a USB key, or a million other anonymous methods.

2. Sending the key via email is slightly stupid, as anyone with access to their mailbox now has the decryption key. Key distribution is a hard thing to crack, which is why you should of asked them to generate a public key for you to encrypt the information with.

Mines the jacket with the tin foil lining.