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Ten of the best... noise-isolating earphones


Sennheiser CX300?

As reviewed by Which? They have a Mk II out and a rebadged version with iPhone controls - all > £35, but for headphones that previous started at £30 and are now down to £15-18 (for Mk I) they're UNBEATABLE!

Will leave you to Google - but good to get Sennheiser quality for such a decent price. They don't have to be pricey!

Oh and they come in white, black or pink...

OCZ Apex 120GB SSD


SSD friendly OS

Is Mac OS X 'SSD friendly', as per the configs you can buy from Apple with SSDs?

Would be interesting to see results here.

Analyst predicts cut-price, updated 3G iPhone models

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This is just pants. Better specifications than he claims in a $99 iPhone CutPriceTM can be found in other phones for contracts c. £20/mo...

Toshiba wows crowds with sexy touch smartphone


Toshiba PDAs = FAIL

They're SLOW, often released in a BETA state... I had an e350 which I then upgraded to an e740 only to be told they were being discontinued... and it was a bit like a prototype PDA. Completley unusable and they refused to release the latest Windows Mobile upgrade.

So if you want a decent, high quality phone/PDA which has long-lasting support DON'T get a Toshiba.

Huawei E176 Micro SDHC-ready HSUPA 3G modem



I was conned into buying one of these plus 3GB/3 months of Three PAYG coverage.

It's almost unusably slow, even using stuff like OnSpeed, in an area where Three say I should get full 3G. My iPhone gives me four bars and full 3G browsing but I get - at best - one bar on my Mac and speed akin to 28.8 kbit/sec dialup.

The Three supplied software is decent enough though it works by auto-playing from the internal USB read-only memory whenever you plug it in so you get a Finder window each time it is plugged in, instead of the software that you've already installed coming up. This behaviour can't be changed or doesn't seem to want to. No SMS capability on Mac either.

In short, the modem is probably as described above, perfectly servicable with an antenna socket to boot (tho antennas not sold in Three shop, only onine at niche retailers), but be VERY VERY careful about what network you use as Three are to be avoided for data at reasonable speeds, even in full HSDPA coverage areas.

Rail companies roll out barcode ticket standard

Jobs Halo

Hail Jebus phone

There better be an iPhone app for this too...

Powerline Ethernet and ring mains


Encryption / password with games consoles

A natural application for this is to use this for games consoles (Xbox 360), e.g. in the living room while router is elsewhere. How can one use passwords/encryption if needed with a console?

Elgato EyeTV DTT Mac digital TV tuner



Bought one of these for a smidgen under £40 at an Apple Store to watch the US Election coverage. No flaws that I can detect and the software is impressive!

Revealed: Street View's UK invasion schedule


Street View car on the prowl in Cambridgeshire

Friday 3 October, 0830 on the A10 northbound just coming off the Stretham Roundabout: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=cb24+9lq&ie=UTF8&ll=52.347813,0.212989&spn=0.004647,0.009656&z=17

Thursday 9 October, 0855 on the A10 northbound again, on the approach to Ely:


BBC fixes BT Home Hub auto-vomit bug



This problem has been the BANE of my life when trying to catch-up on programmes via iPlayer.

BT support refused to help, instead pointing out I was being 'metered' for downloading and then saying that was the reason.

The 'small number' of customers affected is UNLIKELY considering there are millions of these crappy white boxes everywhere across the country. The only reason I haven't actively moved away is because a family member is using the email addys as their business addy (despite my advice) so there's been a degree of inertia.

The new Home hub 2.0 should be provided free to angry customers like me!