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Wireless HD video sticks demoed

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Wall mounted TV sans cables.

As per subject.

Appeal Court: Mod chips infringe game copyright after all


Secondary purpose to allow for backups.

Hasn't it been determined that it's legal to back up your media.

What's the point of backing up your media if you're unable to use it? Mod chips facilitate this and should be allowed. It's your hardware - you should be able to do with it what you please - including taking to it with a sledge hammer.

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats


Another point

There's a big difference between "had used file-sharing software" (quoted) and *using* file-sharing software. "used" as a figure will always grow - the actual usage would eventually normalise.

Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no


Hosting in the US?

Swtich to an Non-US based host and say good bye to DCMA

Microsoft apologizes for digital head transplant


Target Market

Why is this racist?

Chances are that in the target market (Poland) IT professionals are predominate white males or females - given that the percentage of darker skinned people living in Poland is extremely low ( http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090421123804AAgqIEs ) this is highly likely the case.

Good advertising should connect with the target market and typically this involves using local actors. MS's approach may be cheap or efficient depending on you view - but it is not necessarily racist.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes


Barking up the wrong tree.

So Palm have essentially admitted to breaking the USB standard which I assume they agreed to when licensing USB tech. What havoc does this play with other software? Am I correct in assuming that when you plug a Pre into an XP box it also shows an iPod as connected?

The only reason I use iTunes is because I have Apple products - otherwise I wouldn't bother, it's slow and bloated. In a way it's surprising that Palm are trying so hard to get into that arena - why not work with Amazon or someone similar to develop a competitor?

China seals town after plague deaths




El Reg commentards offered extra iconography


What about a decent big brother image?

Perhaps from the 1984 film?


Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan


We don't need no stinking title.

In all fairness they're far from proportional to her body.

The first step to bio-engineered / enhanced athletes?

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

IT Angle

@Adam Foxton



Next-gen iPhone to sport 3.2Mp camera?

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At least 5MP please...

2MP was dated when the iPhone launched almost 2 years ago - I barely bother to use the camera because of it. If they really want to make the camera a selling point then it needs to be at least a high quality 5MP with a low noise factor.

Street View captures traditional British Christmas


Alternative angle of article scene


French Senate passes bill to disconnect filesharers


ISP: Judge Jury and Executioner

The possibility of a private entity having the power to affect ones life so dramatically without due process is absurd. The internet is such an integral part of people's lives that removing access to it greatly reduces that persons ability to function within and interact with today's society. It is an electronic version of home imprisonment - something that should be left to the courts to decide.

I have faith in the French people to lead a viva la resistance on this issue...

Virgin Media calls foul on web speed testers


What's the point if you can't use it?

I rather stick to my 24meg Be line - atleast I know I will be able to use it without the constant threat of disconnection. Somebody has to call foul on them advertising a service that you can't actually use what you pay for.

Cross-site hacks and the art of self defence


Re: Referer field?

Agreed - a simple solution is to require a same domain referrer when preforming tasks.

AFAIA this cannot be forged by an un-tampered browser and should be a defacto condition in any sensitive app or task.

Great work bringing it into the open - but surely this should be developer common sense?

Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast


Drop prices - then expect sales

Title says it all...

BBC fixes BT Home Hub auto-vomit bug


Re: iPlayer on Be to work?

iPlayer worked ok here on Be*

However the watching directly on BBC Olympics site (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/olympics/default.stm) would kill the bebox (SpeedTouch 585) consistantly after watching one video...