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Google stretching underwater comms cable?

Carlo Farina

Yeah right...

"We're not competing with telecom providers..."

We're just replacing them ;)

I guess they saw what apple was going through with telecom providers and thought,


When we release our phone we'll also release our own network - one that effectively voids the need for telecom providers and one that'll support the online demands of our users.

The writing has been on the wall for ages - that people will be connected to anything and everything wherever they go.

Google might just be the first company/entity to make it all happen - without exorbitant costs and data charges.

Unfortunately they are exactly like a compulsive hoarder but instead of the usual shed or room full of s**t they are clogging the world with servers full of peoples searches and conversations - for what? ease of search? - Bahh!

Looks like the underwater pipe might just be a way of making the massive pile of s**t they hang onto disappear to another continent - well at least until it gets sent back as spam ;).

that's my two cents