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NASA micro-satellite eyes space bacteria


It would be interesting if they put...

Bread or beer yeast, which are two strains of the same yeast, up there. If they survive, than maybe the stuff that we use to make beer and bread, ARE really gifts from the "gods," and ancient civilizations were right after all!

Excel bulletin stars in Microsoft patch batch

Thumb Down

How much can you...

...patch fecal matter with fecal matter? You only get bigger heaps of fecal matter!

McCain: Keep Shuttle flying, don't trust Russia


John McAint... Wrong again!

Again this geezer is wrong. NASA needs more funding. Lots of innovation has come from NASA. For one, the PC you are sitting at is a direct result of NASA research. What McAncient wants to do is to privatize the space agency, as do the rest of these neocons.

Why is the citizenry of the US so stupid, as to elect people to their government, who say government does not work. Hasn't it been proven to them yet, that when they put these kinds of people in a position of responsibility, they will MAKE SURE that it does not work, thus making their assertion true?!?!?!

The government is NOT a corporation, nor is the US a country of, by and for the corporations. Last I heard, it was supposed to be for WE THE PEOPLE. Corporations are not people, they are pieces of paper, and pieces of paper should not have the same rights as people. But I babble...

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Less than a half cent of every tax dollar is spent on NASA. If we took some of the money that we were spending on wars, and the corporate welfare given to huge corporations, first of all, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in, and second, we would be able to fund programs like NASA to its fullest. But entities like Bushco, Inc, Halliburton, and others want to get their share of the contributions that they spent, and then more. Corporate greed is the problem. Alleviate this, and we will be much better off, not only in the US, but on the entire planet.


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