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EchoStar stumped in Tivo patent prosecution

Michael Messina
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Suck it Dish

They've had ages to do a licensing agreement with Tivo, like DirecTv. The cost would certainly not be prohibitive, a few bucks per box and/or the right for Tivo to make boxes for Dish. Dish decided to gamble and lost, now pay up.

Led Zeppelin plan Plant-free tour

Michael Messina

The only person I've ever seen do LZ justice

Was former 4 non-blondes singer Linda Perry.

Saw her sing a 5 or 6 song LZ set in an LA club about 5 years ago and she absolutely scorched the songs. Her voice is exactly in the vocal range the songs were written in. Killed anyone else I've ever seen try to do LZ.

Nikon debuts D90 DSLR... and short-shooting camcorder

Michael Messina

No Autofocus when in Movie mode

So it is fairly useless, unless you are a master of manual focus.

Casio and Hitachi pair on 8Mp cameraphone

Michael Messina

How about a camera phone

with something that covers the lens when not in use.

After having a camera phone for week, the crappy, exposed lens is already so full of pocket lint and scratches, it has no hope of ever taking a good picture.


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