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Remote access tech nabs smut-fan laptop theft suspect

Martin Klefas-Stennett

Daft question alert

This is probably a stupid question, but don't you need to know the address of a computer to log into the remote access program? How do you locate your computer to log in if it's been stolen?

BitTorrent crackdown cops fail to pay music copyright fees

Martin Klefas-Stennett
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better spent elsewhere

I wonder if the defense "I was going to pay, but I decided to spend my money on something else" works for other crimes. I hope so, I need a new camera but the wife says the mortgage is more important.

ELSPA chief lays into UK censor over games ratings

Martin Klefas-Stennett

ulterior motive

Perhaps he's using those examples to make himself look better, if he just complains about games getting 'too high' a rating then he'd most likely be ignored. At least if the BBFC are removed there's no legal enforcement to the certificates on any games he might release in the future.

Electric Mini spied in Munich

Martin Klefas-Stennett

Look Closer...

That'd be part of the rear suspension...

British boffins perfect process to make any item '100% waterproof'

Martin Klefas-Stennett

Water vs Water vapour

Just because something repels 100% of liquid water doesn't mean for a minute that it won't be breathable. The treatment repels liquid water from the fabric and doesn't rubberise the fabric or really seal it in any way. The breathable nature of the original garment will be unaffected.