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37 Signals says cloud repatriation plan has already saved it $1 million

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Re: Is it comparable?

"People didn't switch to cloud to save..." (and/or SaaS) ?

Yeah, if a client asks, I find myself recommending cloud solutions (even though I've never really liked the cloud).

A business "rolling there own" may start out OK but....I assume that eventually they'll encounter issues in acquiring/retaining staff.

Chap blew up critical equipment on his first day – but it wasn't his volt

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220 vs 440

I remember powering up a VFD on the shop floor when I saw a red LED light up. Hmmm...that had never happened before so I briefly leaned my head over to investigate. Not seeing the problem right away I turned to disconnect the power. Then I heard a huge bang and saw a cloud of smoke... right where my head had been seconds earlier.

Turned out that someone had re-stocked a 220V VFD in a box labeled 440V and... I hadn't bothered to look at the label on the VFD.

So... one of the 3 (big) capacitors blew when powered with 440.

Learned my lesson... now I check everything twice... before powering up.

Power grids tremble as electric vehicle growth set to accelerate 19% next year

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Re: For many of us, hybrids make more sense than BEVs

I've been told hybrids are better for some colder regions of the US (one of which, I live in).

Batteries don't like the cold and... electricity to recharge is more likely to be coal generated (assuming people are recharging at night).

Farewell WordPad, we hardly knew ye

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Re: So LibreOffice it is then.

>>> Loading time is quite a bit longer,

I liked LO but as stated, the initial load time seemed pretty bad... turned out the problem was that LO was waiting for a network printer to wake up.

After changing the Windows default to a local PDF printer... now LO loads quickly.

BTW.... I finally switched from Office 2003 to LO earlier in the year.

Microsoft calls time on ancient TLS in Windows, breaking own stuff in the process

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protocols were disabled by default

I need it to keep some older "stuff" working so am already in the habit of re-enabling TLS versions on Windows and Linux.

But... that's just a few personal PC's on my home LAN.

For enterprises I'd be a little more concerned...

Lesson 1: Keep your mind on the ... why aren't the servers making any noise?

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Re: Been there... following a script does not require thinking to be engaged

I asked a 6 year old on my street a question the other day & this was her reply:

"I can't think when I'm thinking. You gave me a brain fart"!

Social media is too much for most of us to handle

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something snapped... I couldn't look

This article reminds me how much I used to like Compuserve dial-up.

CServes content was limited but... organized, so much easier (for me) to deal with.

I have to admit, the internet overtaking dial-up services opened up a lot of new destinations.

But... it introduced so much chaos, disorganization, etc... too.

Startup that charged $1.20 a day for coworking space in nightclubs folds

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Re: modern coffee shop only came into existence in circa 1997

I personally prefer premodern coffee shops... when you can still find them.

I especially have fond memories of a coffee shop in Denver in the late 70's.

Originally named "The Bare Tit" but due to "feedback" from local women the name was eventually changed to "Free Weavers" .

Obviously no computers or phones back then but... it was a great place to hang out, study, etc..

Usually nice & quiet except for a few special events, e.g. local musicians, performances.

Data cleanser did its job, but – oopsie! – also doubled customers' bills

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fixing a problem and then having to fix more problems

Why my first thought when encountering an issue is... "do nothing".

Here's how the data we feed AI determines the results

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Re: It's useful

Yeah, I can easily see how "AI" will be used to reduce task "drudgery", generating concepts, etc...

I just hope I'll be capable of identifying AI generated results and then verifying they are reasonable.

Similar to the way I use Wikipedia now. While It is a nice site for a quick lookup and I do use it all the time...

I know it is not authoritative and includes inaccuracies.

Red Hat at 30: Biggest Linux company of them all still pushing to become cloud power

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Re: They'll keep moving forward with the hybrid cloud

>>actually about Red Hat.

Yeah and I've always had reservations about Red Hat.

( even though I realize it's probably, mostly due to some irrational prejudices of mine, but I still can't help that I feel this way ).

Thieves smash hole in wall to nab $500K in Apple iKit

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Pharmacies too

A few years ago a pharmacy in a local "strip mall" was burgled in the same manner after thieves gained access to an adjoining business.

They easily punched thru the drywall into the pharmacy and made off with opioids... mostly.

Sometimes you're only as secure as your neighbors?

Techie fired for inventing an acronym – and accidentally applying it to the boss

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IHTFP sign on a cubical wall - was well known by the rest of the staff to mean "I hate this fucking place"

- but when the culprit was one day queried about his sign by an irate manager, he stated "I have truly found peace"

Uptime guarantees don't apply when you turn a machine off, then on again, to 'fix' it

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Linux.... back when Slackware came on floppy disks

Yeah, wasn't that an exciting time?

Datacenters still a boys' club, staffing shortages may change that

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Re: 1U servers are right in the zone...

>>21kg - under the male recommended limit, over the female recommended limit.

FWIW... the USPS (postal) delivery person serving my neighborhood is a woman.

Last fall I saw her delivering a big package & later asked what the limit is for USPS workers.

She informed me the limit is 70 pounds (approx 31.75 KG ) which surprised me... if I remember, typical warehouse jobs in my area only require ability to lift 50 LBs.

As for my attitude, I've been approx. 80% pro when working with or being supervised by a woman.

20% con nothing to do with gender... I just couldn't stand a couple individuals.

(and they couldn't stand me either).

Since (as far as I know), nobody gets along with everyone.

So in that respect I will consider myself "average" until proven otherwise.

Can YouTube be held liable for pushing terror vids? Asking for a Supreme Court...

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who poured hot coffee on his lap then sued Mickey D's

Quick buck?

I think you might find there was more to that story.


DNA testing biz vows to improve infosec after criminals break into database it forgot it had

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Just don't provide sensitive data (like social security numbers)

It is common in the US for businesses to ask for your social security number.

I always refuse to provide my SSN a real requirement is verified.

I find 9 times out of 10 they are "just asking" and for no legitimate reason.

EXCEPT in my state it is now required by the Motor Vehicle Department (in my state at least).

I'm not sure when this became state law. I only know the last time I renewed my drivers license I did finally have to give them my SSN.

UK prepares to go it alone on post-Brexit science plan

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I'm still amazed that Brexit went to a general election.

I believe the majority of people don't have the time/resources to devote to the study of some issues.

Wouldn't it have been better to let elected officials decide whether something this complex was a good idea?

Three seconds of audio could end up costing Fox $500,000

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Re: Harmony by disharmony

Yes, in addition, all the air raid towers in my neighborhood are tested at noon, every first Wednesday of each month.

"Ear-splitting" is not an exaggeration, so I've learned to avoid my local park during those times.

Even though annoying, alert systems still make sense, especially for those of us who live in the "tornado alley".

This can’t be a real bomb threat: You've called a modem, not a phone

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Re: "They even asked for a physical description of the caller"

Reminds me of a guy I worked beside in the late 80's, when there were still things like "singles" sections in papers with contact numbers.

He said he'd always try to get at least one big laugh when speaking with a potential date.

Depending on how a persons laugh sounds, he believed he could tell how thin.. or not they were.

If he's alive today, I'm guessing he's still single.

Meet the merry pranksters who keep the workplace interesting, if not productive

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about an inch a week... oh yeah.

Rather than a cubicle and weekly movement, we did this to an open area and reduced the clearances daily.

( space similar to Les Nessman's "office" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Nessman )

Eventually the occupant stood and angrily uttered "this f***ing thing has to go" and started re-expanding.

The rest of us couldn't contain ourselves, broke out laughing... so did the target after a slight pause.

Later on, another joker would wind that persons phone cord around one of the legs of the desk.

i.e. the person suddenly could no longer reach nearby reference materials while on the phone.

FCC calls for mega $300 million fine for massive US robocall campaign

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Makes more sense now

Maybe this explains why I noticed an increase in robo-calls this past year.

I signed on to the national "do not call" list several years ago & that used to help... not anymore I guess.

These days I don't carry the phone and the ringtone is disabled.

I mainly check voicemail and return calls every few days.

So it is rare that I'd actually answer an incoming robo-call.

Server installer fails to spot STOP button – because he wasn't an archaeologist

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Re: new fitted benches had been installed over the shutoff valve

I moved into my 100 year old house in the spring.

Once winter came and I turned on the heater, located in the basement, I noticed some squirrel cage vibration.

Vibration went away as soon as I opened the heater access panel...hmmmn.

Eventually tracked it back to a vent in the floor of the main level had been covered with new flooring.

Once I cut an opening and put the floor vent grate back in place.. all good.

Of course, if the vent gets covered by misc junk, vibrations return.

Microsoft reportedly mulls a does-everything 'super app' to expand mobile search

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anything but...

Get ready for $10,000 apps in Apple's software souk

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sideloading iOS apps will cause security problems

I remember Ma Bell claiming the same at one time.

Programming error created billion-dollar mistake that made the coder ... a hero?

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Ever had a moment of ineptitude accidentally turn into eptitude

At one site I worked it was so common we had a definition for "inverse incompetency".

Where the person starts out with a fatally flawed concept and executes it so poorly that favorable results are achieved.

Musk tells of risk of Twitter bankruptcy as tweeters trash brands

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Can a genius be unskilled and unaware

Musk does seem like a clever guy.. in some areas.

However... I suspect his particular "genius" will not be of benefit to Twitter.

I am reminded that no matter how smart a person thinks they are...


Hot, sweaty builders hosed a server – literally – leaving support with an all-night RAID repair job

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Re: Botched Aircon

>> insane aircon in the comms room. You need a jacket

Reminds me of a server room at one site that installed a nice Mitsubishi AC unit right next to the main rack.

Worked fine all thru summer and fall but when winter came... it was running all the time, became VERY cold by the rack.

I finally noticed there was a heating duct in the ceiling a bout six feet away from the AC, constantly blowing hot air at the AC unit.

OF course the heat was controlled by a thermostat in a different office space with a lot of windows would eventually require a contractor to resolve.

Temporary workaround by IT... block the heat duct with towels.

Multi-factor auth fatigue is real – and it's why you may be in the headlines next

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Re: Surely there's a design fault here

I don't mind two factor auth but...

A lot of sites/apps default to text, don't offer an email option...can be a royal pain for me, since I use PC's.

On a positive note, the GVoice number I set up years ago has finally become of some use.

Discovered that text to that number also shows up in my gmail!

I do have a phone, I just rarely use/answer it.

No, I will not pay the bill. Why? Because we pay you to fix things, not break them

Bruce Ordway

You mean Christmas?

In my case the season starts at Halloween and ends with St Patrick's Day

Rent-calculating software biz accused of colluding with 'cartel' of landlords

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Re: Intention is irrelevant

On a related note...

My local city council (USA) recently passed a moratorium on issuing new rental licenses.

As I understand it, this was reaction to companies that were buying a LOT of single family residences and converting them into rentals. This is exacerbating the already, short supply of low and middle income housing.

Home prices and property taxes are rising... starting to pinch many of the local retirees.

Construction companies are building homes for or large apartment blocks.. for upper incomes.

Young adults just sarting out.. good luck.

To make this computer work, users had to press a button. Why didn't it work? Guess

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Have your instructions ever been ignored?

Yes. my instructions are almost always ignored.

To be fair I document compulsively and few want to wade thru the details

and I'm just as bad as any other end user...

Many times I read just the first few lines of instructions before jumping right into a process.. only to have to back up and reread entirely anyway.

Firefox 106 will let you type directly into browser PDFs

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Re: I imagine this will be hated by the UK DWP

>>> only criminals use PDFs.

And originally developed by...?

Microsoft leaves the Office, rebrands everything as 365

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Re: Survey missing option

>>I am very happy with LibreOffice.

And I am still happy with Office 2003...especially since the addition of all the useless "features" in subsequent versions

Want to know the future of FOSS? You can look it up in a database

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Re: Everything is a database

>> FOSS ERP systems taking over the corporate world

Yes, ERP is where I feel the most extorted.

ERP has always seemed to me like an area for FOSS but... so far I have not seen anything significant.

The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it

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Re: It does suck

>>> Windows since 7... several steps backwards in terms of usability.

I blame the current mess on those who have been compelling developers to leverage an OS for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

I say forget other devices, I just want an OS working on a DESKTOP.

Phones and tablets may be great for some things but...

I believe getting any real work done will require a desktop?

There's no place like GNOME: Project hits 25, going on 43

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Gnome...GNO for me.

KDE has always "felt" more comfortable to me... the choice is not based on anything technical.

but... just because I've just never warmed up to Gnome, I am still grateful to the group and all their effort.

Bloke robbed of $800,000 in cryptocurrency by fake wallet app wants payback from Google

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Fortune favours the Brave

Linux may soon lose support for the DECnet protocol

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...Quake, oh yeah, I remember concerns about a slowing network sometime in the 90's.

The sites hardware was pretty simple, two hubs and one bridge.

When I checked the equipment room I noticed several ports indicating constant activity?

A quick walk around the building revealed that the entire customer support department had discovered Quake.

Multiple staff meetings ensued, new company policies and finally upgraded from hubs to switches.

Shortly after I believe the internet was "discovered" by the same dept. and spawned a similar wave of policy changes.

Bruce Ordway

tcp... too slow...

Reminds me of a site and user complaints after NetBeui was eventually replaced by TCP.

TCP was required when upgrading from dumb terminals (coax/bnc) to PC's & terminal emulation (cat5/rj45).

Complaints because of the noticeable increase in file transfer time on the local network after NetBeui was removed.

Boris Johnson set to step down with tech legacy in tatters

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Just another opinion on Boris

Viewing form the U.S. I find myself want to blame the people who have enabled Boris ( much like "The Donald" here ).

I've had mixed emotions about Boris as a person though.

He does seem like he might actually be an amusing drinking partner to hang around with on the weekend?

However I can't imagine why anyone would EVER rely on him to manage anything responsibly?

Consultant plays Metaverse MythBuster. Here's why they're wrong

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Snow Crash? Yes what a fun book! Thanks Neal Stephenson.

But a MetaVerse in real life?

ugh... I've never been very interested.

( although... that might change if I could access to a HoloDeck ).

No more fossil fuel or nukes? In the future we will generate power with magic dust

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risks, but so do most things in life

Sure there are issues with using coal, nuclear, plastic, etc.....

However, isn't the real problem the massive scales of use?

So why isn't there more discussion about population growth? Probably because leaders know that it isn't possible to manage.

HP turns back on $1b in annual sales by quitting Russia and Belarus

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For some reason....

This reminded me of the Johnson administration and the Viet-Nam peace plan


Different times back then for sure but... as old foes of the U.S. moderated seems like the world did experience a long period of "peace without conquest"?

But.. TBD how long peaceful relationships can really be maintained?

If a country like Russia ( and maybe China ) will blow things up - prioritize ideology over economy?

When management went nuclear on an innocent software engineer

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cloned disks....same DECNet address

I think I've met this person somewhere.

Safari is crippling the mobile market, and we never even noticed

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go to what is arguably a better phone

Until there are smartphones capable of replacing the desktop... I'll be happy with flip-phones.

My opinion, smart phones of today are really only good at a few things and the interface sucks

(and got developers to ruin the interfaces for a lot of software that primarily runs on PC's).

I've always had this fantasy that we'll eventually get mobiles that are compatible with Linux / Windows and all related applications. e.g. docking system for power, keyboard, multiple monitors, etc...

I would think there would be a market.. if ever became practical to manufacture?

Microsoft tests ‘Suggested Actions’ in Windows 11. Insiders: Can we turn it off?

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Re: Oh god, no...

>> if Excel accepted.....

Yes, I already spend too much time dealing with MS "helpful" features.

Excel for example - I often find it easier to format an entire worksheet as text during data entry.

After my data is in place, I'll change column/cell formats so that calculations can function.

A REAL pain in the neck but... trusting the default formatting can be worse..er.

Engineer gets Windows 11 working on a Surface Duo

Bruce Ordway

Re: The reason for the hardware requirements

>> Otherwise most people will be quite happy to continue with

Win 7

Linus Torvalds 'starting to get worried' as Linux kernel 5.17 rc6 lands

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Re: I'll do it!


That reminds me I still have an old tri-fold instruction card "HP-UX system administration handbook and toolkit vi". I keep it near the staircase, tucked between baseboard and sheet-rock. Approx 20 years since I've used vi but... as I walk by it, every day and I'm just sure I still need it.

Beware the techie who takes things literally

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Delete vs. ceasing to function

I've experienced straightforward software expiration and offer no complaints (even though it can be irritating when it happens).

On the other hand I have never had anything delete itself & my feelings are mixed.

Personally I use a lot of "stuff" and try to keep legal and compensate authors but... I know I'm nowhere near 100% on this.

Even if someone were clearly in violation of terms and deletion was a known consequence... automatic deletion seems a little extreme to me.

One thing I'm sure of, I'd avoid software if I knew ahead of time it had the ability to delete itself.

Maybe not in this specific instance but... I can imagine scenarios where deletions would result in unforeseen, collateral damage.

Wonder how term and conditions would hold up in such cases?