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NSA PRISM deepthroat VANISHES as pole-dance lover cries into keyboard


And there goes the website

Official: The smartphones that suck much more than others

Thumb Down

android fan here,still downvoted for stupid comment

Facebook to scrub itself clean of filthy malware links



And it took themthis long to implement a link-scanning feature?

SA pigeon outpaces broadband


Don't be hasty to judge

To put this in perspective

While ago it was tested to be cheaper to fly overseas,download 40gigs of data and fly back than to use the piss-poor excuse for net availed to South African ADSL users ;)

Ryanair trades blows with 'idiot blogger'

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Nownow,chances are he/she/it is in the development section,no need to spell accurately when copy/paste is your bread and butter ^.^

<<Bug in the spell-checker system obviously

2008 a top year for UK games sales

Paris Hilton


Amirite in remembering the contrived statements and media notices that piracy was killing the gaming industry's sales swiftly?

Right...tin foil hat time

Paris - she knows how to boost sales

Smut email hubby claims iPhone glitch

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Obviously a bug

I mean the iPhone has bugs to cover every topic,infidelity surely should be covered. However I must commend Mr Jobs - his team will surely add a security feature to quash this bug

/sarcasm while laughing end

Bug because this obviously is one

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

Paris Hilton


This is not paris

Even Paris would be appalled

Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM


DRM schmee-are-em

First time I installed a game with Starforce. BSOD's ensued and PC-reload followed. Since this lovely happenstance I will NOT install a DRM manipulated game unless on a VM. Crack it and then copy it over.

Mine's the one with the bugzapper in the backpocket

Emails allege ATI-Nvidia price fixing conspiracy



You mean to tell me that paying 20x the price of a Multicored Processor for a single-core gpu was based on the whim of greedy graphics manufacturers and _not_ due to the shiny boxes?

I call Bull

Min'e the one with the conspiracy-guidebook in the pocket

UK punters scowl at webmail ad targeting

Paris Hilton

Lolwhut? They scan our emails? Nevar

Scan away boys...if I wanted privacy from the internet i'd unplug my router or meet in person.

If they think my mail's interesting enough to not just have a completely innocent bot scan it for adwords - but actually sit and take a good read then I say good on em...hope its juicy enough

Paris because she has no privacy

iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on

Paris Hilton


Okay not really...but who honestly didn't see another security hole incoming?

Paris because she knows how it feels to have her phone invaded ^.^