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Microsoft dishes dirt on IE8 'pr0n mode'


Go BB!

Steven Knox:

"It IS revolutionary. Nothing really exists until Microsoft has written their own version of it. It's how they've become the most innovative company in history."

That sounds so 1984'ish

M$ wishes they were BB


FF Cache Settings

For those Firefox users that don't know yet...

Type about:config into the url bar to bring up the settings

Type cache into the filter bar

Then set all cach capacities to 0 and set all other cache toggles to false



Leave privacy.item.cache set to true.

Anatomy of a malware scam


Thanks, "genius".

I'm sorry. There was technically a single reference to it. But no useful information about it was giving.

"Blocked all known domain names via the hosts file, AGAIN, went over how to keep..."

Nice catch. Really.

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Wikipedia link for the lazy:


(Correction: The HOSTS file is not only for Windows users.)



I Have not seen any mention of it in any comments so far...

For Windows users, depending on your system/network setup modifying the HOSTS file is an extra little step that can be taken to help block connections to servers involved with malware; or to redirect or block any servers you wish really.

I Have not used opendns.org, but it sounds like it accomplishes a similar effect.

Give a read here:


(Also has a preconfigured HOSTS file available for download)

One note for Spybot S&D users:

If you do download any HOSTS file and replace your current HOSTS file with it, be sure to rerun your Spybot S&D Immunize feature. Spybot appends to the HOSTS file used by the system and will need to be reappended to any new HOSTS file.

This also goes for any legitimate program that edits the HOSTS file.

And, make sure to set the file to Read Only after playing with it.