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Building a fanless PC is now realistic. But it still ain't cheap


Re: How about

there are even better all in ones then the Pi that can work as general purpose web browsers\word processors etc. Not as cheap but they are out there and have more features then the Pi which is restricted by being deliberately cheap

GCHQ starts hunt for tech-savvy apprentices


a few years back the starting salary for a grad was something like 22k. Then they were moaning as to why they could get no talent when most of the big companies pay a lot more for there grad schemes, didn't need to rubber glove check your history or require leaving your morals at the door

Scotland Yard pulls eyeballs off WikiLeaker-in-Chief Assange


So how much did that little lot cost

I imagine the embassies have some police presence already. How much did keeping all the extra around rather then a minimal presence cost?

Also what is the situation with embassy cars? Could they not load Assange into one, straight to an embassy plane and fly off (if flight plans approved etc)?

Revive the Nathan Barley Quango – former Downing Street wonk


Re: Shoreditch again?

You forgot to add a running twitter commentary across the bottom and an option to have your favorite youtuber provide live commentary. Then you factor in "If you want Dr Who to escape from the daleks tweet #teamDoctor" else you get shown a dalek curb stomping whoever they have playing Dr Who this week.

Bongfire of Inanity: Jakarta rozzers enforce mass chill-out


Re: Only one work in the image could I recognize

Opium Old Boy, you can't smoke Morphine don't you know?

Hear ye, young cyber warriors of the realm: GCHQ wants you


The grad scheme pays about 10k les then the equivalent from the big tech companies which also have the advantage of not needing a full rubber glove security check and doing dubious acts to "protect"people.

The only thing GCHQ has going for it is the security clearance which is hard to get otherwise. They are expecting the top of the pile but paying bottom of the pile wages.

Molyneux: Working at Microsoft is 'like taking antidepressants'


Re: Legendary?

He has made plenty of genuinely good games on paper. Actually delivered on what he said? ummmm Populous?

The guys smart and he has made good games but ffs he needs to shut his mouth when he is promising super awesome feature X, even though the game has gone gold and its still not written...

LenovOUCH! Thinkpad's overheating batteries spark recall alert


"But Apples are made in the USA", Yes i had someone say that to me. "Designed in X" means sod all.

Brit game devs WILL get tax relief for, er, EastEnders Game and Legend of Slough


Re: Oh, so....

Also any wargame and any CIV style game as after all we took over 2/3rds of the planet at the end of a rifle at one point. Chuck in SimCity style games as all the EU countries did a lot of building to go along with the colonizing.

Lets see football,rugby,F1, MotoGP and cricket are covered in the UK & EU by large fan bases so thats culturally significant. Flight sims are in as aviation is a big field for Europe and shaped our culture (by importing it from the USA and flying people out to places), anything with boats is also a big one.

Right whats left? Driving games should be fine, hard to argue EU manufacturers have not had an impact on culture. Anything involving crime should also be fine as the way that is handled impacts a country's culture significantly. Sci-fi, Horror etc all EU members have some form of home grown scene.

Erm there has got to be genre's it doesn't apply to but surely you can twist anything into being "culturally significant" when you kind of need that anyway to have a market for the game in the first place? Even "South American Taxi Driver Simulator 2014" would sell within the EU (but the link for funding is a bit tenuous)

Bitcoin bloodbath as China shutters all trading sites


Re: As Terry Pratchett said

The difference is you can get done for doing it to traditional stocks but as BTC is unregulated its a free for all. Then you add the echo chamber effect of day traders and forums and you get the pogoing price.

Schoolkids given WORLD'S CHEAPEST TABLETS: Is it really that hard to swallow?


Re: Some African countries are overflowing with unemployed university graduates

Nothing wrong with more people going to uni the problem comes when unis create courses that should not exist and be funded to the same level as STEM (which tend to be costly) subjects. For STEM subjects funding at MSc level was not available but my uni had a funded scholarship for "Queer Studies in the Arts" (yes that really was the title). Throw in some vocational type courses that are becoming academic courses and a smattering of real world useless degrees and you have the current problems.

Now doing a real world useless degree is fine, nothing against that. The expectation set though was that you get a degree then you get a good job. This is true to a point in some subjects but outside of academia others really are not in demand and academia has lots of competition and crap wages. So your average 2:1 Fine Arts graduate ends up working at Starbucks because they did nothing else but the degree because after all the degree guaranteed a job.

It was Tony Blair apeing Thatcher's "buying council houses to turn people Tory" moment.


Wait were you the only person who when first sat a computer asked for the spreadsheet program? Everyone started with games on computers of all forms and lack of games support killed many of the old 8 bit systems back in the 80's. The only reason i know how to get MS-DOS to work using less of the first 640k ram is through games and was the thing that led me to first creating boot disks etc. Plus the amount of ballsing up OS's and reinstalling and all sorts of things.

If you rocked up and offered the kids mopeds and then asked what they were excited about they probably would not say "riding them to school" but "going fast!"

Nuke because DOS/WFW3.11 seemed really easy to break back then

TEN THINGS Google believes you believe about Glassholes and wishes you didn't


"The art of remembering things and not looking them up on Wikipedia is starting to go. How long before people won't walk into a pub because their headset tells them it only has 3 stars out of 5 and so on."

Yeah you tell them! Just like how kids today can't do long division or use an abacus because they have calculators. Damn that Gutenberg he is running the monks out of business!

BOFH: On the PFY's Scottish estate, no one can hear you scream...


You missed the bit where instead of recycling in the host nation the cardboard and paper is loaded onto boats and sent to China.

Now its true they do this because the boats would be going back nearly empty but paper does weigh something and shipping is a major cause of pollution/carbon.

Nevermind though its green so people can feel less guilt when they buy the whizzbang6xgti (so much better and cooler then the normal whizzbang 6) which they can then write about how green they are on facebook before driving their 6 kids down the street.

MH370 airliner MYSTERY: The El Reg Pub/Dinner-party Guide


Re: There is at least one other possibility...

Pretty sure anywhere that could land a 777 beyond a flat bit of desert would have at least a phone line. Let alone a "hotel" would have one and TV's for the passengers to phone home after seeing the media storm.

The absence of this happening means at the very least the passengers and non pilot crew are unfortunately likely to be dead. Good luck trying to keep 200 people of different nationalities from trying mobiles or running away (assuming it landed).

Blimey! ANOTHER Bitcoin bleed brouhaha


Thats Bitcoin business 101. Build a site with spaghetti code on an amazon cluster and call yourself an exchange then run it through your personal bank account. When you get shut down scream "ITS THE NWO BANKSTER LIZARD PEOPLE CONSPIRACY".

Then start again, apply for the appropriate licenses, get turned down because you thought an ISO standard is a type of CD image and scream "SEE I TRIED BUT THE LIZARD PEOPLE WON'T LET ME THIS PROVES 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB"

Then do it anyway, make a bit and lose it all when someone smarter then you(and there is always someone smarter than you) probes your systems and makes off like a bandit. Then cry "WE WUZ HACKED NO MONEY FOR YOU, IT WAS TEH NSA, ANYWAYZ I GO NOW KTHXBYE"

I am saying this as someone who actively mines Bitcoin. Unfortunately most people can't see that the world is not black and white.

Blighty teen boffin builds nuclear reactor INSIDE CLASSROOM


What Kind of Madness is this?

When i was in school we got bollocked for looking at anything that was not OFSTED approved. Suggesting something like this got you threatened with being booted out. Instead you were supposed to act as a second teacher and help everyone else out rather then being encouraged to challenge yourself academically.

Even then there were stories of wunderkinds taking GCSE's early and again when i asked in the subjects i could of done i was politely told to sod off and focus on the ones i was not so good at which being dyslexic is like telling someone with depression to just cheer up.

Altcoins will DESTROY the IT industry and spawn an infosec NIGHTMARE


Re: So what you're saying here

nope, the vast majority of bitcoin miners plug their device in, run cgminer and leave alone. It is no different to installing a game and requires no crypto knowledge.

Only a few people are actually writing software or building hardware and these tend to be the people that are already doing it. i.e electronics engineers and security students.


Re: Valid Points

That's why you don't run them to maximum, you run them at around 75% fan speed and keep the temps below 90 (i use 80). I have not had any issue with graphics cards in 1.5 years of mining bitcoins then alt coins.

I did resell the cards and mentioned the period of their usage. Also the assumptions in this article are wrong, miners are always shifting cards on ebay and these often go to games machines or other miners. There won't be a glut in the market as scrypt based alt coins pop up and fizzle away continuously. If you know what you are doing you then use a multipool which mines the most profitable coin and then auto transfers to an exchange which auto sells for BTC which then auto deposits to your BTC wallet.

Doing it that way you never really reach a point where it costs more power then it does to continue mining which is usually the only thing that forces an upgrade. In my case it's kept me in high end gaming cards as between the resell value+coins mined and sold- electricity i am still making a clear profit each month and heating my office nicely. The machine sits mining and i can stop it when i want to game and restart afterwards. using a coinswitching pool means i don't have to care too much about what coin the flavor of the month is as my holdings are auto cashed out and make a tidy profit for doing nothing. The only issue is in the summer getting the heat out can be a pain (no aircon) but there are ways around that.

The cards all hit ebay at different times so there is never really a glut. There has been a shortage of some models of new cards that has been attributed to miners but other then that it does not affect the normal pc buying world in the slightest.

Not even 1.4m users can save 4Chan founder Chris Poole's startup


Re: Speaking of "Worth", 100,000 downloads bring in $250,000 for 3D-gun printer maker

Read your own linked article:

"Wilson, who leads the 3D-printed gun group Defense Distributed, signed a quarter-million dollar deal with Simon & Schuster’s Gallery imprint in December to write a non-fiction book chronicling his quest to create the first fully 3D-printable lethal weapon."

The money is for a book about building the gun, not the plans. The plan's were available free so there would be no point in selling them. This is like Linus Torvalds publishing an autobiography and people claiming he is selling Linux discs


Re: I think I see the problem...

No you got it mixed up:

First you make something people might want but don't want to pay money for.

Then you brag about how many "users" you have whilst burning money.

Then you get bought out by a big Silicon Valley VC/ company because you must be worth a billion dollars with that many users right?

Then Profit!

Look at Instagram not a single penny in revenue but bought for a shed load of cash.

MANIC MINERS: Ten Bitcoin generating machines


Re: Being conned much?

What are you bibbling on about?

There was no pre-mine with bitcoin. Any ALTcoin that try's that is quickly ignored and left for dead.

Your arguments about value are just insane, if you want a crude answer to where the value was look at Silkroad. Then add in Humble Bundle, Overstock.com and various small businesses that sold items for BTC.

Anyway i'm off to the secret lizard people meeting, remember sheeple don't use google to find out basic facts before posting!


Buyer Beware

Hashfast and Cointerra have been involved in all sorts of shenanigans(sock puppets, stealth changing ToS etc) recently and should be treated as vaporware. They were due to start delivering in December and charged people a premium for December versus January orders.

Black Arrow are delayed by about 3 months.

BFL were 7-9 months late on their first lot of ASICS and the Monarch has been delayed. It is unlikely given their track record this will be on time and they lie about release dates to the point "in two weeks" has become a catch phrase in the bitcoin world.

Bitmain is a lot less shady then made out in this article and plenty of ant miners have been shipped out. You can even get them on ebay from uk resellers if you want. they also produce a USB stick miner.

Clink! Terrorist jailed for refusing to tell police his encryption password


Shooting Welshmen with a longbow

It may still be on the books but it is illegal as it is superseded by the murder laws. That is how English law works, there is no great rule book and that is it, but instead a great big rule book and a shed load of case law. Most of these old laws that people claim still exist are like this (London cabs and bails of hay etc), sure they were never repealed but they have been superseded by newer laws that cover the area

English Law is all about the interpretation for example it is very hard to get someone convicted for stealing a car as to be classed as stealing you need to have stolen it with the aim of permanently depriving the rightful owner of their property. If you steal a car and joyride it, then dump it you have not permanently deprived them of it and therefore cannot be charged with theft. You can be charged with Taking Without Owners Consent (TWOC) which is why car thefts are charged as TWOC's and not theft.

Bitcoin's so over. We're mining Primeco... Oh SNAP, my box is a ZOMBIE!


Re: I have been looking into ...

Unless they have kick ass ATI graphics card it is a wasted effort . The difficulty is so high on Bitcoin only ASIC based machines are feasible. Other Altcoins mostly rely on Scrypt which needs GPU's to be useful.

Primecoin is an exception as it can be mined by CPU's only at the moment but it is near worthless and will likely be buried under all the other clone coins. Also you need a lot of CPU power to be remotely profitable which is why its a botnet owners wet dream.

What is the difference between a drone, a model and a light plane?


Re: Do it for real . . .

What about license transfer? It was recommended to me to go to the US and learn somewhere with good weather then transfer across?

Why America is no longer slurping electricity from Russian nuke warheads


Re: Wot ?

Some people get paniced purely at the thought of nuclear power let alone power from warheads! that's like having dynamite in a coal plant we are all doomed! can't we just build more windmills and live in mudhuts and be happy

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Ten tech treats from yesteryear


Home Taping is Killing Music

"Back in 1980, you spent your Sunday evenings with a radio cassette taping the hits from the chart show"

And that boys and girls is why there is no more music or a music industry, Whats that? they still make music and there is still profit to be made? damn lies! Home taping killed music and that's a F.A.C.T!

UK.gov dangles £10m sweetener over bumpkin broadband hopefuls


Re: Im going to be rich!

only if you stick a BT label on it!

'MacGyver' geezer makes 'SHOTGUN, GRENADE' from airport shop tat


A thought experiment

1.Buy a 1 l bottle of duty free or even a gift 6 pack of beers for you and your mates.

2. Wait a bit then get your bottles.

3. smash against seat, instant knife



Moto sets out plans for crafty snap-together PODULAR PHONES



Now i can take trolling of co-workers even further:

Someone whines about low battery life on an iFruit or sealed android, i can pop the back off mine and swap a battery with ease. Someone bitching about lack of storage on their hard wired flash, pop the back cover point to the micro sd and go "can't you just swap that bit out for a bigger one"

New Bitcoin exchange launches in the UK


Are they fully registered as a money transmitter?

What usually happens is an exchange is set up, operates for a while then is forced to shut down.

The tin foil brigade scream about "teh evil banks" but it is usually that the companies operating the exchange has not set themselves up as a money transmitter which means following a lot more regulation. At least they are doing AML/KYC but again many in the cult will see this as interference.

Ahoy, scalliwags! FBI claims another haul of Silk Road booty - $26m of it


The starter of that thread was also claiming the arrest was fake and that it is all a big scam orchestrated by the silk road admins. Chances are he also believes they used the money to pull of 9/11 using there time portal !


His ID was known as he ordered fake ID's that were stopped at the Canadian border in a "random" search. He was even interviewed by homeland security and continued running silkroad and giving interviews to Forbes after words.

Of course now they had fake ID's being imported they had the probable cause to do whatever tapping they like. He made lots of silly mistakes early on that allowed him to be tracked but what was especially stupid is that he ramped up his public image AFTER being questioned on a different charge.

Phantom Flan flinger: The story of the Elan Enterprise 128


Thing is with these things the keyboard was the computer. So you would have a serious branding issue if you used a standalone keyboard like we do today.

The key covering on a chiclet type keyboard sounds like a nifty workaround for cheapness though!

UK's tech capital named: Read it and weep, Tech City startup hipsters


Re: statistics

Meh its better than giving Steve Bong and co a load of money to piss away on cloning instagram.

The whole Silicon Roundabout really shows how stupid and narrow minded the politico's are about the world outside of London (AKA Here Be Dragons). Lets start a new Silicon Valley, now where to put the funding:

* The F1 belt and its associated tech businesses?

* Wokingham and others

* Somewhere not normally tapped for this sort of thing (Cornwall, Wales?)

* London!!!!!!!

Because if there is surely one place in the uk that will never get redeveloped unless there is some incentive it is London, not like the place is super expensive and short of space or anything ( which usually guarantee's some form of private redevelopment)

Stallman's GNU at 30: The hippie OS that foresaw the rise of Apple - and is now trying to take it on


Re: The guy is one of the few Legends in IT

yeah screw that hippie. Look at that cloth wearing Gandhi guy, look how silly he looks non violent resistance must be stupid because he looks silly.

You are going to have a pretty limited life if you judge people purely by looks alone. Good luck with that.

The Vulture 2: What paintjob should we put on our soaraway spaceplane?


Nuclear Anti Flash White

It looks like a V-Force designers wet dream, why not paint it up like one!

Yo, mall rats: Facebook and Cisco in Wi-Fi hookup to track your retail, social life


If you are not paying a fee for a service

...then you are the fee or alternatively TANSTAAFL

Don't like it, don't use it. Targeted ad's are there so that facebook et all can run their DC's etc. Doesn't make them right but you (currently) have a choice to avoid using these services, it's not mandatory to post your every action live using whatever wifi is available.

Hundreds of hackers sought for new £500m UK cyber-bomber strike force


With apologies to Mr Fry

Right then lets get recruiting! Send in the new meat Darling.

Too Fat! Next

Too Spotty! Next

Good god he must be in his 40's! Next

Hmmm this one seem's ok, no wait he has a police caution for drunk and disorder, can't have that on our security clearence what what! Next

Look Darling i know we have to be 21st century but is this post open to women as well? whats that boy? Well we certainly won't have any of that in my unit bloody hippies with their long hair. Next

Ah Beufort-Smith i havn't seen you since we beat those poncy etonions, says here you once used a computer come in! Sit down i am sure we have a command position for you

Would you hire a hacker to run your security? 'Yes' say Brit IT bosses


Define Ex-Hacker

Is an Ex-Hacker a script kiddie that got caught and had their 15 minutes of fame or is it someone who was smart enough to learn things and imaginative enough to either use a lab or not get caught?

It's not like saying "We want ex-soldiers" for security work, you can go ask the Army to prove their CV. This is like saying "We want ex-assassins"

Sorry Mr Smith we know you single handily broke AES using only a toaster, a zx80 and a toothpick but we have are going to hire $uckMy84$$51992 as he ran L.O.I.C against paypal and did 3 months community service.

Full Steam Ahead: Valve unwraps plans for gaming hardware


Re: Watching with interest

The dumbing down happens not because of the platform but because of the market economics. It costs a shed load to get a game certified by Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo and you have to jump through many hoops every time you do an update.

In contrast anyone can write and distribute a PC game. This means that it is commercially viable to make "Hammond Organ Simulator 2013" on PC as you can make a profit on 1000 sales but for a console game to even break even against the costs of certification and dev kit you need an established market.

Comparing consoles to PC's in terms of intelligence is like comparing film to a book. Any wingnut with a pen and paper can write a book but you need more kit to make a film. Now the intelligence of the average user on the other hand is a completely different matter.

Senator halts Google's taxpayer-subsidized executive jet fuel deal


Re: Fixed it

Can we amend Godwin's law to say NSA as well as Nazi? Since Snowden (because before then the NSA did not exist obviously) not a single thread in anything IT related can happen without someone mentioning the NSA.

BBC releases MYSTERY RIDDLE poster for Doctor Who anniversary episode


Re: The science behind Doctor Who?

Not to mention:

Spitfires IN SPAAACCCEEEE (complete with spinning prop's no less)



Sharks IN SPAAAA.....wait, IN THE SKY

Gave up on it a long time ago, if its not stupid stuff like the above its "timey-wimey" nonsense. Dr Who has been turned into purely a kids show.

P.S Empty Cassandra frame action figure!

400 million Chinese people can't speak Chinese: Official


Re: Simplify!

They tried that, didn't work, look up Esperanto. The future will be dominated by the most common language used by business AKA English.

PinYin is the main simplification and its what the kids start with. It's not uncommon for mandarin speakers to not know all of the 3000 odd common characters. Also the tones are not quite as essential people think, its contextual as well.

Bin half-baked Raspberry Pi hubs, says Pimoroni: Try our upper-crust kit


Re: The least of its problems

25GBP was their problem.

Ethernet is super cheap, Wifi not so much. Also Ethernet is universal worldwide Wifi has different power levels/channels depending on region so it would have been a real pain having to produce more and get appropriate certification approval (they had approval issues with the current model)


Re: Insufficient USB power

There are loads of options available. Best for a desktop machine is to buy a powered USB 3 hub (they are backwards compatible). Those have 12 v input and often have better equipped power supply's. Anker (pricy) or Orica (Anker in generic clothing) have 10 port ones with 5 amp supplies. Unfortunately the Pi does not see these but el cheapo generic ones are available on ebay

Most hubs assume you will never take full power which is why there are 7 port ones with 1.5 amp PSU's as they assume devices plugged in will be lower powered (keyboard/mice) or self powered (external HDD). Also you can check your motherboard's USB panel connector specs, my old gigabyte board has an internal port that supplies extra power "for rapid device charging" and front panel ports are dirt cheap.

Kindle Matchbook offers cheap digital copies of Amazon print purchases


Finally something sensible

Lets see how long it takes the big publishing houses to bitch and whinge about it.

Whilst producing an ebook costs about the same as dead tree (head fo to charles stross's "common misconceptions about publishing" if you doubt that". If one already exists and you buy the paper copy then it is extremely cheap for publishers to do this.

Why Teflon Ballmer had to go: He couldn't shift crud from Windows 8, Surface


Re: XP versus Windows 7 versus Vista

Xp was pretty stable when Vista was released. Vista needed much more ram and cpu horsepower then microsoft said. This lead to a load of low end pc's sold as vista ready when they were not. VIsta was buggy and a resource hog for a long time so most people skipped it and stuck at xp.

When 7 came out it took the good bits of vista and xp and ended up with a decent version of windows. MS seem to alternate:

win95 (good)


Windows ME (kill with fire)

Windows xp (good)

Windows vista (crap)

Windows 7 (good)

Windows 8 (fuck you this is a PC not a tablet)

Microsoft Xbox One to be powered by ginormous system-on-chip


Re: I was just about to don my tinfoil hat when I saw your post

You guys do realize the NSA has been doing this for years right?

Every thread about anything has a mention of the NSA since PRISM was leaked. You realize the Army shoot people? and that what a politician says is not always true right?

If the NSA/CIA/Mutant Lizard people want a distributed computer system they will just buy one. When the EFF were fighting to say DES (The U.S government approved crypto cipher) was insecure it was the intelligence community saying it was fine.

The EFF then made custom ASICs for $250k and the DESchall did it with a distributed net of home machines. Do you think that was news to the spooks? They probably had whole DC's full of stuff to break DES, similar things were seen with the Clipper chip.

Why would they need to risk being found out by hijacking machines that they do not control (would you want Bunnie Huang to find your NSA back door). They can either get them built themselves (ASICS would be far more useful then standard CPU's) or create a botnet on the millions of US Gov owned P.Cs.