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House key copied from photo

Dave B


Keygen.exe FTW!

Google publishes Chrome patch details

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Any other observant souls noticed this process running 24/7 on their system, even without Chrome having been used in days? Those same souls have maybe observed that, just like spyware, if you deselect it in MSConfig, it overrules you and reloads next startup regardless.

Nice one, Google.

Feds cuff blogger for Guns N' Roses leak

Dave B

Fair play to Axl

The continued delay of Chinese Democracy is the only lure the band has that keeps them from being forgotten alongside all the other bands of that era. It's what keeps people buying tickets for their gigs, and it's what keeps GnR in the press.

If you listen to the Chinese Destruction bootleg available on TPB, you can hear for yourself how poor Axl's songwriting has become. If that was released publicly, the band would be finished. Nowt wrong with a little litigation to protect your own future, is there?

Dancing Baby v. Universal: Baby wins!

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re: My tu'p'en'orth

Beautifully put, AC. You write all the best posts here.


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