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One in three kids believe Google measures truthiness

Rolf Parker

Always get a second opinion before you buy!

If I'm looking to buy something for a good price using Google I tend to do the search look at the offers for comparison on the first page and then go through the results backwards. The sites that have to pay google for the ranking will need to get their investment back somehow. Either they have a huge turnaround or their prices have to be adjusted!

Reg competition: Cisco goes isup

Rolf Parker


I don't know what the fuss is all about! It's quite simple that Cisco's graphic designers have been trying out a new voice recognition system and forgot about their colleague who stutters. He only wanted to do a simple delet.ttttttttttt.e

BT's Mayfair exchange downed by burglary

Rolf Parker

Illegal pics?

No!! It's a private Company

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

Rolf Parker

link update



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