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HTC Vodafone Magic

Chris Teague

Oh, they have better adapters?

The G1 I got did come with a USB to headphone adapter, but that didn't have a second place you could still have it on USB to charge. I find one of those, and that kills that complaint altogether for me. I was juts looking to be able to charge and still listen to my cel while beating the battery to death.

Can't fathom why you'd want one without the keyboard, but maybe someone likes that.

Oh, and for those finding the lack of memory to install to an issue, it's on the list of what they'll eventually roll out, though they haven't got it on the roadmap (which annoyingly doesn't extend as far in the future as I'd like.) They're talking dropping a partition-in-a-file on the memory card. Trickiest bit was mentioned, what happens when users yank the card while an app's running.

Best thing is, Cupcake on my G1, yay!

Microsoft's Silverlight for mobile to muscle iPhone

Chris Teague

Now for my G1

Sweet! Now make sure it's usable on my G1. Hopefully we'll see both flash and silverlight on the mobile platforms, but I wouldn't be too heartbroken if flash went away. At least, from this developer's standpoint, silverlight is a blast to write. Flash is not. It's got too many remnants of its beginnings as a cartoon making machine.

For the record, I've never been a fan of M$'s tactics on a corporate scale, nor their OSes. That said, their development tools are terrific. They've made some strides into friendly territories nowadays as well.

I really hope their next OS isn't as bad as Vista though.

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole

Chris Teague

And more..

Went to college with a guy named Royal Champion. He went by Roy. I'd have gone by, "Boy who killed his parents for giving him his stupid name and no court would convict him" myself.

Not quite so bad as a teacher from the 50s in my home town. Ima Smith. She married Bill Hoar. I still shake my head when I read of someone named Ima.

Dancing Baby v. Universal: Baby wins!

Chris Teague

Looking for it

Where's the freak hole in space-time that delivers us an encyclopedia, defining the RIAA as "a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came"?

Mine's the one with the guide in the pocket.


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