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Advent 4211 mini notebook

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I've had one for two weeks and...

...it's well worth the money. When it comes to usability the eee's and the Aspire's don't cut it for me. One of my basic requirements is that I'm able to properly touch-type on the thing. If someone as tiny as Veronica Belmont (see the latest Tekzilla) can't even touch-type on an eee then there's no hope for the rest of us.

The larger screen and keyboard might reduce "portability" (yeah, carrying this thing around is a REAL strain), but it's still small, still light, and it's nice to use. The upshot of all this is that I regard my Advent as properly portable but still a real computer and my eee as an expensive, vaguely annoying, toy.

The fact it's not a SSD could be seen as a downside, but on the up it means I can load the thing up with a ton of movies and tv for watching on flights and on holidays etc.

My only gripe with the thing is the battery life; though I knew the two hours of use wasn't going to be enough before I bought and I'm treating the 3-cell it shipped with as a replacement battery.

If you want a machine you can sling in a bag and TRUELY forget about, but which still does everything you want and isn't a pain to use then you should get one of these.