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GPS, swipe cards to monitor Welsh school kids


Doesn't solve the problem...

Well, if some kid is violent enough to assault the driver, then surely he can also demand that card from classmates and not be identified? let's chip the children as we do with dogs... Or better yet, let's not have any, that'll stop the problem for good.

All of those ridiciulous ideas come from the misconception that if you "name and shame" someone, then they won'd do anything bad again - which is false.

Just get some big, strong and scary drivers and the kids will behave as angels. But I guess that won't be politically correct?

MS punts stripped down Windows Server 2008 at tiny SMBs


File and print server?

Take the oldest pc in the office, put ubuntu server on it et voila - zero cost file/printer server in less than 2 hours :-).

Intel completes 32nm development process

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Re: Doesn't it also mean

Main good advantage is that you have a funky new product, which you can sell to people, who like fast, powerful processors just as they like fast cars, even though they never use them to full extent. And taking physics into account means that for so small transistors you are loosing a significant fraction of power for heat - insulator layer is much thinner, so more electrons will pass through it (or even get tunneled at this scale) and their energy lost as heat.

Most people don't need much more computing power than a netbook or older PC has, but they want to have something better that their neighbour has :-). And it gives many of us a job :-).

Advent 4211 mini notebook

IT Angle


Last week there were six in stock - they're probably gone now, but I emailed pcworld and asked when they expect it. Battery will be available some time in September: http://www.madshrimps.be/vbulletin/f22/msi-wind-battery-upgrade-coming-57047/



Guys, you can get 4211 for 220GBP from PC World Business, and for the savings, buy a 6-cell Wind battery to have a ~5h lifetime. So how does THIS sound? :)


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