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BOFH: Taking out a contract

Black Helicopters

A different kind of contract....

I would have enjoyed it more if it was for a contract killer to take out the MFD or at least make it painful for him to swallow. They could even have the boss taken care of....by accident of course.

Then have the PFY retort his comments back "I'd like to help you, but a contract is a contract..."

Would have made the story a bit too long to read though.

Microsoft slings Windows Home Server in OEM bargain bin

Gates Horns

Another day, another frisby

WHS isn't worth the plastic it's printed on. Another epic fail for MS and another trophy on their Wall of Shame.

Hubble's 486 back-up springs into life

Thumb Up

@Martin re: resiliency testing

Hubble's lifespan was estimated at around 20 years before it was to be replaced. Considering the number of issues it has had over the years, even with extensive testing, it is amazing to see a seldom used CPU is still functional in such a hostile environment for so many years.

Fire service may charge for shifting fat people


Here lies Common Sense. It's rotting corpse for all to view.

A forklift?

If it requires a forklift to move someone out of bed then there is a massive problem to begin with.

I'd say give the individual a choice. Liposuction, diet/execise, death, or a hefty service fee for moving their ass out of what once was a wall.

Florida man faces trial for feeding homeless


Here lies Common Sense. It's rotting corpse on public display for all to see.

"This country was built on Equal Rights. Some people are just more equal than others."

-Unknown credit for this quote (Heard it on the news).

I want to know why the court system even bothered to let this law pass?

Is this because the US education system is top notch? Maybe our health insurance system is the best in the world? Wait I know, our country's leader has united the middle east in an everylasting peace and the world is rejoicing.

(That was sarcasm for those that can't read between the lines)

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar


Author has a point

There is no flaming or Apple hate here.

His issues have merit.

The hype created by Apple and AT&T was a bit much. Just like any appliance that is sold the sellers want to increase the want/need before the product is available i.e. cars, phones, computers, video games, etc. Many people unfortunately were swept by the undertow of Apple's hype of the iPhone when they announced it.

Next, the UI was a bit overpriced considering that it is a stripped down version of OSX. The hardware has been proven to be made by quality makers. So there was no need for overpriced hardware either. A fair price would have been $400 for the 8Gig model and since you have no choice but to use AT&T the activation service fees should have just been included with the phone price. There was no need to milk every dollar at every corner. I don't see this kind of practice alot since most sellers are intellegent enough to include the brakes with a car or the motherboard with a computer for the sale price.

The keyboard feature does have a few glitches but I think the software engineers will comes up with a solution soon.

I can't comment about the glass screen because nobody on planet Earth can prevent smudges or scratches on any surface. The only true scratch resistant item on this planet is diamonds.

As for the lack of service provided by AT&T....well that's their own fault. They do lack a 3G network since they only installed the technology in select areas and haven't maintained it. The customer shouldn't have to suffer for it though. If you buy a Ferrari and want to drive it down the street would you use the cracked pavement road or the new smooth pavement road? That's a rhetorical question.

Robots en route to Dublin car parks


RE: Will Smith...

"and how did tho wheels work on Will's Audi"

Magnets....its the wave of the future. Ever seen Minority Report? How about cars that drive on the sides of buildings and make crazy loops to exit off a freeway.

Japan has been using this technology for a looooooong time (reason - efficient use of vertical storage).

Why hasn't New York looked into this? They could still charge an arm and a leg for car parking but they could fit even more suckers' (i mean customers) cars into the same parking structure.

Wanna copy of Windows XP next year? Forget it


Vista is the Golden Toilet of OSs

The fancier the toilet the easier to clog the pipes.

All MS has done is made a fancy toilet. It is a resource hog 1st and foremost. Security is still a distant 3rd.

It will take the industry atleast 3 years to adapt to Vista and create the needed infrastructure to support this OS. Very few programs are sold as 64bit and fewer are compatible with Vista.

In addition the hardware is still in its infancy trying to keep up with the Bloatware. I have yet to see a benefit to Vista other than the possible improvement to DirectX 10. Windows Media Player is still the joke of the industry and Messenger isnt much better.

The 1 year deadline is nothing more than putting a gun to the head of most software vendors saying "Write a program for Vista or you are done for."

A realistic deadline would have been 2010. That's more than enough time for the industry to convert to 64bits and multi-thread their software for multi core processors.


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