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Ask.com preps Google-like* malware warnings


Talk about naieve...

And how dumb is it for anyone to actually say out loud that some company would never make a mistake?

Of course Norton already made the first blunder partnering with ASK, what would prevent them from doing another one?


Norton Suckered

I don't see any advantage for Norton doing this what so ever. So they already have actual products that do someting, anti this, anti-that, to what end does partnering with Ask, notorious toolbat bundler extraordianire do for them?

Norton blew it with their Safe Web ratings forcing people to buy software instead of offering it for free like SiteAadvisor, Trusthound and many others. No one needs to pay for that service. I guess maybe they think the 4% that Ask has in the search market will do something for them?

They should have had an free version and Pro. This would have increased their reviewer database enourmously. Then they wouldn't have needed to get into bed with Ask.

Google sponsored links caught punting malware


Slow news day?

This isn't news. It's so old it almost isn't worth mentioning. But hey, think of all the money Google loses if it like, blocks all the rogue domains.

Like the ones that are iin just about every single blocklist on the planet. But I guess Google can't figure that out.. I can;t tell you how many times I;ve found sites time and time again that ahve been on a block list or hsts file for days if not weeks and yet Google still allows them to be submitted.

I'm no ocder but I've been told by people who are that google knows how to do this.

But like I said, think of all the $$ they'd lose. I'm jus' sayin' tho.

Google reports itself for aiding and abetting malware distribution

Black Helicopters

Don't forget Blogspot.....

If they were to include that they'd never be listed as safe.

Last week I was able to get Google to slash some 600 urls which many were spewing malware via redirects if users closed a pop up.

They acted fast and killed them in under an hour. Sadly tho, that same gang is still in action as of last nite. Many of the links I checked are not displaying pop ups but with so many at any given time, I'm sure there are others I may not have checked yet or overlooked.


Anonymous domain registration nixed amid fraud complaints


Andnow we have more info regarding Directi:

Read on folks and enlighten:



Perhaps end is near....?

While this on it's face seems like a positive step, one needs to look ahead to see if this actually turns into something good or it's just an appeasement.

The type of reputation damage this has done over the years may not be recoverable. Especially from the sec comm as on the whole, they're not soon to forgive and forget so easily.

Time will tell for sure.

Anatomy of a malware scam


Thanks! Great Work

Thanks for linking to my forum in your article. I thought it was very well written and detailed.

Also something I see\do on a daily basis. Installing this junk and assiting others remove it.

Andrew Barr is correct that Malwarebyte Anti-Malware does a superb job in removal of these nasties.

I would also point out that Smitfraud Fix does the same thing, tho not targeted to as many other types of infections as MBAM.

And to update I have another thread where I post all the latest rogue sites and software I find from many other sources. The one you linked to is out of date as it was no longer viable for them to keep the database updated:


Thanks again for the mention!


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