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Apple slashes iPhone prices

Olaf Storaasli

$299 for the 4GB iPhone - if you can find one?

Percentage-wise, an even greater reduction.

Christmas in September?

Apple unveils larger nanos

Olaf Storaasli

iPod Touch

No camera, right? However, with OSX, Wifi and Safari is it possible to run Skype (for Wifi phone calls) on the iPod Touch? Better yet, will it run iChat for video calls with up to 5 participants like we can do on all other Macs? (w/o camera for Touch participants). If not, Why not?

T-Mobile, Orange and O2 land Europe iPhone deal

Olaf Storaasli

And now this fly in the ointment?


iPhone unlock procedure posted

Olaf Storaasli

Have you tried one?

Anyone who's technically inclined and has spent 10 minutes trying an

iPhone can't help but be impressed. I've tried one for phone, wifi browsing, youtube,and camera functions (skipped the iPod part) and was indeed impressed. Wifi beats any 3G internet connection speed. My Blackberry is just a plaything compared to the iPhone.

I suspect all but the last comment above are from folks who never actually had their hands on an iPhone. It is indeed a revolution in Cell phones that has Nokia, Sony-Eriksson, Qualcomm, Motorola and others buying iPhones to take apart to help design their future products.

An inconvenient update

Olaf Storaasli

Actual data & comments by Hansen and McIntyre

Here's the actual NASA data you can look at yourself:


and a common story on Hansen's error in Science:


Doesn't say much for the "esteemed" climatologist thats such errors go

undetected in the scientific literature for years.

You can find MacIntyre's comments on Hansen's "correction" here:


which used to be here: (oversubscibed????)

Euro iPhone launch will reveal 3G handset for Vodafone, T-Mobile

Olaf Storaasli

Let's clarify why 3Gs not in iPhone

Per Steve Jobs, 3G chips were considered by Apple but had serious flaws:

1. They're too big and occupy too much space to fit in the sleek iPhone

2. 3G chips currently take too much power and would seriously reduce

battery life. Apple is consumer-oriented and user friendly and doesn't want

people disappointed by short battery life (counter to iPhone's purpose)

3. 3G is irrelevent with much faster WIFI on board. The world is going to

WIFI and most people have WIFI ar home/office where they spend

most of their time, and along the way iPhone automatically synchs to WIFI

hotspots (per Steve). Perhaps in a year when 3G chips are perfected

to consume less power and space, you'll see them in iPhone, but in the

meantime, use WIFI for the web & video (youtube) and EDGE for email

and voice (just as Blackberry does on EDGE). We all recognize that in

remote locations, 3G is somewhat faster, but still can't compete with WIFI for Web/Video, but gives moderate improvement over EDGE when WIFI is not available. In other words, Web browsing on 3G is NOT the panacea or "Holy Grail" that seems to be purported by iPhone debunkers.

Apple limits buyers to two iPhones

Olaf Storaasli

As goes iPod, so goes iPhone!

The best predictor iPhone sales is probably the iPod:

1. Fantastic initial sales of revolutionary device at relatively high price,

garnering society's "movers & shakes" who set the stage for "followers"

2. Lower cost model with even more features for those on the fence

(movie toward the center of the Bell Curve)

3. Even lower price model with similar or even more features (ala nano)

for everyone & dominating the market.

Steve has been marching up the ladder from Mac computers

to 10-100x more iPods to 10-100X more iPhones.

The only thing he can't control is ATT, but they seem to be cooperating well:


iPhone contract charges unveiled

Olaf Storaasli

Try $20x24+$36+ $499 = $1015 for 2 yr contract

ATT (Cingular) customers pay only $20/month to add an

iPhone = $1000/2 years (about half what this story quotes).


on left it states:

"If you’re already an AT&T customer and want to keep your current voice plan, you can just add an iPhone Data Plan with unlimited data (email and web) and Visual Voicemail for just $20 per month."

Who can do better for unlimited WIFI & ATT web access anywhere plus phone and iPod for $20/mo anywhere in the world?

======= other links to $20 fee to ATT customers ===========





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