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Ten Windows tablets


Asus VivoTab Smart

I'm quite surprised by this tablet exclusion as from what I've read about it so far it seems to be the most practical and affordable of this current batch. In addition to a lightweight and well-built body it crucially requires only a micro-USB cable to charge from - something appreciated by those who like me have to travel a lot.

Also can everyone just ignore the resident twit with his sub-Slashdot scrawlings. As someone who's looking for a suitable tablet and searching for user feedback all I can see are replies to this plonker's ravings.

Acer Iconia A100 7in Android tablet


B&N Nook Colour

It's cheaper at around £200 with shipping included, has a better battery life, higher quality IPS screen and an active hacking community developing for it. The processor is only single core, memory half at 512MB and no HDMI out but for basic web use it's significantly better.

Lenovo takes Thinkpads to the Edge


downright blasphemy

i was dreading this moment as soon as i heard the news of Lenovo's buyout of the Think range of desktops and notebooks. If it ain't broke don't fuck with it.

Stella Artois augments iPhone reality


yeah right

the typical iphone carrying dweeb is really going to be searching out for a pub to enjoy a pint of 'ol' wife beater'.

Pure Sensia widget-running DAB radio



it certainly touches the senses. man that is one fucking ugly piece of kit but than its exactly the kind of thing that some twat who twits would buy

Murdoch puffs Microsoft over Google



it seems this neocon cunts getting desperate if hes thinking going into partnership with microsoft who are just as ruthless in negotiating business terms. its be interesting to see who gets the better of the other if this deal does go ahead

i only care for the sports columns of hugh mcilvanney and not the far right israel propaganda that most of his outlets spew so it wont be much of a loss though as hugh himself seems to focus more on covering horse racing nowadays anyway

the icing on the cake would be for his empire to collapse around him while hes living his wretched life

Microsoft's Startup Whisperer enters Google Chocolate Factory



according to this clown your behind the times if your not using an office suite from the year your in. As for comparing the piece of crap from google to microsofts he really is in cloud cuckoo land

iPhone worm hacker gets death threats, job offers



i bet he must really be shitting himself worrying about some typically limp-wristed machead making threats against him

Murdoch admits delays on paywall scheme



seems the neocon creep has realised that no ones willing to pay to read his right wing pro-israel crap

Samsung YP-Q2 v. Sony E-series deathmatch


@frank bough

apples table is at the local mcdonalds pal. these two sit at the local 'cafe rouge'

Rogue iPhone app stores raking mazuma



where do clowns like this particular mactwat come from?

Apple admits to iPhone 3GS heliophobia


@michael brown

do you take your iphone where the sun doesnt shine too?

iPhone 3GS turns yellower shade of white


@ michael brown and philip taylor

why is it that clowns like you have to defend this money-grubbing company at all costs? where is your self-regard?

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM



Its almost as if im reading a headline out of private magazine here. This sham that they call the "green revolution" has all the hallmarks of the "orange revolution" in the ukraine which had the fingerprints of the CIA all over it.

Google and Facebook jump on bloodstained Iran wagon


hardly matters

to the majority working class who were happy with outcome of this supposedly disputed election

Facebook facing regulator crackdown


posters above

PPPie and Scott Evil: how old are the pair of you?

about time someone had a look at this companies practices

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey



Add gullible to the mix too.

Dell axes hackintosh makers' favourite netbook


visual studios fella

i dont know whats more stupid you running visual studios on a netbook or complaining about it on here

Hitachi CP-RX80



whatever happened to the great remotes that hitachi used to supply with their crt sets? i mean the one that comes with this projector appears to resembles the crap ones that comes with those cheap chinese dvd players

Sony X-Series Walkman


Kick the iPod into touch?

well in terms of sound quality it most certainly does

Beeb names new Who companion


who cares

but only the sad sacks who obsess over this infantile program

Sony Bravia KDL-37S5500



sonys offering a 3 year warranty with this set and all others above 26" so the repairs wont be much of a problem

its also a very discreet looking piece of equipment thanks to the minimal use of the awfull piano black finnish that plagues most electronics nowadays

and although this is just anecdotal evidence but sony and other japanese sets seem to me to display a more natural picture as apposed to their korean counterparts which are over-saturated with colour

Palm: Pré to launch on 6 June


Heres hoping

That they are as an earlier poster has mentioned on sound IP grounds and also that orange will be offering this too. The symbian run nokia im using here just doesnt cut it and the iphone and google phones are not even worth considering.

Wacky Jacqui defends Michael Savage ban


Cut the crap

Expenses have nothing to do with any of this. As much as i dislike this woman i have to aplaud her on this, at least shes earning those expenses with this decision. And criticism from some deadwood, far right old tories hardly matters.

And as for the arguement of avoiding giving aditional publicity to this little jewish extremist matters little either when has no outlet here.

Sony takes on iPod Touch with Walkman X


sound quality

thats what puts this and other walkmans above apples fashion accesories.

Mickey Rourke to star in Mona Lisa rehash



Whats wrong with the original? I only recently re-watched this film and nothing that was aged. And how come larry clark still has a career? After kids he should have been put on the sex register and warned not to to go anywhere near a school.

Banned US shock-jock demands Clinton intervention


Hate speech

That is what this prick preaches and something that we have a law against. And you yanks and wet liberals can save your voltaire quotes.

Watchdog bans Natasha Richardson ski helmet ad


Sick bastards

And i agree about the confused ad. Its just aswell ive programmed hit the mute button as soon as the breaks start

Fanbois squeal over Mac OS X upgrade


Bsod icon

Didnt the mac have an icon for windows with a bsod error message?

Lame Mac 'email worm' limps into view


Its a start

Oh well, we all have to start from somewhere and besides the omens look good.

And how typical for a mactwat to lecture on the correct spelling of mac?

Apple brands UK tabloid 'obscene'



i dont know which to hate more apple or the sun

Apple slices retail staff as sales slide



and hopefully thisll be the first of many

IWF denies wielding Pirate Bay banhammer


dump 'em

i left the money grubbing fuckers years ago

Microsoft targets Barmy Army with Silverlight



its just aswell i dont give a fuck for this micky mouse version of the great game that i wont bother much with this one. but its still worrying, especially for future other broadcasts that i will be interested in

Mozilla considers dumping Firefox support for Win2k, early XP


earlier posters

to the knobs in the earlier posts suggesting users with pre-xpsp3 systems shouldnt be supported as they dont bother to upgrade. Firefox depends on such people for its still minimal global install base.

And another thing who the fuck allows code monkeys a say on such important matters such as this?

As the browser itself? In its early days it provided users a seamless transition to a securer alternate to the then shockingly insecure IE with an interface that was similar and hence the users were familiar with. Yet now with newer versions its developers seem to think they know better with their increasing alien interfaces that users have no comprehension of.

Google boss backs subsidized Linuxbooks


cheap and nasty

just like googles suite of applications and whatever linux distribution itll be running on

it maybe a wet dream for marginal buyers like the poster above but a nightmare for the majority of computer users wholl have little patience for googles half baked programs and linuxs countless problems

Free TV.com comes to the iPhone


who cares?

who gives a fuck about some yank channel offering some programmes to the dumb fucking yanks? this is a fucking british site for british readers

Sony demos ultra-expensive, ultra-thin OLED telly



could you not make your goofy looking logo a little less obscure in the video?

Nokia 6600 Fold clamshell phone


style over substance?

this reviews typical of a geek viewing a phone through his own set of criteria and not of the intended customer

Silverlight 3 and 4 to 'open up new areas' - Microsoft


in with one and out with . .

just when the bastards at microsoft agree to the standards govering web design they come up with this piece of shit. Ive been an opera user for almost a decade and have had to put up with this companys devious business practices and just when i thought it had finally changed its ways

Apple moves to unify its OS and interface



its about time apple got rid of its horrid hansel and gretel house looking aqua theme and replaced it with something more professional much as its previous platinum theme looked.

Patent troll sues Oprah, Sony over online book viewing



its just a shame apple arent being sued aswell otherwise it would have been just perfect

TVonics DTR-Z500 500GB Freeview+ DVR


full width

when are any these manufacturers going to come out with a full-width (430mm) unit that'll sit neatly in my cabinet above my dvd player?

MacBook buyers bite Apple over copy protection cock-up


@Kenny Millar

man this fella takes the award for the most brain-washed mactwat

and to wrap his apology in such purple prose really staggering

Microsoft gives Windows Live launch a Web 2.0 scrub-up



its just staggering that a company with mountainous resources available to it as microsoft does can still mis-judge the core needs and habits of its users so spectaculary. One not so little bug ive noticed with this version is that i can no longer view the folders pane once ive restored the browser window

Carphone Warehouse denies mass Linux Webbook recall


When will the penny drop?

Linux will never be ready for the desktop so long as people like the posters above continue to stick their heads in the sand and pretend everythings allright. And even when efforts are made by the likes of Sun and Red Hat to improve the linux desktop with proposals such as the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines, the Linux Standards Base and unifying themes such as the Blue Curve theme amongst others, its the very same commentators that are dismissive.

Open-source Silverlight slips into second gear


re: @tim

trust those fuckups at itv to use this needless piece of crap and piss off its viewers just that little bit more

Rocketing iPhone sales drive Apple into phone vendor top ten



thisll sure have the mactwats creaming

Liberty: Observer story takes liberties



you can always rely on the observer to parrot out crap like this

they all deserve the daniel pearl treatment

Muslim leader rejects Sony's LittleBigPlanet edit



im one of those 'crazies', and just like those dumb f@cking danes found out, you c@nts wont f@ck with us