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Warner Bros to remake Enter the Dragon

Rob Ashton


They should re-make it as a comedy, and use Jackie Chan as the FBI agent, acompanied by Chris Tucker as a dumb American cop.

I'd watch that.

Evesham Zieo N500-HD 17in laptop

Rob Ashton

Nvidia drivers...

I've found that with my Nvidia GPU, that once the power cord has been pulled out I'm pretty much stuck with low scores until I restart, regardless of my power saving settings.

If I'm in high performance mode when I pull the cord however I keep the high performance until switching power settings to a low one.

Shoddy drivers, I hope you had restarts between your tests..

Program Names govern admin rights in Vista

Rob Ashton

RE: Bandwagon

I wanna join too.

Sorry El Reg, but you've completely missed the point. Like, totally, utterly and amazingly. See every other learned posters comments =/

Dell: vertical lines, what vertical lines?

Rob Ashton


On the Direct2Dell website, they give precise instructions on how to claim your fixage.


Such as emailing vertical_line@dell.com

I would imagine that phone calling wouldn't be as effective, it's not like a low paid tech support cretin is going to be aware of every issue ever to plague a Dell machine ;)

And the centre of your desktop is...

Rob Ashton

Chris proving Jason's point...

With unfriendly people like you being the advocates and indeed the unofficial tech support of such software, it's no surprise that people end up settling for Microsofts friendly, if albeit slightly less efficient version of support ;)


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