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We fought through the crowds to try Oculus's new VR goggles so you don't have to bother (and frankly, you shouldn't)

Nick Hoath

Saw this coming

The moment Oculus was taken over by Facebook, I could see this coming.

However, there are other options. I've now received my Pimax 5k+, which works brilliantly. I also previously received a Fove, which shows how good eye tracking can be. Given that the Pimax is modular and will get eye and hand tracking modules, Oculus will be left in the dust.

Nintendo details 3DS roll-out

Nick Hoath

UK/EU price premium

I was going to buy a 3DS at launch. But not with that price premium. Who do Nintendo think they are kidding?

Blu-ray barely better than DVD

Nick Hoath

No surprise

there - after all a lot of blu-rays are just copies of the DVD media stream, with software upscaling done by the manufacturer.

It's the new films which are captured at the higher resolution of blu-ray, or old films that have been remastered & cleaned up, that show the benefits of HD.

Sony pumps up PSP screen

Nick Hoath

PSP competition

Quite frankly Sony are losing the plot on this one - I suspect most homebrew software enthusiasts will move over to the Pandora console [http://openpandora.org/] when it gets released. Anything they do that puts barriers in the way of modding the PSP will just push people to a device designed to be played about with.


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