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WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


i knew it....

20yo sexy blonde my ass,

why is it always old hairy guys, whyyy?

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bryndzové halušky


Re: Bryndza

just googled to see if anyone sells this online and apparently someone does :)


looks like they have got a good selection of products, i can also recommend cheese "korbáčiky", "pareničky", pastries "závin", "koláč"


Re: Bryndza

not sure about the flavor of british sheep cheese, but over here slovak sheep cheese and bryndza taste very differently, including consistency (both great though, fresh sheep cheese has soft to touch consistency, a bit like a gum, and nicely squeaks when chewed :)

consistency of "bryndza" on the other hand is more "crumbly".

the shape of each dumpling is quite improved when using special grater although skilled chef will make nice uniform dumplings even with just plain cutting board and knife

there are many variations of course

you can also pour "milk cream" (not sure if thats proper translation, its called "smotana" over here :)) or use additional cheese (the kind that melts - neither bryndza nor sheep cheese melts) on top of finished halušky

halušky can be further processed - like roast a bit in the oven until its nice crusty (works both for fresh and even day old leftovers)

can be served with "žinčica" which is a drink made of sheep milk whey, byproduct of making bryndza. though if you're not used to "žinčica", be prepared for some fast bowel movements :)

NXT: The first SPAAAACE cryptocurrency


nxt = ponzi scamcoin

1. "developer" insta-mined all coins - basically gave himself ALL of the coins out of thin air (forget fair and honest distribution), whereas bitcoin/real crypto coin miners have to spend a lot of investment to get coins by mining.

2. then a portion of these was distributed amongst his friends, family and cronies under the promise not to sell immediately but wait and create artificial scarcity to increase value

3. then the nxt value was inflated even more by a huge pump and dump fraud several times

4. and now you have a shitcoin on life support, full of bagholders while the ponzi group already cashed out most of their fraudulent profits.

Google TOO WHITE and MALE, says HR boss, looking in mirror


Re: Diversity is bollocks

"skin color" statistics are about as relevant as "color of their cars" statistics. irrelevant for the job.

Asteroids as powerful as NUCLEAR BOMBS strike Earth TWICE YEARLY


Re: ablated?

as long as there are people spreading wrong information there should be people pointing it out so others can avoid it and possibly learn. nothing wrong with learning a little every day. just spreading some knowledge, until it becomes common and replaces the incorrect one :)



Asteroids are ablated by the earth's thick atmosphere and heat up to the point of explosion

just to clariy: heat is generated by pressure not ablation. compressing atmosphere/air as object plunges downwards the gravity well. compressing air generates heat - same principle as air pump (it heats up as you pump it)

Ancient Earth asteroid strike that dwarfed dinosaur killer still felt today


Re: Wiped out species in existence?

impactor of that size would cause what is known as crustal tsunami. would just crush all underground shelters as it traveled around the globe. what is more interesting however is: without such impact the life as we know it would probably not even exist :)

Soccer's dull? A MIND-CONTROLLED robo-suit will be used to take first World Cup 2014 kick


Re: Implications - "your own body is just a complex organic bio-exoskeleton"

i'm fully aware of biological distinctions exo/endo, this is meant to distinguish between: physical body as an exoskeleton and virtual entity aka actual you. (you could also think of this as: your body=computer hardware, you=computer program)


Re: Implications

stop thinking like a sheep. your own body is just a complex organic bio-exoskeleton. nothing wrong with exploring and/or using different "hardware".

RISE of the LIVING CHAIR: Boffins recruit E coli to build futuristic materials



looks like an early version of replicators. this shit will go so wrong - for humans :)

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission


Re: Spirts in the sky nut jobs and such

abrahamic religions were created as a tool to control and exploit society:

1. master religion - ripping off all basic ideas and templates from various older religions ranging from egyptian, babylonian, cimmerian, hittite, etc. later forked into two more religions

2. these two slave religions are then periodically pitted against each other, for power, control, resources, abuse, exploitation, brainwashing, mental slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide, etc

MtGox claims to have a fix ready for Bitcoin withdrawal woes


Re: bigger design flaw

this is with the MOST UP TO DATE backup you can make, a fresh one right BEFORE starting the client. the next backup you can then make is when you quit the client. this situation happens while the client is running and your wallet gets corrupted. your btc gets blackholed by a flawed design

keys in keypool (default is 100) are exhausted and new one is generated - and this key is obviously not a part of backup but has your btc now. of course user is not aware of this, not even warned about it. so if your wallet gets corrupted/destroyed, you have no way of knowing/recovering this key


bigger design flaw

afaik there's even bigger design flaw which can cost you ALL of your bitcoins:

1. do a fresh wallet backup - supposedly to keep your poor btc safe from hazards of technology

2. open up a client

3. send 200 small transactions

4. simulate computer hardware failure where your wallet gets corrupted or destroyed (such as hard disk failure)

5. restore your "safe" fresh backup on new computer

6. poof, all btc gone because of the way transactions are handled (limited default keypool, each transaction sends rest of your btc to a new address in your keypool for "security reasons")

Russian cybercrooks shun real currencies, develop private altcoins


Re: 'criminals don't trust Bitcoin'

bankster is just an euphemism for criminal

Boffins find ALIEN WORLD orbiting the Sun's LONG LOST TWIN


Re: Call me Mr Sceptical

"life" becomes irrelevant at a certain point (life as in "biological genetic survival machine"). whats important is self aware "control system". sufficiently sapient and sentient being isnt bound by a "lifeform" any more than you're bound by your car. of course monkeys will cling to their machines, following the genetic programming like the good little slaves they are.

Snowden latest: NSA stalks the human race using Google, ad cookies


its gone for good now, hidden from sight with the help of some simple css trickery (stylish + display: none), should have done this ages ago but just couldn't be bothered :)


its been sitting at the bottom of my browser window for over a year now. and it will continue to do so because "i'm not fine with this". same way i don't allow scripts to run. what for, and why should i add just another unnecessary attack vector.

People's Bank of China bans Bitcoin over 'drugs and guns' trade fears


Re: The voice of reason

maybe this will make it easier to understand:

it is not made out of thin air - think of it as a conversion of electric energy, scientific knowledge and hardware into a digital value unit. decentralized and secured by distributed computing. each additional person mining adding more security and resilience to the system. as reward for spending enegy they get "coins".

no douchers to tell people what its value is, how/what/etc to trade it.

future is digital, digital is virtual, virtual is anarchy, and anarchy is freedom.


Re: The voice of reason

thats the real fear talking. fear of extinction.

banking cartels are really on the edge. they can't control cryptocurrencies, and their time is over. world is moving towards always online and fully digital era.

people will prefer to use a system which has fast (orders of magnitude), 24/7 and comfortable to use transactions.

with no middlemen banksters to extort exorbitant fees, with no government to control, abuse and exploit currency monopoly.

Schmidt: Social networks will FREE THE PEOPLE of China


Re: Anyone got a spare Irony meter?

right, because being slaves of social networking system is such a win.

Doom god John Carmack teleports from id Software to VR upstart Oculus Rift


i wouldn't worry about its worth for the masses. once they start setting up demo booths in malls, people will go into mass hystery about it. this is one of those things you HAVE to try for yourself thats how much unbelievable experience it really is.

first of all this is the next major milestone in gaming, there's no doubt about it

how about watching movies in a virtual theater with a movie being shown on a huge theater sized canvas, while irl you're relaxing in your chair or bed.

education, science, etc you name it. once you tried "Blue Marble" demo (it simulates a short flight through space around the Earth), you will be just sitting there in awe, there's no way back thats how awesome it is.

if you have the chance to try it (conventions, friends, etc), do so and you will be blown away. (and if you try one of the rollercoaster demos like riftcoaster, get a paper bag before :))

Dry, cold and volatile: How to survive Mars, and your fellow crew


Re: We don't need no stinking planets

We are not made for other planets.

only first half of that sentence is right. we are not made.

we adapt to environmental changes, either through direct changes in physical conduit (body) or through high level control systems (you as a sentient and sapient entity) which allows us to modify and create other support subsystems for survival machine our body is (clothing, buildings, technology, etc). its not a binary system, its an everchanging balance of all subsystems. how do you think we got to survive harsh european environment (when compared to paradise point of origin was, with non fatal weather and plenty of nutritious sources throughout entire year).

observing, thinking, learning, imagining and inventing. there would be no modern civilization with advanced technologies without people who ventured to these harsh lands and survived. humans would be still living in trees.


Re: So only about 140x further than human kind has *ever* traveled

i would also include:

space travel - liquid nutrition only, its much more efficient than solid nutrition (waste management/etc). this is both well researched and tested form of nutrition. people who want fancy and tasty food should stay on earth if they can't control themselves and are slaves of their bodies :)

as for power source, there are several small and safe reactor designs capable of providing power over decades


winds estimated to be upwards of 90kmph

"Low thermal inertia contributes to freezing winds estimated to be upwards of 90kmph (60mph)."

sounds like a sensationalist nonsense, if i'm not mistaken because of WAY thinner atmosphere and lower pressure, effect of wind at this speed is comparable to a light breeze on earth.


Re: I honestly don't see the point

while orbital space stations make sense and it is a logical expansion of "earth > space stations > other planets" progression, this isn't necessarily how stuff works in reality, people weren't building floating islands before they ventured to other islands/continents.

as for terraforming, that is such a narrowminded way of thinking:

it makes much more sense for people to adapt to the environment, over generations. we are human, we adapt and therefore we survive :)

imo this will be a combination of light terraforming, natural adaptation and geneforming (genetic engineering). over time process of adapting planet to human condition and humans to planetary conditions meet halfway. people and worlds will be so different in future, amazing and awesome.


Re: So only about 140x further than human kind has *ever* traveled

Why send a single ship?

actually if you read through the mission roadmap:

crew missions are sent every two years, with cargo missions inbetween

Meet Stuxnet's stealthier older sister: Super-bug turned Iran's nuke plants into pressure cookers


Re: Apart from being what most people would call an "Act of war"...

while "playing with fire gets you burned" applies

unfortunately the real world version translates to:

government douchebags play with fire, innocent civilians get burned.

this #%^$ keeps looping over and over

until civilian dissent reaches critical mass > then revolution > gov cleansing attempt > gov parasites scramble to hide like the roaches they are and when the lights are gone, crawl back and infect the society once again

Microsoft touts SCROOGLE merch: Hopes YOU'LL PAY to dump on rival


Re: hmmm

there are two doucher companies that should go waaay sooner: crapple and sony

Firefox reveals new look: rounded rectangles


Re: Really?

Firefox was the lean and mean browser once. It needs a tune up again.

Or they could spend a little time making Firefox fast and secure (again) instead of just playing dress-up.

instead of useless eye candy they should focus on making it less of a bloatware/memory hog. with the release of every new version they scream about improved memory management, and yet its getting progressively worse with each subsequent version.

v 3.6: 40 tabs (40 active loaded on start) > 350 mb ram (1 hour) > 700 mb ram (1day - 1 week)

v 25: 40 tabs (1 active, rest loads only after selecting each tabs, highly annoying, couldnt be bothered to find the setting to turn this off) > uses 500mb ram (1 hour) > 1000mb ram (1day) > 3000+mb (2days), had to kill it, just way too pathetic.

MPAA, RIAA: Kids need to learn 3 Rs – reading, writing and NO RIPPING


Re: Mpaa, Riaa say "Quite right too"

"be a creator"

- thats rich, coming from middlemen of an outdated and no longer needed business model. parasites, who exploit and abuse the real creators

here's a reality check:

phase 1: art used to be valuable because it was a sole and unique creation of the artist

phase 2: this was changed with invention of numerous methods of duplication - and the art became a consumable commodity, which became more and more affordable to masses as the methods of duplication became more efficient and cheaper to mass produce.

phase 3: this was changed once again, with the invention of pure digital duplication and widespread of interconnected networks. the process of digital duplication itself requires no resources, which leads to art as an infinite resource, therefore transforming itself from commodity into resource.

-there's already such a huge volume of art available its not only no longer plausible to charge "per commodity", its counterproductive. and the volume is only going to get bigger, much bigger, exponentially.

-the only reasonable way to monetize this is to charge a flat rate "per service"

-ideally to keep it simple, as a part of your ISP rates (percentage).

-royalties to artists paid out by "volume". more popular = artist gets a bigger piece of this pie.

Chinese Bitcoin exchange disappears, along with £2.5m


Re: Lets see

as an "idea" it is the future, make no mistakes, everything is digital and online, why shouldn't money be.

however as it is now, execution is lacking. huge waste of resources with no other purpose than converting energy into itself.

this HAS to be thoroughly mated with distributed computing projects to actually CONTRIBUTE to scientific progress. gridcoin tried this but failed massively (actual "mining" is still just an energy waste and is only used as a reward/check for running boinc on same pc).

designing a good cryptocurrency - hashing has to be a thin outer layer (1%) put over massive inner layer of boinc (99%). fully integrated

this way most of the computing power goes to valuable scientific research instead of pointless empty crypto hashing.

Anti-food startup Soylent pours sugar daddies' $1.5m into its gloopy mix


Re: Organic approach for Soylent

hopefully it doesn't contain unnecessary junk and drugs like "soylent" does. are these ethical/vegan vitamins e.g. what is the source of vitamin D/B12?, what sort of additives if any there are, binders, etc. (there are many "organic" additives which are quite toxic but still used wholesale in food industry)

quick, low maintenance, clean and healthy fuel is what i'm looking for this biological machinery called body :) (currently using vitamin supplements from uk's own viridian nutrition)

From launch to orbit: The new commercial space pioneers


Re: Mars One

i guess it will be more of a documentary

now if they drop all people who applied and are unfit for following reasons, he might have a good chance if he doesn't fit into one of those groups :)

200 000 initial applications

  • 1st stage filter, remove attention seekers -90% = 20 000 viable applications
  • 2nd stage filter, remove adrenaline junkies -90% = 2 000 viable applications
  • 3rd stage filter, remove extrovert people -90% = 200 viable applications
  • 4th stage filter, remove people too old/young -50% = 100 viable applications
  • 5th stage filter, remove people below specific IQ threshold -50% = 50 viable applications

and so on using fine example of good ol' internet "statistics" :)

David Attenborough warns that humans have stopped evolving


Re: Statement from the Department of the Very Obviouis

"survival of the fittest"

thats not correct and taken quite out of context, let me quote about evolution:

1) more offspring are produced than can possibly survive

2) traits vary among individuals, leading to different rates of survival and reproduction

3) trait differences are heritable

Thus, when members of a population die they are replaced by the progeny of parents that were better adapted to survive and reproduce in the environment in which natural selection took place. This process creates and preserves traits that are seemingly fitted for the functional roles they perform. Natural selection is the only known cause of adaptation, but not the only known cause of evolution. Other, nonadaptive causes of evolution include mutation and genetic drift.

environment part is really important, i can imagine a number of environments where these "fittest" (commonly used as in "physically" fit) individuals might be actually at a disadvantage and they would not survive.

US intelligence: Snowden's latest leaks 'road map' for adversaries


criminal intelligence activity

"The stories published yesterday, however, reveal specific and classified details about how we conduct this critical intelligence activity," it said."

and here i thought it said "criminal intelligence activity". that would be the day lol

'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy


pretty lame when people blindly jump on bashing wagon pushed by chronic boll haters without actually seeing any of his movies.

Rampage, Darfur and Attack On Wall Street are great.

Firefox takes top marks in browser stability tests


Re: Just counted my tabs

instance 1 - 73 tabs

instance 2 - 27 tabs

instance 3 - 45 tabs

instance 4 - 14 tabs

instance 5 - 40 tabs

memory used between 400-900 megs per instance (of 28 gigs ram total)

firefox, capped memory caches at 1 gig to prevent some runaway leaks eating up all available memory and indirectly making some more important process to keel over :)

Boffins claim Voyager has already left the Solar System


Re: Pioneer probes also provided some earlier data...

isnt speed of light the limiting factor of current measurement methods based on observation models?

NASA plots Chelyabinsk plume


nanobot delivery and dispersion device activated by "explosion". once the nanobots saturate the atmosphere, the will start their primary code which is to alter the atmosphere and "terraform" (for the lack of better word) the planet for colonization :)

face down fertilizer monkeys

Peak Apple? HOGWASH! Apple is 'extremely undervalued,' says Icahn


the bubble will burst eventually and it will go out with a fizzle, no matter how many times they say welcome aboard (why is there an apple logo painted over "titanic"? glug glug)

100,000+ Earthlings star in 'reality TV contest' for ONE-WAY ticket to MARS


Re: doomed to fail

i agree, and from what i've read, they will actually spend years training and preparing in harsh isolated environments (both antarctic and cold deserts). thats what i would do, if they cant survive on earth how are they going to survive on mars?

as for the age, agreed again - even though by the time of actual mission they would be 10 years older. its still too young, at 25yo not enough experience and self-restraint even for training (wasting both time and resources on things that might seem important at 25yo but become irrelevant as you get older)


doomed to fail

if this is the kind of people they have in mind for the mission:

i like outdoors (hiking/camping/etc), i like horses (insert other animals/etc), i like partying, etc

you need introvert people not extrovert. well unless the objective is for the members go bonkers from introvert-friendly environment and vent the oxygen :rolleyes:


Re: Reality show producers wet dream

"Pioneer as in "We have already made a mess of the earth, why not export our shit elsewhere as well"....."

more like: "we have been born to a messed up world and no matter what we do the stupid keep making it messier. so lets go somewhere else where the stupid wont go"

Doom guy teleports into VR startup Oculus Rift


Re: Wiimote :)

you're faaar better off using razer hydra (and maybe even something like leap motion)

Buy a household 3D printer, it'll pay for itself in months!


Re: Terrible waste of resources

its not that simple. i'm all for saving and not wasting resources.

but you could also argue that a long term effect of huge population = more brains = more ideas = more advanced technology = less resources needed = and possibly also best case scenario, invention of practically free energy source and/or achieving technological singularity much faster than a limited population = endless resources

Latvian foreign minister speaks out against giving up alleged Gozi writer to US


Re: Sorry America

"Rounding up large amounts of it's populace into death camps based on raci..."

where do you think german nazis got the idea? hint: us death camps where they forcibly relocated native americans

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials


"One person told authorities it was making a strange noise."

lost in translation: "we come in peace"....