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Jaws restored Blu-ray disc set review

bert Plucker

im a bit tired

digitally restored from an old VHS cassette or something. Cant wait.

Cable thieves wreak havoc for cops, BT punters

bert Plucker

work faster please

As much as it bugs me that people blame BT when some feral locusts destroy the infrastructure I would like to think that by now they have assembled some sort of crack team with all the tools and cabling to be on their way in 10 mins or so. Bit like the AA or RAC.

Instead I bet its just the usual trouble ticket being raised and the hope someone will pick it up and deal with it and endless jobsworths asking to be kept informed.

Sky gets Five HD

bert Plucker

had enough nearly

As soon as feeble ofcom assign a HD channel to some shopping channel or history of the nazi's drivel im kicking my telly in.


I've had enough of BBC 'behold the majesty of our history/british isle's ' toss as well...

They should just put up a still banner stating ' we kept slaves ,got rich and now its all over , the end'

Robert Llewellyn drops Red Dwarf clanger

bert Plucker
IT Angle

Big time Dave

All credit to them for trying to make something new rather that take credit for all the repeats they show.

After watching a few old ones I find that its actually a bit crap...but will obviously appeal to all the IT weirdos who have no taste. (You know the ones that think Doctor Who is good...)

Be Broadband doubles down on ADSL to catch cable

bert Plucker

Be ok

I see the world is still full of people that think someone should plow fibre into the ground up to their front door at the cost of many millions then charge them £15 quid a month. (No doubt for the next 1000years to pay for it)

Well done to BE for at least trying to find cost effective solutions.

Brits decline to 'think outside the box'

bert Plucker

missing word

How come 'Leverage' is missing then . Maybe cos this word has been used to doom the world.

'Jaguar' Cray hypercomputer beats 1.3 petaflops

bert Plucker

jerky playback

Can it play Hi Def films without stuttering?

Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low

bert Plucker
Thumb Up

manned mission to the sun

We need to dispatch a manned mission to the sun to fix this.

I propose various wall street types and the generally bewildered looking pres for the mission.

All with fat bonus's on return of course....

eBay changes anger smaller sellers

bert Plucker

why ebay love buy it now

An online auction requires good and stable network and server resources to enable a fair chance for everyone to bid and win. Bit pricey of course to keep upgrading kit as Ebay popularity grows.

'Buy it now' requires bugger all really as its just shopping online and no doubt easier on thier fat overstuffed wallets.


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