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iPhone 3.0 - born on schedule...

Andy Tyzack

whats all the fuss about?

who really cares about cut and paste?

who really cares about flash on a mobile device.

get a life people

Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo

Andy Tyzack

no problems here

new aluminium macbook 2.0ghz.

no problems here

"reports of problems on mac os x, have been greatly exaggerated"

T-Mobile launches 3G broadband sharing station

Andy Tyzack


couldnt agree then you more, add to the fact that your connection gets dropped after 10 minutes surfing.

mines the cd with aol 9.0 on it.

Asus Glides in with Win Mobile über-UI

Andy Tyzack
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being a windows user,

nice NEW interface

same OLD shit

Arrest made over data-stuffed eBay laptop hard drive

Andy Tyzack

this story

has been fabricated.

laptops for 6.99. smells like the story of the woman who was fined 16,000 for download a pinball game, SHIT.

McKinnon loses extradition fight

Andy Tyzack
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lets see here

before you do the crime, think about the time.


whats he whinging for? crime commited, caught and detained, END OF.

Intel releases USB 3.0 controller interface spec

Andy Tyzack

@Derek Brabrook

anyone silly enough to buy said cable wants shot

Virgin Media ADSL punters suffer 2-day email meltdown

Andy Tyzack

oh my god

so most of the time your email works, then when it goes off for a couple of days you all piss and moan


T-Mobile calls it a day for WAP

Andy Tyzack

virgin media @ 9kb

dear anonymous

i smell bullshit here and its not coming from virgin media

Disconnected O2 punters to lose connections again

Andy Tyzack
Paris Hilton


why do people moan about a few hours when their mobile phone goes off, im damned sure its on 99.9% the rest of time time.

paris, because she knows how to get a grip!

Local mag claims Aussie Eee PC buyers will pay extra for Linux

Andy Tyzack
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no title

theres that "random" picture again.

Windows XP SP3 leaps into the tubes

Andy Tyzack
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why install

microsoft have already stated that the end user will see no real benefit from installing this update, and I dont care much for the blue screen of death.

come back in 12 months as there is nothing to see here

'We could wake up smarter' - Ballmer hints at Win XP reprieve

Andy Tyzack

downgrade your upgrade

well lets see, if something is better its generally called an upgrade.

xp=better than vista


you are all required to use the correct terminology in that the shift from vista to xp isnt a downgrade, its actually an upgrade!

mines the floppy with fdisk on it.

Sharp unwraps 'world first' Intel Atom phone

Andy Tyzack


windows vista is a lemon, behold the HTC Shift,

long live XP

O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need

Andy Tyzack

word of the day

is cretin

thanks go the anonymouse coward @ Wednesday 9th April 2008 11:10 GMT

ps o2 stink of death

Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

Andy Tyzack

why oh why

why do people always compare new phones to the iphone, oh yes, because its simply a better handset, people moan about 3g when most people dont even know what 3g is,

countless people I know go and upgrade to a 2.5g phone, why? they ycudnt give a f**k about 3g.

what happens if the next iphone has hsdpa up to 7mbps, all the pathetic apple bashers will still find fault with it.

"well its only got a 16bit screen" my nokia has 70 billion (get a grip)

the fact all the new handsets are called iphone killers leads me to believe that they percieve the handset to be superior.

nokia isnt showing one ounce of innovation here because this type of handset is already out there. They are copying the design because the iphone is a highly desirable peice of electronics.


Nvidia drivers named as lead Vista crash cause in 2007

Andy Tyzack


are purely shit.

Dell gets in a state over SSD claims

Andy Tyzack

wear and tear

there are so many different opinions on how long an ssd will last.

as soon as there is a story on el reg re mass failure of eeepcs, then we will all know for sure how long an ssd lasts, in the mean time, shut your holes because no one really knows!!!!


Wife rings up £11,000 downloading bill

Andy Tyzack

all valid points

these are all valid points, im not sure why vodafone dont detect such a high usage in such a short space of time, its utter crap that their billing system doesnt detect this quick enough, its all about making money.

In a word, avoid using data abroad until the eu get their nose into it.

Andy Tyzack

i dont think so

Channel4OD would not allow you to download anything if it identifies your IP number as being outside of the uk, quite similiar to BBC's iPlayer.

Anyone agree???

Geordie cops arrest two for Wi-Fi squatting

Andy Tyzack

no truth

there is no truth in this story whatsoever!

please implement scare tactics as soon as possible!

Tiscali and BPI go to war over 'three strikes' payments

Andy Tyzack

up to 8meg


with all these people getting booted off the internet, maybe people will get the promised speeds they are paying for.

there will be more people in this country offline than there are online.

Bring it on BPI muppets, lets see if your bite is as big as your bark.

PS, F*** tiscali indeed!!!!!!

O2 misses iPhone targets

Andy Tyzack
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60 percent of people dont even know what 3G is. 99 percent of statistics are purely made up.

no one uses 3g, its a flop, is the iphone? who knows and really lets be honest WHO CARES (why be mystical about the sales figures) steve jobs did say that he has sold 4 million units, but can we please delete all these comments with people commenting about the pissy iphone, (most of whom have never touched the thing, never mind used it.

Also, you cannot judge a product on usability by sitting in an o2 shop on a saturday afternoon for a mere 5 minutes.personally im sick to death of hearing about it.


SETI@home needs You!

Andy Tyzack
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oh please

everyone knows theres no such thing as aliens,

in addition everyone knows there is a such thing as cancer.

get folding those proteins people!!!!

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Andy Tyzack

@Peter Redding

my apologies

Andy Tyzack
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@ Mark

why would virgin media give you back a months subscription when the service has been off less than 12 hours

virgin media can do without you freeloader types!

that is all

Andy Tyzack
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people need to get lives

Big deal, virgin media died for a day.

Ive been with telewest since they released broadband at a mere 512k. Its gone wrong twice in about 4 years, now id say thats pretty damned good.

People such as Anonymous Coward looking at switching providers cos he couldnt get on-line, needs to get his head slapped round a bit and then some

Its broadband people, its not gonna cause the end of all life on earth cos u couldnt go shoppin on amazon. Shit happens


rant over

Mobile TV to reach 120 million users by 2012: report

Andy Tyzack


what they should be saying is there will be 120 million handsets capable of recieving mobile tv,

no one uses 3g, i bet there is the same amount of 3g phones out there, capable yes, used, um, lets seee, errr, NO

Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal

Andy Tyzack

people need to get a grip

people fail to realise the following points:

1) people are THINK and will pay over the odds

2) People see the words 5megapixel and think its the dogs bollox, the n95 has in no way "an ok battery life" since its the worst nokia product ever and gets slagged off to high heaven.

3) Anyone who thinks the iphone wont go far, needs to get a grip

4) Most people who have a 3g phone dont even use the capability FACT

5) who has ever changed the battery in their mobile phone, the fact the the iphone has a non removeable one, who cares, GET A GRIP

6) Steve Jobs is 100% correct when he says that 3g impacts on the battery life, in fact making a phone call will deplete the battery life, as will sending an sms, i fail to see the logic in the guys statement.

I will laugh my tits off at the people who import one of these on the premise of unlocking it, then apple plugging the security holes and their phone is locked once again to only accepting an at&t sim card

the following goes to Ben Knudsen who obvioulsly knows nothing about mobile phone contracts, you cant simply cancel a phone contract because you feel like it, you'll be buying yourself out the contract or cancelling it on month 17.

People are moaning and complaining about the iPhone, something which they have neither seen or used, so unless you have SHUT THE HELL UP

Orange speaks out with new voice

Andy Tyzack


sorry but only have one word


MSN Messenger flaw creates web cam peril

Andy Tyzack


she's quite the man isnt she, this daniel character

HTC slides out TyTN II 'super 3G' smartphone

Andy Tyzack

I can't see...

with this, you push the screen up as you would the tytn or indeed the wizard.

the push the screen from the rear towards you, theen set it to the angle you want.


iPhone unlock procedure posted

Andy Tyzack

iPhone Shmyphone

well, here we are again with an iPhone story.

Ive gone from WOW, to WHATEVER.

Simply put the iPhone is a iPod with a cheap and nasty GSM radio in it.

The gadget itself it technically unimpressive.

Think of it more of an iPod with a phone inside rather than a phone with an iPod inside

Its junk, and anyone who get this on a contract AND pays for the hardware wants examined by a doctor

T-Mobile, Orange and O2 land Europe iPhone deal

Andy Tyzack

iThink not

Anyone who is going to pay a montly subscription for the next 18 months and shell out for the hardware, needs a brain scan to determine whether they have some damage up there!

Paying even 1 pence towards a contracted handset is ludicrious, people should boycott this!

Dolphins abandon Bay of Biscay

Andy Tyzack

re: And the IT angle is?

its on the science and biology tab, why dont you take notice and read the whole thing u idiot!

Hurricane Dean menaces Jamaica, sends shuttle packing

Andy Tyzack

re Why bother...

what a thing to say,

no wonder u posted that anonymously, you freak of nature

BT rubbishes BBC bandwidth throttling reports

Andy Tyzack


this story is a load of crap, they must assume that the bbc iplayer is the first p2p software created and if they are going to detect p2p traffic and cap the data rate, then so be it. No big deal there since this is already being done. ADSL & Cable internet.

We never had this when kazaa was released near on 5 years ago or channel4od for that matter. SO WHY NOW

In response to the first post, I have a program called netlimiter, its not free but allows me to shape my own traffic, if i dont want kservice to use my internet, i simply drop the connection down to 1k. If I do this however, the download speed slows and it takes me about a fortnight to get a program. Im not desperate to watch it there and then.

Oh, and the freak who said "the internet wasnt built for transferring video", wants put up against a wall and shot.

Rant over,

thank you and goodnight!

Microsoft sent FCC defective wireless prototype

Andy Tyzack


imagine microsoft releasing a defective product to the market!

US punters gobbling up mobile data

Andy Tyzack

re. Web and Walk UK

Sorry to split hairs but web and walk in the UK DOESNT cost this much, please check your facts before you start posting rubbish

The Beeb cuts off premium rate phone-in lines

Andy Tyzack

the license

I really am at a loss to understand why we actually pay a license fee.

The BBC should stand on its own two feet and if it suffers from bad management and goes bust, so much the better!

It makes money from premium rate phone ins and should use advertising on its website and not pin it all no the british public. Im sure there a multitude of ways it can make money.

the BBC stinks of death

Amazon.com sells empty Vista boxes for $200?

Andy Tyzack

re: Ooooh... I'm so clever...

shut the hell up!

PC World, Orange, and Pipex sneeze out broadband offers

Andy Tyzack


so let me get this straight

your get an ORANGE mobile phone

a LEMON for a laptop

they think their customers are TURNIPS

and a PANTHER for a talkplan

The only thing left orange can do is entice people onto its network with bits of rubbish and cheap gimmicks. Bottom line is their products, services and network are complete tripe and no one in their right mind would get nething from them.

BT to drag T-Mobile onto 21st Century

Andy Tyzack

oh my lord

Ive always said that if I had the choice of a no phone line or have BT bill me, id go without, besides my faithful tmobile can be used for to up to 2mb broadband.

I would imagine tmobile go downhill from here on in.

Now im stuck with having the choice of having a tmobile or no phone at all, ill go with the no phone option.

BT are the most diabolical bunch of goons I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

They have their dirty nose into everything

Second-generation Sony PSP unveiled

Andy Tyzack

looks the same

looks the same! why bother?

iPhone hack bypasses AT&T

Andy Tyzack

now now

come on ladies, youre turning this into a bitch fest more than anything!

Jobs chucks Leopard titbits to Apple masses

Andy Tyzack


Dont bother with Vista sister,

its bloatware gone wrong!

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate

Andy Tyzack

you big bunch of whingers

I just thought id tell all you freaks to stop whinging, they way you go no, you would think virgin were the first company to turn its helplines into a chargeable service

why should virgin employ people to sir there and answer call about something that has nothing to do with them, even the IVR says "if you have a fault with your TELEWEST equipment, please press one", if you have a fault with a printer or something not provided by us, then please call the manafacturer".

If i was running a business and employed people to answer calls on something that didnt help my business im sure i would change to a premium rate number

orange did the same in 2000 when it launched payg, in those days customer service on 450 was a free service but people used to ring up to "chat" cos they had nothing else to do. Charging people is the only way to clamp down on this unless any of you have better suggestions.

get a grip people, and those who threaten to leave and go to sky, please just leave and pray they dont start charging you money or diverting your call to asia

855,000 new phones end up in the bog

Andy Tyzack

the bog

If the phones have the words motorola or siemens stamped on the front then they deserve to be in the bog

Orange simplifies data by capping at 30MB

Andy Tyzack

The futures far from orange

Im sorry did I read this right, you did say 30megabytes?

Are orange having a girraffe?????

I have tmobiles web and walk and I have to say that I havent even come close to using its 1024 megabytes a month, and even if I did, I know I wouldnt be charged, just get a slapped wrist and told not to do it again, lets face it, to download 1gb a month on gprs ud have to spend some considerable time using your mobile.

Simply put, as orange network is mostly made up of barbed wire on totem poles and coathangers on the top of buildings (the signal is total rubbish), Its all their network will be able to handle.

So here we are looking at orange to join the ranks of diabolical companies such as NTL, BT & The Dixons group.

Even their voice plans are total junk.

Apart from their terrible customer services, poor or non existant technical support, the dreaded orange home screen, and the message you get nearly every time you ring 150,

"I'm SORRY, but THIS service is currently unavailable, PLEASE TRY AGAIN" here is yet another reason to avoid orange like the black death.

Im not a tmobile fan boy but simply put, they have some idea about what customers want.

Long live T-mobile!

Virgin throttles national cable network

Andy Tyzack

People dont know the difference

How many people who have posted on here dont know what the word "capped" means.

For example, orange u get just 2gb a month on their "free broadband", if you continue to go over this, they will look at disconnecting you. Thats the definition of a usage cap.

Max out the connection and I can easily download triple that in a day.

Virgin media is unlimited. and if its only going to affect a mere 5 percent of people, it just goes to show that a lot (and I mean the majority), dont download 350mb in peak times,

I also dont dont think virgin has set these limits without first looking at peoples usage.

Quit moaning people, all you have to do is leave your computer on after midnight to download all your torrents because thats where all the massive amounts of data come from at the end of the day.