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Outsourcing fingered as UBS cops £30m fine

Jessica Werkz

Re: Peer review of process and security?

'Deutsche Bank is one of them and making their operations in Chennai and Frankfurt larger!'

This has to be a joke right?

Extended Lord of the Rings Blu-rays to hit Blighty

Jessica Werkz

@Kevin Fairhurst

'confirm that the printed article is the same as the online one I linked to?'

Why would I want to do that, I know what I read and it didn't read well for Blu-ray disks.

Whether you believe me or not I'm not really bothered. In fact it's probably easier for you not to believe me and instead believe that it was some pub trash talk. OK.

Jessica Werkz

@Kevin Fairhurst

"Did you read the article, or did you just summarise from someone else's comment on a web forum that someone had posted after reading a blog about his mate in the pub saying that ...."

No I read it in the printed version of Which.

Jessica Werkz

Really Blu-ray?

I wonder if the discs are really Blu-ray.. Which magazine checked 17 different Blu-ray movies a few months ago and found that 12 of them weren't Blu-ray at all but normal DVD's with the white light enhanced.

When Which asked a Blu-ray industry body some very technical questions about these non-blu-ray Blu-ray disks they got no answers except the statement about how happy the customers are with the disks anyway...

Apple accused of iPhone ban on 'all single-station radio apps'

Jessica Werkz


"Welcome to the internet, enjoy your stay."

Where'd they dig up this fossill

iPhone 4: the best built smartphone...

Jessica Werkz

Re: @Tzael

"the iPhone 4 has the highest total overall failure rate according to SquareTrade's report".

This does not make sense. Maybe SquareTrade aren't very good at testing.

Jessica Werkz

@tanj666, @Tzael. @Tony Chandler

"Well considering the iPhone is for the image/fashion concious, a flighty type of person IMHO..."

Jeez, where's this guy been the last couple of years. The image/fashion thing was a pathetic arguement a couple of years ago. Spouting it now is this guys attempt at retro, retro.

"I thought we all agreed antennaegate showed iPhone 4 to be anything but the best built smartphone..."

'we all agreed'? Are you 12 years old? The iPhone is supposed to be best built smartphone and most popular going by the number I see on the train these days.

"In case you hadn't noticed, this is The Register. Seems almost everyone here hates Apple. Relax, you're among friends."

'You're among friends' Give me strength (Who are these people and why are they so weird.)

Haven't you noticed how hard it is to intimidate Apple people. They just don't care what you think as they are more than happy with their iPhones and macs and they have a sneeking suspicion, and its getting stronger all the time, that maybe their phone and specially their mac is better than anything Meenymynytitsitotsisoft could release. And they are probably reading all these pitiful criticisms here on The Register right now, wondering where you lot were dug up from, and just feeling a little smug.

Nope I'm not a fanboi and have never even touched a mac, so don't give a monkeys one way or another, but I do own the latest Nokia mess of a phone.

BT mulls upping apprentice numbers

Jessica Werkz

@AC @13:00

You were probably interviewed by some HR type of people that knew nothing about the engineering side, hence them writing everything down for someone else to read and also their aggresiveness when you said anything that went above their heads.

That number of applicants for so relatively few positions is going to make BT feel good about themselves, probably a bit arrogant, and dismissive with your questions.

Heaven knows how many good people they miss with this type of interviewing.

Apple kills browse-and-get-hacked bugs in iOS

Jessica Werkz

@Stike Vomit


iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

Jessica Werkz

Works OK for me

But then some people have trouble with all sorts of technology, poor blighters.

O2 to step back from unlimited mobile data deals

Jessica Werkz

I can live with that cap

Provided they get their 3G coverage in sync with their coverage maps (fat chance).

O2 grovels for London network failure

Jessica Werkz

Will they be using their coverage maps...

to determine where to put the 200 new base stations?

I hope not as their coverage maps show our area as having great coverage - Richmond - yet I can barely get a signal.

O2 finds new way to bind iPhone users

Jessica Werkz


"you just have a bit of an issue with an operator and can't contain the rage, but going off your comments alone, your issues seem to be mental, not signal related!"

What rage? I've obviously hit the nail on the head somewhere and probably by mentioning 'hairy knuckled engineers', a term I read in an Arthur C Clarke story, it has got a few a little upset, something which I didn't intend.

It was no big deal asking people whether they had O2 access just something I did to see if the O2 lack of coverage was consistent, which it was. The reason I stay with O2 is that I wanted an iPhone and hoped O2's coverage would improve. I'm now working more from home and therefore yet more keen on getting coverage from home. Soon the iPhone will be on Orange & Vodaphone so I will be able to jump ship hopefully to a network that does what is says on the tin.

And no I don't test Wordpress themes as many don't work and therefore fail from the get go but I do test software for a living and have done for quite a while.

More flames and logic-chopping this way please......

Jessica Werkz

@The Original Steve & @Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

"Having a go at engineers and moaning about network coverage isn't quite the best way to blend in..."

I'm not having a go at network engineers but just trying to understand why they won't admit there is a reception problem in this area. Everytime someone comes to our house, whether friend or business person I have asked them, over the last couple of years, whether they are on O2 and if so do they have a signal, both in and outside the house, and none of those with O2 mobile get a signal and these negatives are with various phones. Not just iPhones.

"EVERY O2 phone gets zero reception you say? Prove that can you? For EVERY single one of them?"

If there is no O2 coverage then they wouldn't get any reception.

No doubt this comment will result in yet more logic-chopping from Aristotle and his horse as he tries to convince me that my no O2 reception is just a figment of my imagination and that if I had a decent phone etcetera................

Jessica Werkz

Anonymous Cowards

"Except in the not -so-trivial areas of reception and battery life."

The reception issue has nothing to do with iPhones and everything to do with O2 coverage, so I would get the same O2 coverage problem with any mobile that O2 provide (did I have to spell this out).

"See ? Told you so !"

Told me what?

"Surprised you didn't get a response from O2"

I did get a response as stated in my original email which was "that nothing can be done". Still waiting from Watchdog.

"Again, a lot of readers on this site are of the 'function over form' persuasion. They are not the sort of people who buy an iPhone just so that they can leave it out at meetings expecting some sort of applause"

How do you know that a lot of readers are like this? I have never known or seen an iPhone user leave iPhones out expecting applause. That would be truly pathetic.

" if the problem is your phone in that area then either move or get a phone that works"

No O2 phone works in a large area around where I live and which is experienced by all local O2 users in that area using various phones. OK.

Jeez, I wish some people could read just a little better.

Jessica Werkz

@AC & O2 coverage in West London, not

"Just so that they can brag about how they have a greater fone than you for crying out loud."

Are you kidding. Who gives a toss what phones other people have. The reason most people have an iPhone is because it beats the whotsit out of any other phone. The whole debate of iPhones v Others is just about over. The iPhone has won, get over it.

I wouldn't miss Visual Voicemail as I've only ever used it a couple of times.

Now if you wanna have a go at O2's mobile coverage in West London.... I'll agree with that as I get squat coverage in East Twickenham/Richmond (for crying out loud). I recently twice emailed the CEO of O2 about having no coverage at home and the Chairman's Office responded and told me some engineers came to my post code to check coverage and reported back that I have good 2G &3G coverage.

I have to assume that they never did come round to check, just because they got such wildly different coverage to myself, but instead just referred to their coverage maps, which do say I have good coverage. I responded with iPhone screen dumps showing 'No Service' and they responded that 'there is absolutely nothing we can do to improve your reception, ever'. Apparently even adding a transmitter wouldn't make any difference, which does make you wonder what it is exactly that a transmitter does.

Think I have bumped into some hairy knuckled engineers who don't like criticism of their network from no-nothing customers. I have emailed BBC's Watchdog about it in case they fancy getting stuck in but confidence isn't high....

UK population to abandon Midlands

Jessica Werkz

It's all very well moving up north for all it's advantages

....but it's too bloody cold. The weather in the south is lousy enough so anywhere north of St John's Wood and you can fergeddabowdit.

Apple admits iPhone apps not suitable for business

Jessica Werkz

@Edward Noad

God you do talk a load of junk.

From a Brit who is getting embaressed by too many British comments.

Finger crossing won't lure iPhone coders to Windows Mobile

Jessica Werkz


'for the "OOooooo shiny!" crowd.'.


Jessica Werkz

Never getting Apple

Why do some people say that they will NEVER buy anything Apple?

If Apple bought out the best ever PC running Windows and the critter actually worked far better than a non-Apple PC I have a feeling that these NEVER people will stick to their guns and not buy one, obviously cutting something off from the front of their face.

What sort of people are these NEVER people? Would I recognise one in the street.

It's all a bit odd.

Jessica Werkz

@Anonymous Coward @7:02

'If you are into writing fart "apps" for the stupid then it is an ideal platform, anything else seems to get rejected.'

You godda be kidding right?

50,000 apps, at the last count, in the store of which about 10 are fart apps, which works out that 99.98% apps that are accepted are NOT fart apps.

I bet you'll end up getting an iPhone in the next couple of years as the darned thing eventually wears down everyone's resistance.

Apple tried to quash Sunday Times' Jobs profile

Jessica Werkz

@Nordrick Framelhammer

'for the inevitable flood of fanniboys that have fallen for Jobsientology'. Fanniboys.....

I've never had problems with iPod and iPhone batteries exploding and nor does the latter crash much.

Some people are just very unlucky and have terrible trouble with all sorts of gadgetry and others don't seem to have any trouble at all. Maybe those people that have trouble should return to an analogue life.

I've never had a MAC and don't intend to.

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

Jessica Werkz

Anti-American comments

Some of the anti-American comments, in fact most, just make me cringe. Most of them are the usual ignorant trash talk that belongs in the Sunday comics and gets spoken about as pub talk.

Just makes me embaressed to be English.

Jessica Werkz

Having experirenced both sides

I was in SF years ago and my wife ate something she shouldn't have and it had a bad effect on her. We called 911 and they turned up within a couple of minutes and whisked her off to the hospital and she was sorted out in 10 minutes. Then the hospital asked about payment. Dunno what my cash problem was but I couldnt pay right then. They sent us a bill - $100 - to our home and we paid it. Good service.

Somehow it's just never as efficient in the UK and as I smoke heaven knows what treatment will be refused to me in the future and decided on by someone playing God.

With the tax I pay on cigarettes I think I have more than paid my contribution towards the NHS but am sure that arguement won't wash and all I'll ever get is a load of moralising nonsense.

Hospitals seem to be full of people who have done Prince 2 courses.

CV lies multiply in recession, says survey

Jessica Werkz

@Richard Walsh

'At least you'll have had the job long enough that they might appreciate you as opposed to being honest and unemployed'.

I assume your CV is a work of fiction then...

IT recruiter dodges downturn

Jessica Werkz

I read that IT agents...

were just telephone sales people these days. I hope Harvey Nash aren't recomending companies go offshore coz HN aren't an IT company and they really don't know what they are talking about.

I know someone that went to work there as some kind of junior consultant and all his experience was 10 years as a cook in a trendy high street bar. Within a week he was flinging IT acronyms around all over the place, and was he an expert consultant by then. Too right he was.

Apple tablet spooks world of PCs

Jessica Werkz

@ac 14:11

"me and others who are not easily swayed by marketing hype and buying something for the sake o' coolness, will NEVER do the mistake of forking out cash to crapple..."

You sure? Loads of people said exactly the same thing when the iPhone first came out and there's no doubt that a lot of them finally succumbed to the blasted thing, or as TheRegister said eventually had their misgivings worn away.

No doubt you will have the opportunity to eat your words in about 18 months time or more likely stay extremely silent on the subject...

iPhone actually good at making calls shock

Jessica Werkz

@Anonymous Coward @07:17

"once iphone users have stopped showing how cool Crash Bandicoot, ibeer, itube"

I don't think anyone's shown off Crash Bandicott, ibeer or itube for at least 18 months...

"web browsing and how nice the UI is, they do concede whilst hanging out the office window that call reception etc isnt actaully that good"

and the title of this article is "iPhone actually good at making calls shock "..... someone can't read...

Jessica Werkz

iPhone being an unexpected star of the show...

"with Apple's iPhone being an unexpected star of the show".

Bearing in mind how often the iPhone wins awards for being the best mobile phone then why was it unexpected?

Rogue CA update bricks Win XP systems

Jessica Werkz

Did anyone test this release.....

Obviously CA didn't. They need shooting for that.

Steve Jobs had liver transplant

Jessica Werkz

@Anonymous Coward @ 07:32

What exactly is a 'fanbois' Mr A Coward?

BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

Jessica Werkz

If you wnat to see how easy it is to get an HSMP visa...

Go here www.migrationexpert.com/UK . I took this test a year ago and said I was a pig farmer, had no degree, spoke no English and didn't expect to earn much when I got here (why did they want to know that). They also, suspiciously, asked me how much money I had available.

I passed the test but there was a £400 fee for documentation. Innaresting....

iPhone apps - the 10 smartest and the 10 stupidest

Jessica Werkz

To all the anonymous cowards

Thank the lord the 'tards' are back with their wonderfull comments, I was starting to miss 'em.

PS. Anyone seen Brewster around recently?

Deadfish iPhones send users into deep freeze

Jessica Werkz


"poor reliability, restrictive practices, missing common features, dodgy engineering, doubtful functionality, evassive customer relations "

I've never encountered any of those issues with my iPhone but did encounter a lot of them when a I had a Nokia. You sure your talking about the right phone?

Apple proves: It pays to be late

Jessica Werkz

@Apples' sucess

"Basically Apple is keeping it simple because their target audience is simple."

Sounds like a Nokia owner.

Jessica Werkz

@Will Wykeham

"Perhaps Nokia are following the mantra of 'it pays to be late'. They got beaten to the punch with swish UI's, they might as well wait for the dust to settle from the Pre, and then wander onto the pitch and knock all the young'uns for 6, having seen all the lessons they've learnt"

Did you learn nothing from reading that article?

Apple plays catch-up with new iPhone features

Jessica Werkz


"How did civilisation cope before all this shit came along? Anyone who wants one of these or any other data-leach portable devices is just a network operator's wet dream"

Blimey, I didn't think these people existed anymore.

Hide ->rock->long time.

iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys

Jessica Werkz

@Crap software on overpriced crap hardware

You godda be kidding right?

iPhone 3.0 gossip lassos MMS, tethering, cut-and-paste...

Jessica Werkz

@It's Us v Them Over and Over Again

But the "The iPhone is rubbish." arguement is fading away somewhat compared with a year ago where fanboi's were continually being dumped on from a great hight.

When the iPhone software v3 comes out soon and the 3rd version of the actual iPhone comes out in the summer with cut and paste, SMS forwarding, MMS, a better camera, video camera, twice as long lasting battery, 32gb memory, tethering, concurrent apps running and whatever else they have up their sleeve, and I bet they do have something great firmly embedded up their sleeve then I assume the iPhone haters will be happy and have no complaints.

Somehow I think they'll hate the darn thing even more.

Man punts 'prototype' iPhones on eBay

Jessica Werkz

@Wade Burchette

"The most hardcore Mac fanboys and fangirls long ago lost their touch on reality."

This is proof positive that you have completely lost the plot.

Neil Young posts angry YouTube missive

Jessica Werkz

@asoces @Anonymous Coweard

"Poor old insignificant man, "

Gawd, this guys a bit of a charmer.

Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation

Jessica Werkz

@P.Lee @Anonymous Coward

"Sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they just want to mark themselves out as the kind of person who is a massive sheep with too much money and knowing nothing about computers then?"

These desperate arguements are getting more and more pathetic the more popular the eye-fone gets.

Jessica Werkz

Why would...

Why would Gates and family want an overpriced bit of bling like an iPhone or iPod when he could get a superior Nokia or Zune?

Free TV.com comes to the iPhone

Jessica Werkz


"this is a fucking british site for british readers", no it's not.

If theregister restricted its stories to technology from the UK only there'd be jack shit to read.

Ryanair trades blows with 'idiot blogger'

Jessica Werkz

@William Wallace

Make that 'the world's largest chav carrier", and they're welcome to each other.

Jessica Werkz

Happy company

I get the impression the staff at Ryanair are always angry and specially with customers. Why is this ? (I've never flown with them)

Jessica Werkz


"is in the development section,no need to spell accurately when copy/paste is your bread and butter".

I've worked on projects where bad spelling rules and the chaos and misunderstanding it causes beggars belief.

Jessica Werkz

Attitoooode to customers

"such big project in a such busy ", "If you would be a serious programmer ", "if you would think it can cause us troubles", "If I would be you" - interesting English language.

Shoot -> Foot. If this gets into the scum press they're gonna look stoopid.

No chance of me ever flying with these thugs now.

Wacky Jacqui Smith says whole country crusading against CCTV

Jessica Werkz

@Peter Labrow

"Knife crime is at an all-time high, so it antisocial behavior, alcoholic-related crime and even gun crime."

I've heard these 'facts' all of my life and each year I read it's getting worse. By now we should be a country at war!

Lucky Mancs could get ID cards first, Jacqui declares

Jessica Werkz


"Hale, Hale Barns, Timperly, Knutsford, Marple, Wilmslow etc then - hardly chav-ville what with all the footballers' wives"

Er... I thought footballers wives were the essence of chav