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Comet 'sold 94,000 pirate Windows CDs', claims Microsoft



yes, and frankly i find it bizarre that MS would discourage such practice.

a user has purchased a licence to use the software, and in the event of system corruption or hard drive failure, the user has lost the mean to reinstall the software.

Sony distribution centre engulfed by fire


so sad.


Desktop Linux: the final frontier


pointy haired bosses

the reason for choosing big name brands is that is what the salesman/consultant (with his own agenda) tells mr pointy haired boss what to do.

Fujitsu £2bn broadband project throttled at both ends


mobile spectrum auctions

remember when the govt made billions off the 3g spectrum auctions? maybe they need reminding of that fact.

A glimpse at Amazon's app store


apple aren't the first to do things, despite what they tell you

ubuntu (an other linux distros) had app stores for years before apple

Asus Eee Pad Slider



well that's the aim of ARM builds of ubuntu, and all that work they've been doing for tablet friendly desktop.

Tesco heralds 2011 as YEAR OF ANDROID

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the contract and decent android phones for both my wife and I cost less than one average iphone contract - a compelling case, since i would choose android over iphone anyway

London councils reveal joint IT jobs cut plan


licensing fees

i'd be interested to see their licensing budget. often there's better ways of saving money that the bright idea of cutting jobs ...*open source*.

Mac App Store: Developer godsend or Evil Empire?


as long as it takes until

...the next release of Mac OS.

still the iSheep will keep on coming.

Scareware cold-callers target 1 in 4


better than airhorn

i have a child under one year old.. does a better job

TalkTalk posts jolly six months


revenue up..i wonder why?

>>Those customers are generating an average of £24.70 per month for TalkTalk, up from last year

That's because my average bill has gone from £16.50 to £25 without any change in usage.

I suspect the next year may not be so good as customers look elsewhere. TT used to be reasonable value -not any more.

Red Hat launches Enterprise Linux 6



i hope not, for your sake. RHEL3 is end-of-life now unless you buy a special addon Extended lifecycle subscription



Fedora's support isn't long enough - in a university situation for example, researchers and phd students usually don't want their machine re-kickstarted with a newer version during their 3+ year stay.

Ubuntu LTS and Debian are possibilies and I am considering those all the time (150 or so desktops on Linux running well), yes, but the RHEL situation would have been fine if the v6 release came out 12 months ago. Although i am not happy about the impending changes to ubuntu (unity on desktops)

I don't need bleeding edge afforded by running ubuntu 10.10+PPAs (like i do on my own desktop) but i do want stability+ more recent versions of apps (e.g. texlive has replaced tetex but RHEL still has ancient version of tetex only).


About time

RHEL v5 series went on 1 year too long in my opinion

Desktop users running RHEL/Centos have been struggling with ancient application versions, and in some cases (chrome, etc) - no ability to run the application at all due to glibc versions. Additionally v5 inherited some annoying intel video bugs.

Servers are running happily on v5 but new deployments will get v6 here.

Google Chrome OS: unlike Android, it's open source



the screenshot is from 12 months ago - probably quite a bit has changed since then - is there anything newer?

Dell dumps RIM, saves fortune



while they're at it they could dump Exchange and go for Zimbra. Works nicely with Active Sync on mobiles.

Oracle kills low-priced MySQL support


oracle are doing their best to destroy any remaining goodwill.

every time oracle do something like this, they are shouting 'we hate our customers'

people will start choosing alternatives very soon. they are in my top 3 companies to avoid if at all possible.

Bus spotter admits £11k database fees fraud


male behaviour

this behaviour possibly ranks on the autistic spectrum under obsessive fact collecting, which affects more males than females.

Ms. Gates: 'Bill does not use a Mac'


dunno where they got 2003 from

it was March 2009

Angry Birds tweet fury at Redmond


rip off = not the original

the original post does not mean the price, it means that Crush the castle (and possibly others) existed as a flash game before Angry birds.

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks


why root anyway?

is it just because I can?

i haven't seen any need to root my HTC desire running 2.2, and i'm usually one of the first to invalidate my warranty on new gadgets.

Stuxnet worm slithers into China, heralds alien invasion


windows worm

lots of newspaper articles mention that siemens machinery is targeted, but neglect to mention it is a windows worm. and....

Q: And these have been patched by Microsoft?

A: The two Privilege escalations have not yet been patched.

Novell SUSE appliance toolkit hugs Amazon EC2


purchase looming...

My money's on vmware buying the suse part of novell. recently they bought zimbra for their cloud email solution, and suse could fill a few gaps for vmware (hypervisor and cloud solutions).

Bristol Council mulls mixed FOSS, Microsoft upgrade


a step in the right direction

well done.

Second SMS Android Trojan targets smut-seeking Russians


antivirus on android

i've seen an antivirus on android - do they work? has it ever caught a virus/trojan/malware/rogue app from the marketplace?

i don't want android to become another untrustable OS like windows.

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'


balls on iphone

>> "How come it's not playing on the iPhone or iPad"

you're holding it wrong.

Angry Birds take wing on Android


good fun

enjoying it, hope it's a sign of better games coming our way on android. i would pay a nugget for a few more levels.

although this game has now filled my phone memory, so I'm waiting for 2.2 so i can transfer to SD.

Security flaw creates Android, Palm Pre snoop risk


latest android software?

"and it has been fixed in the latest version of our Android software."

are they referring to 2.2? half of the android phone owners today will probably never get to run 2.2

VMware packs Zimbra into virtual appliance


you're holding it wrong

seems fine for us.

UK supermarket starts contactless payments


chip and pin

on the tv programme Fake Britain the other day, they did a segment on chip and pin keyloggers. It is rather straightforward to insert a keylogger inline to capture details to remove and download later.

What's worse, it appears that some chip and pin readers are being modded at the factory, before sending to the shops, to include a sim card and device to send details direct to pakistan .

Allegedly found at a major supermarket chain too.

Suddenly i got a bit more nervous about chip and pin.

Chaos surrounds New Zealand iPhone 4 day



"People still want to buy these?"

- sheep don't ask questions.

Android's UK phone sales quadruple



Is cost not also a factor? My HTC Desire makes iphone owners a little bit jealous even before I tell them that my monthly contract price is half of theirs.

FYI: sense is the theme that HTC use on their android phones. generally makes the home screen look nicer and adds some improved apps by default.

Grauniad faces offshoring strike



the guardian has been a liberal luvvie for years. the editorial just makes it official - i can't believe you didn't notice otherwise?

VMware juggernaut rolls on and on


red hat - competition?

redhat are NOT providing stiff competition in my experience. tried for ages to get RHEV evaluation software and/or academic/realistic quotes.

I suspect they didn't have a product to release.

They lost me when I realised you require active directory to run their management software. I don't care about "coming soon", promises or vapourware, I was in the market to buy a product.

I am now a VMware customer.

Microsoft's past - the future to Android's iPhone victory


agoraphobia (fear of the market place)

i hope google sort out their marketplace, and clear out the smut and at least put some controls on it. i'm an android user and a little nervous (security-wise) about installing apps from there. i generally choose poplular ones, but don't get that nice feeling like when i'm downloading apps from ubuntu's software centre.

maybe google will sort it after there is a massive malware issue due to a rogue app.

had an android phone for only a few weeks and haven't paid for any apps yet. although not to say i won't ever. i'd probably pay for an app if it was cheap enough and useful enough (e.g. locale?). wave secure (remote wipe app) looked a bit too expensive for my liking.

The Linux Chronicles, Part 1



my dad has windows7. i sent him a video file the other day, in some regularly used format avi. he said that he heard the sounds but got kaleidoscopic pictures for the video. windows didn't offer to download a codec or tell him that it was unsupported or anything.

try this in ubuntu and it tries to download the codec you require if it doesn't have it.

most criticism of ubuntu is out-dated and also short sighted - how did you get the right codecs on your windows machine and how did you know they were safe?


university vs workplace

linux is probably the most heavily used OS in universities (particularly in science faculties). the larger the network, the better, and far easier to manage than windows domains.

windows is dominant in the office.(although not too long ago, Sun workstations were heavily used on trading floors, even with the high hardware costs of the time)

so what happens between uni and the workplace? is it a desire to use the format everyone else is using (doc, ppt), or decisions made by pointy haired bosses, or fear of being different? or the vendor-installed windows-tax on PCs?

Fedora 13 - Ubuntu's smart but less attractive cousin


you are missing something..

"the difference between Ubuntu and Fedora 13 is just a few social networking apps - which can be easily installed on Fedora or uninstalled on Ubuntu."

sounds like you haven't looked at ubuntu 10.04. the gui is now much more polished than the average Gnome and icons are more consistent. ubuntu software centre has advantages over synaptic including managing your own ppa's. the notification system too is very welcome addition. canonical are beginning to really add value to the stock gnome offering.

Transport for London gobbles up Oyster


who owns the data?

it concerns me that in this increasingly fascist country we could be presumed guilty for something we did not do, on account of our proxmimity to an event shown by our oyster travel records.

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already


maemo is now pronounced meego

i think you meant to say meego.

i hope they reassure prospective and existing n900 owners soon about its future, and also release meego ASAP running on a few more phones

Confirmed: no iPad iBooks for Blighty


sorts out the men from the fanboys

the ipad is so useless that anyone buying one will establish their credentials as a devoted follower of the cult of steve.

Brits left cold by mobile internet


make it cheaper, and they will come

i am a tech literate IT bloke and would love a Nokia N900 and mobile internet, but the reality is, with wife and kid to support, i just can't justify an extra £30 a month for the luxury. nearly all iphone users i know are young free and single with no landlines, nappies to buy and mortgages fixed at 6%

until then, in my opinion, it remains a luxury in the realm of those who have plenty of disposable income, or those who absolutely need it (far fewer than the first category)

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts



typically we hear nothing from the UK.gov

The return of the Psion-sized PC



the great thing about the revo that my wife still uses daily (besides the instant on, great battery life, weight, touch screen, design) is the software - well written and still yet to be improved upon. the week view on the agenda/diary is just excellent - what else compares with it?

such a shame that psion died before they were able to release a colour, wifi, bluetooth version of the revo. the nokia n900 is the only device that has caught my eye since the revo. mind you, i haven't got my hands on one to try yet - i may be disappointed!

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

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thanks guys

can i just say thankyou to all you guys who are submitting bugs and following them up during the the first month.

since the RC is only out for a few days i and many others consider the first month to be the real beta test.

i'm really eager to upgrade because the full screen flash now works on karmic for my intel gfx based laptop (broke in jaunty), but i also know that in 1 months time, most of the niggles will be fixed.

i just have 1 question - to all those with weird graphics issues - did you experience the same problem when running karmic from the live cd/usb?

Linux webserver botnet pushes malware


brute force more likely

judging by the myriad attempts to connect to accounts on servers that i look after, i would think that weak passwords have a part to play here.

Use fail2ban to block connections after a certain number of failed attempts. Most of the ssh attempts come from china and i don't expect much assistance from the administrator of their networks, so they will continue to bash away on other people's ssh ports

Xperia Pureness: The oddest mobile phone ever?


I like it

..but how much does it cost? I'm hoping not very much.

My phones are usually hand-me-downs from the wife. My K700i still feels quite new!

Sharp intros 5in ARM-based netbook


could be a psion killer..

i like this. i also read that the boot time is 3 seconds. if the price is right the wife's psion revo might get a refresh..

Nokia launches laptop


missed opportunity

here was their chance for an ARM based Linux tablet and what do we get? more of the same, hardly an innovation.

OpenSUSE defaults to KDE

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good for KDE

given the choice i always prefer .deb based distros but credit to opensuse for this. Somebody needs to champion KDE (especially when kubuntu has the feel of a half baked afterthought) and opensuse seem to do it the slickest. lets hope some more KDE4 papercuts get fixed in the process