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King Larry launches Oracle-Sun combo at Big Blue, Cisco


And what happens to MySQL?


Will Oracle now allow MySQL to wither & die?

HP cancels Christmas in the UK and Éire


Bah humbug

Just put Xmas back a month & you'll find restaurants, etc clamouring for your custom.

Just tell the kids that Santa is delayed due to ongoing problems at Terminal 5.

NetBeans 6.5 beta promises PHP simplicity


Good IDE

I've used several Java IDEs over the years, with JDeveloper being a constant because of working in mostly Oracle environments. Couldn't get on with Eclipse - slow, crashed & a confusing mish mash of extensions/versions for the uninitiated.

I tried NetBeans (had actually paid to own JStudioCreator sometime before for JSF work- fool!) in large part because of a move into Ruby on Rails, which NetBeans supports pretty well (along with JRuby).

I must say I've been impressed with NetBeans - it's slow on my windows machine, but then its quicker than Eclipse & proved more stable - & makes a good fist of Ruby (best Ruby IDE I've tried). It also has basic UML support.

NetBeans is a good IDE & is worth a 2nd look.