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1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

Russell Eagling

1and1 suggest moving to .com

Its now 11 days since the service went down - and for the first time 1and1 have contacted me with some information.

I've copied their email below - but they suggesting the move to the .com servers that Arran detailed above. Why its taken them this long to get round to spreading the good news I don't know. Even the Outlook Web Access that we were using throuhgout the last week has been unreliable over the last couple of days.

The amount of flak I've taken from colleagues in my office is considerable. 1and1 need to be offering substantial compensation for the hassle I've had from them - let alone the shear frustration of not be able to use outlook for a week!


Thank you for contacting us.

We apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered. We were given updates from our administrators on how you can check your emails now through exchange account set up on Microsoft Outlook.

Please check the instructions below for the settings that you need to


Click Start > Control Panel > Mail > Email Accounts

* Click the Microsoft Exchange Server Set-up

* Click on More Settings

* Go to Connection tab

* Change the server settings from exchange.1and1.co.uk to exchange.1and1.com

and from msstd:exchange.1and1.co.uk to msstd:exchange.1and1.com *Apply the changes and save it *Launch Microsoft Outlook again

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



Gretchen Lyn Insular

Technical Support

1&1 Internet Limited..."