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Amazon Kindle flunked by college students

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In defense of digital media on Kindle

I agree with the article for the most part but this does not mean that the eReaders are solutions looking for a problem as the comments here have tended toward. Hopefully Amazon takes this feedback and improves their design. Adding touch screen and the ability to scrible on the eBooks would address several of the problems mentioned in the article. At least one poster mentioned this prevents the sharing of information and I don't think that problem will go away but that does not prevent the device from being useful. I myself own a kindle (6" screeen) and I found that it solves the problem of needing to carry many books with me. The screen is very easy on the eyes and has a very impressive viewing angle. I found that much like a paperback I could lie down or lay back in a chair and read in comfort. I also found that for the books I reference a lot it was fairly easy for me to use the Kindle as a reference tool as I knew where to go in the book. However for other books I did not know so well it is a huge PIA. In all I say it is progress that requires some refinement and maturation. It won't completely replace books but it will and is a great supplement. Keep in mind that I am a different segment from the college population with different goals and needs. I have some disposeable income and a need for portablility. Previous to the Kindle I would look to use online resources via my notebook (15" MBP) in an environment where space is at a premium and a power outlet is rare. This lead to some conflicts where I was disrupting those around me or the reverse. I could also see this tool becoming very useful for the vision impaired if they would add voice/sound to the menu's, allow speach to always be on, and improve navigation while voice is on (hard to go back and re-read a sentence). These are all things within reach as the product matures.

Mystery web attack hijacks your clipboard

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Why cut and paste?

Because many of today's IT managment products are using browser based interfaces. For those Sysadmins using them you end end up doing a lot of cut and paste as a time saving maneuver to make sure you have a) entered the information in correctly and b) you can add more then one entry at once or you are adding multiple lines to queries/functions.