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Snooping Scottish plod to be taken to tribunal by spied-on detective


Re: No surprise

Terror and security laws are reserved, so hollyrood can't do a whole lot about them.

Planet hopper: The Earthly destinations of Doctor Who


He's missed a whole continent.

I mean if your going to miss a continent I would have thought it would be Antarctica not south America.

I would have thought there was at least something nasty going on in the Amazon.

Lost phone? Google's got an app for that, coming this month


The device doesn't matter

If you work with anything approaching sensitive data, someone factory resetting the device is a good thing. You lose the device, but it really doesn't matter that some ned has a new toy, providing the data is gone.

As for putting it in the cloud...are you on crack?!?!?

Anything involving personal or sensitive data you hold in a secure location where you can kick the server...and kick the crap out of anyone near them that shouldn't be. LARTs should be used with anyone that thinks the "cloud" is a good idea for anything but pictures of your cat.

If you are putting personally info of customers/clients in the cloud, expect your CIO to have a visit from the plod when the provider stores it in the states or some other nations with crappy/non-existent date protection laws. Oh you can sue them...ah the EULA says you can't.


Scottish news site hit by 'DDoS attack' in run-up to elections


Dead again

Down again with a DB connection error.

Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA


"life without walls"

Hmmm thinking about that but in a "life without walls" why the hell would you need windows?

Free download turns BlackBerry into remote bugging device


BES policy anyone

Any sane admin will have locked down the BB so that the user can't install extra apps any how. The same way as you would stop people from installing crap on their work PC.

Home Office staff offered early bird ID cards


@ If it is such a damned good idea....

Why force them on MSPs? Most of them have voted to do anything they can to stymie the whole idiot idea up this end of the country. Why not force the on all them MPs, MSP, MWA, etc that keep voting for the blasted things.

Oh yeah and all the consultants, etc that are making a mint out of them.

Scottish gov to curb personal data collection


@ AC

Unfortunately we've not getting out of the ID cards up here, however the scots government has said you won't need them to access anything they control. So they'll be even more pointless up here than the rest of the UK. But good on the SNP for heading in the right direction now, even if they can't stop everything.

BTW we Apologize for brown but in fairness he is a fifer.

Hijacking iPhones and other smart devices using SMS



Are blackberries vulnerable? I know they work in there own odd way, but I have heard nothing about them. Are they immune to this kind of attack?

Just curious.

El Reg to launch space paper plane

Paris Hilton

Not Paris

We don't want it to go down THAT fast.

Google Street View hits UK streets

Black Helicopters


The seem to have not done the middle of the new town in Edinburgh for some reason but they have done places like my street (witch is hardly a major thoroughfare (being a dead end off another quiet street).

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime


Crappy machines and network booting

The main problem is not really windows vista...though the stupid amount of rubbish it loads is just adding to the problems. Many of the machines network boot or re-ghost themselves on boot, hibernating is not an option as many of these places 'hot desk'. Under XP this was not such a problem as it had nothing like the ridiculous footprint of vista, but I can well believe this.

Heck I wouldn't be surprised if some of these places did it over a wan from HQ to save staff (connectivity of course would come out of a different budget) .

National DNA database grows on the genes of the innocent

Thumb Up

Thank $Deity

I live in scotland where the rules are diffrent.


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