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Nest: It's no longer all about you. Now it can recognize your kids, too

john Jones

Nest working in a mesh ?? not yet #fail

Now how about all the smart devices talk to each other using I dont know thread ?

whens that going to work ?

having to have the internet connected all the time when they could just form a "mesh" would actually be useful...

Bull lands 200 teraflop German super deal

john Jones

ZFS for Linux is stable ?

it says ZFS for linux... the only way of accessing ZFS for linux is currentky via FUSE and thats not very stable or high performance... maybe they have done a real port like MacOS X ?

whats going on ??


John Jones

Proof of age system moves net ID a step closer

john Jones

NetIDme’s does not allow outside OpenID... so bad implementation

so NetIDme provide a OpenID = good

NetIDme does not allow you to use an existing OpenID = bad

it really would be as simple as keeping a database of all the verified OpenID's so that if someone said is openid "john.appleseed.name" or "fred@yahoo.com" over 18 NetIDme could say yes...

its that simple manage the NetIDme profile and link it to the OpenID of choice i.e. Yahoo account (that are OpenID's) etc

(and if they dont have a OpenID then provide them with one which is what NetIDme’s already doing)

far more powerful and might get used


John Jones

Pay-by-phone commerce coming closer

john Jones

Bluetooth Please it makes things simply and costs less !!

simply make bluetooth the underlying protocol please

a simple java app to take care of the crypto and selecting the payment terminal...

people at MIT have android unlocking cars and paying for things via bluetooth and there are plenty of phones with bluetooth on it now...

simple for the operators to deploy as well !

why dont people get this it will mean less problems in role out as new phones have the app pre loaded and old phones can be loaded if they want providing a larger user base rather than having to fit new ones...

I am sure the contractors and other supplier companies would prefer new "secure" RFID but really its less and more expensive...


John Jones

World's most gullible supermarket chain falls victim to online scam

john Jones
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DKIM for identity anyone ?

well they should maybe invest in DKIM for their email server maybe ?

and tell their suppliers to do the same...

its what paypal use to prevent fraud

rather nice and prevents things like this

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs

john Jones

leopard login has problems... there is a update !

the login app has problems and apple have issued a update

they have also changed the software update look and feel as well as allowing download and not install...

grand thank you apple

Hotmail is dead! Long live Hotmail!

john Jones

offline OUTLOOK suport when ???

when oh when are they going to do offline outlook support

one of the reasons people are STILL using outlook express