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Tesla Megapack battery ignites at substation after less than 6 months

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Re: Look to Dinorwig

Which is why here in Yurp we are putting most of the new wind turbines out at sea, sometimes way out at sea where winds are more reliable. Here in Scotland we have quite a few pumped storage installations now. Some built in from the start such as the Hole in the Mountain at the north end of Loch Awe, some retrofitted.

Whether a hydro station is pumped storage or not does not affect it’s spin up time.

Can reflections in eyeglasses actually leak info from Zoom calls? Here's a study into it

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Re: IgNobel 2023

I have been told repeatedly I look better in glasses. They make me look educated which I am.

Actual real-life hoverbike makes US debut at Detroit Auto Show

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Re: Well, I’m impressed… not

I am 90kg in my shoes. So 10kg max for my work bag it’s a go for me.

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Re: Well, I’m impressed… not

Yes, just realised I don’t need no cycle path. The burn leads right to my work. I get to the burn I get to work. Might have to duck under or lift over the road bridges but hey a minor detail.

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Maybe you get four showers of water up from each rotor? Why cycles have mudguards.

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I can get to work very largely on cycle paths. Wtih some brief road crossings. Polis here in Scotland turn a blind eye to electric scooters despite them being illegal. I need to win the lottery so I can ride one to work. Which is a secondary school. The street cred I could earn . . .

Testing of Starlink internet under way in Antarctica

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Re: Deep down, everyone knows what will happen...

Or Antarctica only a leopard seal rising to catch a penguin.

Chinese boffins suggest launching nuclear Neptune orbiter in 2030

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Hmm, by the time this gets there I will, if still alive be 74. Here’s to making it, should be interesting. Don’t delay too long please guys.

Rare hexagonal diamond formed by crash of dwarf planet and asteroid, scientists believe

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If the diamond is only a micron wide then it can be contained in the slice.

Yours a former electron microscopist who used a diamond bladed slicer to cut very thin slices of mouse embryo limbs to study the muscle development.

Compound that 'remembers' phase transitions could have uses in computer memory

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Re: This is the kind of science I love!

The solution is to brew your own. I have in my glass a porter which tastes distinctly of coffee but which does not contain coffee. I have in my beer fridge a barrel of live Pilsner which has never been warm since it was made. Dropped to 4C for serving I had it earlier. Extremely crisp, clean but tasty Pilsener.

Next weekend I will brew my oatmeal stout which will taste of marmalade on toast. The result of taking a stout recipe adding oats and trying out an interesting hop.

Just remember you MUST boil all the water you will use open for at least 15min the night before you brew. This removes chlorine which reacts with hops to give a TCP/medicinal taste which is redolent of much home brew. Not mine because I never deviate from this.

I have reminders set on my phone so I do not fail to boil the brewing water.

Ultra tasty live Real Ale at a fraction of the cost of buying it.

UK's NHS goes to market for $2b HR and payroll system

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Re: Why the dollar amount?

Except there is no such thing as the UK NHS. We have and have always had a separate one up here in Scotland. It differs considerably from the English one. For a start there is no Internal Market up here. Trusts cooperate and share best practice developments instead of competing. There is no privatisation up here either. The incoming SNP govt in 2007 rolled back the limited amount which had happened.

Parking is free in our hospitals as well. Everywhere after the last private holdouts such as NCP here in Dundee were bought out. The barriers are up, the pay machines have “not in service” notices on them. You are not issued with a ticket on entry. There is nothing else there.

Rocket Lab to search for signs of life in the clouds of Venus

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New Zealand rocketry going where it has never gone before.

We seem to have regressed to the 19thC when science was done by rich gentlemen with means such as Charles Darwin for eg. The voyage fo the Beagle was a bit like sending a probe to Venus in terms of ambition.

Our software is perfect. If something has gone wrong, it must be YOUR fault

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Re: UX Designer?

I used to have a running log in File Maker it would take an elapsed time and do maths on it calculating pace for eg.

Then system upgrades killed our copy of FM so I tried the DB section of Libre Office which if you put an elapsed time in treats as a time of day, you cannot do maths on it. So I stopped banging my head against did and I do what I tell people not to do. I use the spreadsheet as a DB. There it will treat a time as able to have maths done on it. Go figure.

'I wonder what this cable does': How to tell thicknet from a thickhead

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You used to be able to buy a backpack which fitted an original mac plus. With space for keyboard and mouse. It was rather blocky. I used to have a pack for my motorbike like that. Pillow fitting which slid over the luggage upright. Rudimentary straps. On long trips I would turn it around to sit on the back seat meaning I had a back support.

Hive to pull the plug on smart home gadgets by 2025

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Re: Thanks for the money but your stuffed.

Reminds me of the world of proper running shoes. Not the posing things you buy in the fitness sheds, the stuff you run 10ks to marathons in. Every season a new colour variant comes out.

Me? When I need a new pair I buy last year’s model, have to hunt a bit for my size in stock but much cheaper. Just don’t go too old, the midsoles go brittle after a while.

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did

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Re: You know you're old when...

Kidneys are very efficient purifiers I will have you know.

Yours a Physiology PhD

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Now 100,000kg smaller

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Re: hype

Biologists are on the case. Several varieties of bacteria many tamed and crippled have been developed who will break down particular sorts of plastics. You do that in a controlled space rather than spray them on a garbage patch.

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Re: Units, Please

Units smunits.

I spend much of my life doing dilution calculations where one volume is not known. You go those using ratios. The units cancel out, ratios are dimensionless. This is useful if you have 2L of stock solution but you want to know how much to put into a 20micolitre reaction. You don’t have to deal with powers of 10 if you use ratios.

I get me a new student once the summer ends. The first thing, after this is where everything is that I will teach him is ratios.

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Re: collective stupidity

I sentence you to go watch a Hans Rosling talk on the Tube. With the exception of Africa which has room, the world is now reproducing at slightly below the reproduction rate. This includes all of Asia. Population is still growing due to longevity increasing. Also people who would have died of disease are no longer doing so. Death rates (pre Covid) are falling.

It means we will likely peak at about 9 Billions then decline to somewhere between 7 and 5 Billions. Japan and Italy offer us lessons on managing decline. The UK used to manage it with immigration. Who will wipe the arses of the elderly in care homes is not known. Crops rot in the fields for lack of people to pick them. Hence at peak asparagus season British asparagus could not be found in supermarkets. Portuguese spears instead.

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We shall see, it was coated with a new formulation which should last longer. Though last I was across the Forth a large part of the Forth Bridge was shrouded likely for metal coating duties.

MIT, Autodesk develop AI that can figure out confusing Lego instructions

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Re: If you can't build IKEA furniture...

Yuk, it has been some time since I last sampled the beverage described as instant coffee. Every morning I come downstairs, dispose of the previous day’s grounds while the water heats, assemble the aeropress, then grind the beans of the day fresh.

I drink it black without sugar. I would have to have a sugar for instant, that stuff is bitter.

Chinese booster rocket tumbles back to Earth: 'Non-zero' chance of hitting populated area

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Re: What, no nukes?

I was at secondary school in Auckland NZ when skylab came down. At breaks the prefects were poncing about in silly helmets pointing toilet paper tube Binoculars at the sky. The chances of hitting the Auckland isthmus were vanishingly small but in orbital terms it came damn close.

Smart thermostat swarms are straining the US grid

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No choice

I start work at 08:15 meaning I rise at 06:00 so my heating comes on just before in the colder months. I do set my water heating for the early hours and early afternoon to ease the burden mind. I have an air source heat pump system. Installed last August so feeling a little smug though my elderly ailing back boiler badly needed to go.

My gas hob is gone for induction (which I love and must be lower energy) and so I lose my gas meter next week so I won’t have to pay the standing charge. I have no use for gas, apart from the sodastream bottle with a regulator I use when bottling etc my brews.

I currently have 3gallons of a pilsner fermenting in my beer fridge at 11C. Achieved with an Inkbird smart. I plug the fridge into it, a heating pad under the brew bucket and the temperature sensor goes in the beer. There’s an app to set it up and monitor. I can brew cooling beers in the heat. I might do a lager next but the fridge will be occupied for a while, after fermenting I will cold crash it slowly. Then back up to 11C for conditioning in Barrel and for bottles. This beer will NEVER be warm.

US EV drivers won't be able to choose vehicle safety alert sounds

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Once the vast majority of vehicles are EV’s we could ditch this as tyre noise would be enough. I’m sighted but a runner. I recognise bike tyre noises very quickly so I can move over. usually before the rider has rung their bell (folk around here are good like that).

I don’t listen to music when walking or running partly for this reason, I use my ears a lot. Hearing the declining notes of a car coming from behind as I approach a side road causes me to look and see their indicator for eg.

UK signs deal to share police biometric database with US border guards

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Thank you, Yes. We voted 67% to Remain. Every SINGLE council area voted to Remain. Edinburgh voted over 70% to Remain. It also voted heavily No in the indyref. Those two positions are no longer compatible since we are out of the EU.

It’s a matter of priorities of course but also how we campaign. I’m sure Yes will be Europhilic. Though for various reasons including speed of entry we should join EFTA first. Also best to let the EU woo us instead of going cap in hand the day after Independence Day. We would be in customs union and single market.

The Scottish border has few crossing points so is easy to control. Modern tech can and ANPR can be used to make it easy for folk in Coldstream for eg.

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To adopt the Euro you must

1. Have an independent currency (Sterling doesn’t count)

2. Put that currency in ERM II and have it be stable for at least 2 years.

3. If you think a new currency (which we must have to join the EU) would be stable in a very short time you are more optimistic than I am.

4. There is no compulsion to put your currency in ERM II. Denmark has committed to join the Euro but has not put It’s currency in ERM II and is not being made to. IScotland can do the same.

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We have the best performing NHS in these islands, by a long way. I just had an MRI, less than two weeks for the 1st appointment. Equipment malfunction, rebooked for just 3 days later. Excellent efficient and friendly staff.

We can easily afford to run an election campaign. Which is what a plebiscite election would entail so not even a stand alone referendum. You have misunderstood.

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“n practical terms, it's very difficult to have a country in which different regions have diametrically opposed legal frameworks”

You have just described Scotland and England. Very much so post Devolution. But then that one is under current legal scrutiny as we, finally, seek a means to leave this septic union.

I think it will come down to a plebiscite election. But first we have to demonstrate to the watching world that WM is utterly intransigent wrt another indyref.

It’s win-win, we get a S30 referendum we win. We have to go to a plebiscite with that fact as an extra goad we also win.

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Gee how come the Canucks don’t have figures anything like south of the border? They have gun control despite sharing a border with the Domestic War States.

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Re: Pass the parcel

No such thing as UK police. Here in Scotland the rules are different. Just arrested they must destroy.

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15

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Re: Have you ever?

On an older computer than this one I tried to update Google Earth. It was unusable on that machine so I reverted it. Except every time I opened it it was back. The update file was set to auto install. Had to remove it from the download file and the cache and everything. A Trojan you say?

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A NZ local ‘sleb presented at A&E with an item inserted into an orifice of his. Several medics around the country had to be disciplined for using their access privileges to view the pictures. Not your patient that is a no-no. They just couldn’t resist.

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Re: Written reports on pron.

In the lab on my personal computer in a shared office. I with genuine academic curiosity and need search for ‘Muscle Anatomy’. I click on one link which looked promising and my screen filled with rapidly duplicating windows (remember those?) all showing p0rn. I hastily hit the kill switch. Then restarted cautiously managing not to reinvoke when the browser was restarted. I killed the history going deep into the Library files to kill certain log files.

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You got an uptick for at least spelling whisky in the Scottish context correctly.

Soviet-era tech could change the geothermal industry

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Re: How deep?

The oil found West of Shetland is below the oceanic crust. The oil and gas you sae doesn’t always stay put. It was a hunch by an engineer who took some time to get enough investors to go drill.

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Re: Could this be the energy source that 'solves' energy for humanity??

I have one of those, it’s called a heat pump. I have no use for gas now. Swapped the gas hob for induction. Much more powerful as well as more energy efficient. Just waiting for BG to come remove the meter then no more standing charge either. Booked for later this month.

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Re: Could this be the energy source that 'solves' energy for humanity??

As you approach Taupo in the centre of NZ’s north island you see signs on State Highway 1 of steam obscuring the road. NZ’s geothermal energy plant is just West of the road. It’s rather volcanic around there.

There will be lots of hot rocks at shallow depths ALL over NZ.

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Re: Is 500°C (932°F) hot enough?

You forgot about Taupo though. That big round lake in the middle of NZ’s North Island, just north of the three volcanic mountains? It’s the biggest volcano in NZ. It’s a still active caldera. It built the Central North Island volcanic plateau they had to build a genuine railway spiral to ascend.

It’s possible the Ancient Greeks heard it go off.

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Re: Is 500°C (932°F) hot enough?

Forget FDH what about sharks with frigging hot gyrotrons on their heads?

Yodel becomes the latest victim of a cyber 'incident'

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Re: Yodel at the bottom of the list?

Our Evri (they have been renamed) deliveries are excellent. Parcel Force aren’t bad either. Today’s PF parcel was in my paper recycling bin as indicated on the note through the door. Evri do that too. Advantage of Co’s keeping the same people on the routes so they know the houses.

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Re: So, Yodel are immune to cyber attacks?

Back in the Noughties the lab had a communal Mac which ran rather slowly. I had cause to put my Zip disc in it. When I put it back in my Mac tower (I installed the Zip drive personally) I got a notice that it had acquired a virus. The first time that precaution had ever found something. I put an antivirus program on a CD and scanned the offending machine. It was absolutely riddled with nvir.

It had no effect other than slowing the machine. Disinfecting it sped it up considerably.

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Re: One of the better ones

Then you should have chosen a delivery site you frequent more often so you can retrieve your parcel while shopping etc. Our local Coop has both an Amazon locker stack at the back and takes parcel deliveries from some firms too. My next pair of shoes should turn up there.

Paypal has acknowledged the transaction but the site has not. Last pair my size . . .

A miserable work week spent toiling inside 'the metaverse'

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Re: Eye strain

As a Biologist I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking down microscopes of various sorts in windowless rooms. One should not peer down a scope, you should relax your eyes, look into the distance and hold that relaxation then look down the scope.

After a while you can learn to relax your lenses at will. As a wearer of spectacles I would leave them on and set the diopter adjustment on the eyepieces to zero. They all have rubber edges now so no risk of scratching your glasses.

A potentially useful skill to develop if you are ever unfortunate enough to have to spend your work day in the metaverse.

Labs do not work if you are at home and I wouldn’t trust a robot with glassware in mine. They are useful, if constrained. I used one which read barcodes, the head moved x,y,z it removed samples from 1.5ml tubes then gridded them onto multiwell plates. It could then add reactant if you wanted. Had a macro programming interface for building your own routines.

Airbus flies new passenger airplane aimed at 'long, thin' routes

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Re: Low bar?

It wasn’t upside down in the field having driven the heads of both crew into the ground. So that was a good landing on a soft field.

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Re: Must do better ...

Indeed, last time through Dubai heading to Auckland the security bod wouldn’t let the bottle of water bought in that very airport in. But would let me neck it. Maybe it was a special explosive which required passing through kidneys to activate it?

Password recovery from beyond the grave

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Re: Talking of the DR plan in the safe ...

So long as the house isn’t sold in the meantime . . .

Leave that sentient AI alone a mo and fix those racist chatbots first

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Re: Customer avoidance

I was on Ocado’s site the other day seeing if they operate here yet, no. I clicked on the home symbol top left and got a file not found error. On the home page . . .

I eventually found the ‘Do we deliver where you are’ link. I think you’re supposed to register, fill your basket then find they don’t deliver.

Apple’s M2 chip isn’t a slam dunk, but it does point to the future

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Re: Interesting metric

In my experience not all the sockets on trains work. So if your booked seat is next to a nonfunctional socket and the carriage is full your battery matters.

Taser maker offers electric-shock drones to stop school shootings

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Re: the problem is violent people, not items

Um the epidemic of knife violence in London has passed you buy I suppose?

We used to have that here in Scotland, part bad tradition but also post Dunblane. It got solved by big investment and three agencies working closely together. Oh and the worst most violent people were put in the gaol. When they got out everything was different.

London knows all this but has not implemented the Scottish solution because it would cost money and/or the necessary agencies won’t work together. Social Work doesn’t trust the Met for eg.

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Re: And the problem continues to be

Acid you say? Well up in the science dept we have a big sealed bucket of NaOH. I have glass bottles of glacial acid, thrown to smash by and attacker and they are toast.


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