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Apple's M1 MacBook screens are stunning – stunningly fragile and defective, that is, lawsuits allege

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Re: My drosophila

As with humans and the bendy fruit Drosophila do share sequences with bananas but being fruit flies they’re more likely to be found in association with softening bananas or other fruit.

Electron-to-joule conversion formulae? Cute. Welcome to the school of hard knocks

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Re: Ask the dog - it has an 80% success rate

Yup once you transliterate Restaurant into Cyrillic you get the Russian. Lots of Russian words are like that, there’s heap of Latinate/German loanwords in Russian. Crack the Cyrillic and they leap out at you.

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Re: Ask the dog - it has an 80% success rate

That’s because when we look for things we look for an image in our heads of the thing. Say you want the cheese grater (A common one here), attentional blindness means you cannot perceive it. Maybe it’s lying down or seen side on.

Speaking the need forces the brain to engage more images of the object, solving the attentional fixation on one. I solve it by thinking about what it looks like. Which is why last night I briefly entertained the lid of a jar being the large slotted spoon. Both are black you see, I was looking for black things. I found the spoon shortly afterwards, it was behind me.

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Re: "a multitude of fresh qualifications counted for naught"

You have to add in employees allowed to use their judgement instead of just robotically following scripts on their computers. This one bedevils a lot of things in the modern world.

Is it OK to use stolen data? What if it's scientific research in the public interest?

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Sometimes you have to take natural experiments and do the best you can with a problematic data set because you ain’t getting another one any time soon.

Ask the astronomers about that one, would they like everything, safely, in the neighbourhood and unobscured by dust clouds, occluded by other objects, not subject to major difficult to analyse redshift and they know absolutely everything which lies between us and the source (hydrogen clouds etc). But they don’t get that stuff most of the time so they make do with difficult to discern and measure data with large error bars. Because otherwise you don’t do anything.

I did my PhD on a natural mouse mutant, turned up when a line was inbred. I had both the mutants and the line they came from as controls. You don’t get better than that in Biology. But when I explained it to a Physicist he had collywobbles over the degrees of freedom and couldn’t grok how I could work or do science with it.

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Re: when is collected data stolen?

Robbie Burns did the same thing in Scotland in the 18thC. He preserved and published songs which would have been lost had he not. The debt Scottish culture owes him for that alone is huge.

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Indeed, what we know about how the human body reacts to immersion in cold water is from Nazi experiments on non consenting subjects. But there was no other way to understand this and we need to understand it.

The Ashley Madison data is essentially a found experiment like a supernova of a new sort. Done carefully with anonymisation and no discussion of individuals only aggregated data yes you can.

Getting folks to divulge honestly what they will on dating sites for a research project is difficult. So when one drops in your lap you’re a bit mad not to.

The unit of measure for fatbergs is not hippopotami, even if the operator of an Australian sewer says so

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Re: Gifting

I hope you are aware that hippos are responsible for more deaths of people in Africa than pretty much any other bit of the wildlife. They upset small boats, they walk out of the river in the evenings to defecate under the trees (maybe they should be Hippoursomuses instead) and they are bad tempered if they encounter humans then.

So be doubly careful walking under the trees in the African evening. Both because you might step in something unpleasant and because you might get trampled and bitten.

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Re: Skateboarding Rhinoceri?????

Australian being a common or garden word like the country is made plural by the addition of an s.

Yours a Kiwi (plural Kiwi).

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Re: That's nothing!

I once pulled our old UK washing machine, fully laden with clothes and water from under the kitchen bench on account of the top of the machine being on fire. It was a herculean effort. I took the top off, turned it over and foot long flames erupted. I put it in the sink, ran the tap then threw it outside and piled snow on it.

Insulation on two wires had burned off and they had shorted melting the plastic connecting block they went into, this heat then ignited the woodchip underside of the top. I was concerned about the same thing happening to the benchtop.

Yes I had turned off the power and pulled the plug but still the smoke billowed. A close run thing that was.

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Empty or part emptied or full tinnies?

Such will not darken my door. My most excellent homebrew is pressure barrelled with some bottled. I have been known the bottle the dregs of a barrel as well in preference to wasting yet another CO2 canister.

I understand from perusing the wares of homebrew supply emporia that home canning devices are available but barrels and bottles have served to contain the amber nectar since it's inception so they will do me. Besides my beer is live, canned conditioned beer is not a thing. Live beer is on a different planet to the pasteurised, artificially carbonated mass produced stuff on sale.

My barrel may be plastic rather than wooden but it is still recognisable as a beer barrel, it has a tap in it for a start.

I still remember the tour at Pilsener Urquell in Plzen, Czech Republic. You turn a corner in the old laagering tunnels in the chalk and there is a large barrel on its side with a tap in it and plastic cups. It is cool, naturally foaming and the very nectar.

I made a clone of Harvieston's Schihallion Scottish Pilsner earlier in the summer and it christened my new beer fridge. Live, cold Pilsener naturally foaming. Note to self, leave out the wheat malt next time, the head needs no encouragement.

US watchdog opens probe into Tesla's Autopilot driver assist system after spate of crashes

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Re: About time too

That sounds awful. Here in the UK and especially here in Scotland where the roads can be genuinely icy they have been laying down special tarmac, it's golden brown for a start but it's a bit like sandpaper too, extra grippy.

You find it on corners or those places where braking is expected such as the approach to corners or roundabouts or other intersections. They also show up in contrast to the black tarmac and act as an indicator of 'slow down a bit here'. They don't use it unless it's necessary.

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Re: A solution looking for a problem

It's a nice idea but shame about the processing power. For eg did you know the cameras on those things only use grayscale since they are not fast enough to process full colour in real time? That kind of helps explain the driving into a white truck across the highway scenario.

My attitude is when it can process images at least as well as a hooman can then call me. I can see the advantages of a HUD lidar system when it's pissing down at night or worse a blizzard (I live in Dundee). Something which can see through that, is not distracted by large fluffy lumps appearing out of the headlight range to hurtle towards the windscreen would be useful.

It would certainly increase the speed of safe driving under those conditions. My wife was picking the eldest up from Lock Tay for Xmas and it was dark and v snowy, a real hell drive along narrow, twisting highland roads. Parts beside Loch Earn for eg are very twisty.

When everyone else is on vacation, it's time to whip out the tiny screwdrivers

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I am typing this on an even older beast, a mid 2010 Macbook Pro. One with the mysterious motherboard requiring the excellent gfxcardstatus app to stop intermittent and regular BSD’s. Apple gave up trying to fix them. Its had new motherboards the lot under warranty.

When I inherited it from the youngest spawn I gave it a new battery and a new drive. So I know that process, instructions as a .pdf on my phone.

That battery is now on its last legs and the need for a new one looms. Being here in Brexit Blighty I expect the necessary part can no longer be had here, requiring a nightmare process of getting it from Germany with eye watering shipping costs, customs problems etc.

Fix five days of server failure with this one weird trick

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Re: The "inspector"

I have spent this afternoon in the school prep lab testing Physics’ class set of soldering irons, 3 sorts: ordinary plug into socket, plug into power supply with helpful two indicator lights or comes plugged into a dumb brick and you have the slide a plastic slide over the button to keep the thing on.

They got colour coded: Red: can’t even melt lead free solder, Blue: can sufficiently melt lead free solder but not proper solder. Green: can sufficiently melt proper solder AND of course lead free.

So I had a mix of irons heating and irons cooling down. I was not burned once because I was careful. The rubber feet of the useful power bricks were perishing though so my bench and my hands got covered in sticky black gunk. I levered all the damn things off and chucked ‘em.

Icon mine is the lab coat and that is me taking it off at the end of my day. I took a bus into town, did some shopping and still got home before 17:00.

Good news: Japanese boffins 3D print what looks like marbled Wagyu beef. Bad news: It's tiny and inedible

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Science Ahoy

I am a muscle development specialist. Muscle is not just muscle fibres and fat. It also includes connective tissue which gets made by fibroblasts. Though if you grow muscle cells and fibroblasts in culture the fibroblasts outgrow the muscle cells by miles.

We have not solved this problem which is why there is no connective tissue in this ‘meat’. We’ll ignore the lack of never fibres or that the muscle is unexercised to an extreme degree. While not being massaged Wagyu beef cattle can wonder or run around their fields. This also helps give muscle its taste and texture.

Oh yeah one more thing is missing, blood vessels. You cannot actually grow muscle thick enough for a steak in culture without providing a blood supply.

The money imperative is causing these people to try and pretend they can run when they can barely toddle if that. It is half bluster and the rest is hype.

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Re: "there's the edibility problem to overcome"

The fries are very largely just skin, there is almost no filling to speak of. Which is why they are not very filling. When you take a potato stick that thin that is what you end up with. It’s not far off those potato sticks you get which are like crisps. The fast food frie is pretty much just a hot crisp receptacle for sauces.

They are the stick thin bony supermodels of the chip world. Mine’s the one with the buffalo chips in the pocket. That’s what I make at home, air fried in my Ninja Foodi. BTW it may sound like a fan oven but in performance treat it like it’s a convection oven. I had to do my Pieminister GF Ranger pie for a few minutes more for sizzling perfection this evening. It was up to their usual excellent standards.

I understand other pies are available but when it comes to the GF variety Pieminister rule.

The Register recreates Apollo 15 through the medium of plastic bricks, 50 years on

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In its defence Starliner flies beautifully. It’s the landing bit which has been the problem but then it is really meant to land on Moon or Mars gravity which is much more and slightly more forgiving respectively.

US boffins: We're close to fusion ignition in the lab – as seen in stars and thermonuclear weapons

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Re: I guessing ...

I’m 56, it has been 50 years away for my entire lifetime. With Tokamaks like ITER there’s a big problem with the material used to line the fusion chamber. It gets hammered by neutrons which means it begins to break down. So, periodically you have to shut down your tokamak to reline it. What you do with the reasonably radioactive old lining material is another question again.

Meanwhile a tokamak needs a fusion reactor handy to keep firing it up.

Compared to Thorium reactors which the Indians are developing which don’t produce weapons grade material (no plutonium) and are very unlikely to meltdown (3 Mile Island) or explode (Windscale, Chernobyl) fusion looks like a dead duck.

Tired: What3Words. Wired: A clone location-tracking service based on FOUR words – and they are all extremely rude

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Re: Most annoying advert EVER

It can get worse as my youngest’s husband found out. You see the youngest is cross lateral, has no innate sense of left and right. Sample of a conversation from an attempt to navigate somewhere with my daughter navigating: Not that left, the other one.

When you don’t have Left and Right you end up with Left and the Other Left.

She’s in Bioinformatics with a PhD to boot. Just don’t ask her for directions.

Starliner takes off ... back to the factory and not space

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Re: Tough cookies

Going up doesn’t seem to be a problem for Starship, it’s when it tries to land that unscheduled extreme disassembly occurs.

Russia: Forget about the Nauka incident. Who punched the hole in the Soyuz, hmm?

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That the hole diameter is a round number in imperial measurements but not in metric does tend to finger the US. Unless of course the Russians used a US/UK drill bit as a double bluff . . .

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Re: Space woodpeckers…

The termites make a sieve like network of small holes. Their presence has probably not reached criticality yet. So the woodpecker theory is the most likely one.

Except it might have been the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bless her holy horn). Other arriviste atheist pseudo deities will not be mentioned.

Her holy horn might have made the hole. Prove me wrong.

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In normal times that would indeed be a problem but in response to the costs of Covid EVERYBODY (bar Argentina) has been printing money hand over fist. So everybody’s currency is floating on a sea of liquidity. When everyone does it it’s fine (unless you’re Argentins which had to sell its final family silver to the IMF for a bailout after it’s disastrous experiment with dollarisation which is still not over).

So all the QE is cool, until enough people stop doing it so straining the currency exchange rates. Then everyone will turn the taps off to the same degree at once. See above.

Before I agree to let your app track me everywhere, I want something 'special' in return (winks)…

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Re: Why Bluetooth

Some of us they watch more closely of course. Left wing grouping associated enemy of the state? Sorry Scottish Independence campaigner. Judging by the cuddly non threatening better world types the spooks have files on it seems reasonable to expect they have one on me.

Playing who is the informer to Special Branch at meetings is always a way to pass the time if things get boring. Why yes, I do tend to turn my phone offski before meetings. Why do you ask?

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Re: Even tyre pressure sites are at it.

No of course not, it was a metallic type plate and it was silver. Yellow, I ask you . . .

Lawn care SWAT team subdues trigger-happy Texan... and other stories

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Re: Bloody hell, nobody told me the police would cut my lawn!

Yup, here in Dundee Scotland the council plants copious numbers of bulbs for spring colour. Crocuses are first followed by tens of thousands of daffs turning the verges orange or occasionally white. Certainly brightens one’s commute.

It does mean the verge around the bulbs is not cut for a couple of months but c’est la vie. It is worth it.

Chocolate beer barred from sale after child mistakes it for chocolate milk

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3 gallons of delight

No chocolate to be had, the original had the last of some chocolate malt in it but I dispensed for this version. 3G of oatmeal stout brewed by yours truly. Just polished off a glass. A generous dollop of mandarina bavaria hops combined with roasted malt and oats (malt & flaked) gives marmalade on toast.

I’m going to add this one to my repertoire, version 2 hits the money.

Scientists reckon eliminating COVID-19 will be easier than polio, harder than smallpox – just buckle in for a wait

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Re: Wishful Thinking is an Almighty Vulnerability for Pirating and Pioneering.

40% of the known cold viruses are coronaviruses whose trajectory to being just cold viruses would have looked a lot like Covid except in smaller less mobile populations but remembering that cold viruses killed a lot of the Tierra del Fuegans when they met the West.

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Nope that was swine flu, we dodged a bullet with swine flu due to a massive effort to kill the pigs, to make a good vaccine (they did) and to get it to people who needed it, they did.

The effort was so successful you still get idiots saying swine flu was nothing. I had it, it literally knocked me flat didn’t have enough energy to sit in a chair. I’m a hyper fit lifelong distance runner who bounces off the walls with pent up energy if I don’t or can’t run often enough.

Without a trace: Baroness Dido Harding to step down as chair of NHS Improvement

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Note one of those other countries was Scotland. Scotgov opted for the Android & Apple versions straight away. Spent a fraction of what WM did on it even allowing we are only 8% of the population of the UK. So we saved a packet on the Barnett consequencials.

Boots on Moon in 2024? NASA OIG says you better moonwalk away from that date, because suits ain't ready

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Re: That will show them!

Not to mention if they had faked it the USSR would have crowed about it. The French too most like.

Note this is a separate issue to Uncle Vlad getting his spooks to encourage various conspiracy theories in the West including, um, that the moon landings were faked.

Northern Train's ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers

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Re: A quick fix

Trains from Glasgow towards Dundee often split at Perth with two carriages proceeding north towards Inverness. They do warn you well in advance though.

Your Computer Is On Fire, but it will take much more than this book to put it out

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Re: THE continuing "Big Lie"

Exactly, until April this year I was on Universal Credit (spit!) so I had no choice about Missing Out. After a while this actually becomes quite liberating. I’m typing this on a mid2010 powerbook handed up from my Bioinformatician daughter. It requires the excellent gfxCardStatus to run without bluescreening but with it still runs just fine.

I did buy a new phone a Moto G8 so nothing elaborate, on special at Argos. But only because the battery on my old one's (old Moto E) battery was fucked and I have my bus tickets on it (cheaper). It was an economic necessity.

This beast is beginning to creak, software breaking type stuff, thinking about one last OS upgrade and saving my salary for a replacement at some time. Might look at reconditioned machines. I stopped being too proud in my time on US as well.

BTW the meat in Aldi is fantastic, cheap but good. Try the steaks, I recommend them. If you’re on a budget their single origin coffee beans are pretty damn good. Two bright spots of being on a tight budget. I had fresh ground coffee each morning and an occasional steak lovingly and carefully cooked absolutely properly.

Breaking Bad or just a bad breakpoint? That feeling when your predecessor is BASIC

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According to Carlsberg on twatter it’s beer day, so what more do you need?

Ordnance Survey to take a poke at Pokémon-style gaming with outdoorsy AR adventure

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Re: Want to get people outdoors exploring more...

The mountain rescue people here in Scotland do NOT like folk who rely on their devices for navigation. It isn’t just having/not having a signal. Cold reduces battery power, so your device may simply switch off. They have had to rescue countless people without paper maps.

By all means take your device but take a paper map and an actual compass as well.

Oh and your device may not be much help when the whiteout comes down.

Exoskeleton startup wants to slap robot arms on schoolkids

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Re: A Programming Competition

As a fairly new School science tech I can confirm that they will do lots of stuff you do not expect. I took apart a keyboard for music and found a pencil had been inserted underneath the keys.

I was in one classroom today and a number of the tables rocked significantly due to one foot being unscrewed a lot. I checked the other classrooms and nothing. One bored teenage boy probably, with his foot to avoid being detected.

That AI scanning your X-ray for signs of COVID-19 may just be looking at your age

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Always look under the hood

If your AI’s method are not transparent, you cannot look under the hood, then what you have may well be a shortcut lemon. In real world parlance, it might run but it might have a blown gasket, a shot muffler, a clutch that is just hanging on and a leak in the fuel tank.

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Re: Those weapons sound familiar.

Except land mines are indiscriminate. They are only non lethal to the side which lays them if they remember where they are accurately. Also they sit there killing and maiming civilians for decades. Drones cannot, yet, stay up for decades rendering areas no go.

Thanks, boss. The accidental creation of a lights-out data centre – what a fun surprise

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I have a real one

At work I have a big red button I can push. I’m a school science tech and to get gas to the taps and use a bunsen I insert a key into a box of electronics by the door and turn it. A couple of minutes later gas begins to flow (after pressure testing the system).

It also has a big red button which instantly cuts off gas supply.

I’m new to the job, the gas pipe in the fume hood was missing. After looking at one in a hood in a classroom I spotted it doing service as a spout on a water tap. I juggled things around and had it back where it belonged with a different proper water spout on that tap.

The tap needs a spout on it so I can put the inlet hose of the water still on it. Fiendishly clever design these water stills, there is no way to distill anything other than water in them. Same source does cooling water first which then tops up the boil but right by the outlet pipe . . .

Door-opening insect mega-swarm emerges in Eastern US, descends on Washington DC

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Ursine omitance

Bears can also open doors, those in the US have learned at least to open car doors. So I think that counts. Lock your doors in bear country.

Today I shall explain how dual monitors work using the medium of interpretive dance

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Re: Laptop + Monitor = two computers?

Was discussing vaccine resistant with the youngest (also PhD) she says there are folks who won’t have the Covid vax because it’s made by Biotech companies. They see ‘Tech’ and imagine being injected with microchips (hell damn whoever came up with that meme).

Never mind how to power these microchips or get a signal out through meat and skin sans an aerial. In their worlds they don’t have to explain that stuff, or even be aware of the problems in their little schemes working in any way.

If they knew what those with pacemakers have to go through to connect them and then get that info to their cardiologists. Hint: a mobile is absolutely necessary. I think we should start putting aerials back on mobiles. Folding them around the top inside of the case is too subtle.

Noting that with a strategically placed hole punch you can take out the aerial in your smartcard so it won’t swipe.

How many remote controls do you really need? Answer: about a bowl-ful

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Hoots mon

For Scottish political reasons (not wishing to pay to be lied to) I have not had a TV for over 2 years now. Ever since I packed up the one I bought the Mrs so should could game properly into the car and waved her off (relief for both of us).

I don’t miss it. I know have a Netflix subscription but hardly have time to watch it. Real life is more interesting.

I might get a TV post Independence but one reason I don’t miss it is even with all you can eat cable TV I would be unable to find anything to watch I hadn’t seen too many times before (cursed with an excellent memory). This memory gives me pause.

Besides the TV cabinet now hosts fish tanks instead. Nowhere to put a telly.

Apple sued in nightmare case involving teen wrongly accused of shoplifting, driver's permit used by impostor, and unreliable facial-rec tech

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Re: Justice

Someone repeatedly shoplifting high value items despite being repeatedly caught is prima facie evidence of an addicted person forced to do this to support his habit. I doubt such a person is going to be able to hold down a job and pay a fine. Not without lots of addiction support etc work first. Which he is very unlikely to get.

How much would you pay me to develop a COVID tracking app that actually works? Ah, thought so: nothing

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Re: Hello diabetes

I drink my tea black, with lemon juice. No sugar (yes lemon juice has some, but). I drink my coffee black no sugar too, but no lemon juice. Freshly ground, aeropress ATM.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? Detroit waits for my order, you'd better make amends

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I have recently started work as a school science technician, the prep lab contained an ice cube maker which I was told had not worked in the three years since the it ha been moved from the old to the new buildings. I switched it on and it grew cold inside, so the compressor was working, but no water flowed.

So I pulled out from under the bench and perused the point where the inlet hose came off the piping. There was a little tap lever, it was in the OFF position. I moved it to the ON position, replaced the unit under the bench then switched it on. Water flowed, soon ice cubes began to thunk down into the hopper.

Nobody had done the test I did and wondered why the water did not flow. The teachers were too busy, the guy who came in twice a week to do a full time job there was also too busy. I’m full time and very curious with a fixit mind.

Something like that is a puzzle in need of solving.

Some people are just not curious or take a fatalistic mindset or ‘it’s below my pay grade’. I have a PhD, it was not below mine.

Tesla Autopilot is a lot dumber than CEO Musk claims, says Cali DMV after speaking to the software's boss

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Re: Fully Automatic my arse!

And of course in many rural roads here in Scotland. I would love to know how it will manage getting from say Glasgow to some lochside high rank hotels I know about relying on the systems when the last 15 or so miles are along single track roads to with passing places.

Does the Tesla system know about passing place etiquette in Scotland? Can it measure the distance of itself from the nearest place vs that of the vehicle approaching?

Can it recognise an endangered Scottish Wildcat vs a crossover with a moggy? Will it’s sensors get clogged by clouds of midgies in August?

As a Kilted Kiwi I must add NZ roads too, wider with more shoulder width than in Scotland but running through a geologically younger landscape. There is a genuine railway spiral for eg. Some roads even now are gravelled. All the major routes are not, sadly, any more. I’m still not sure how road motorbike with top heavy pack on the back I negotiated the corner on the Haast Pass road with thick gravel on the left but not on the right which was heavily cambered. There were and still are large tourist buses on that road.

So what if I pay peanuts for my home broadband? I demand you fix it NOW!

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Re: hint: the same place it was yesterday,

I was on LinkedIn until recently. I got a new job, I tried to update my profile to reflect the fact, as you do. It utterly failed to accept either the silly modern job title I have or the sensible old style on everyone thinks of my role as.

The suggestions were not even close, not even in ballpark.

So I thought if you cannot let me be myself on your platform what is the fucking point? So I no longer have a LI profile and told them so and why on twitter. They don’t care.

Day after I was told I had this job guy via LI tried to recruit me. I’m perfect for that job too, utterly different, but it was in Wales and I don’t want to move and I cannot do it remotely though I’m not sure why not

I’ll be in this job until I retire now, that kind of role. Unless I go do the same thing back in NZ after a few years experience.

Intel laid me off for being too old, engineer claims in lawsuit

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Re: So he waited

So they can cover their asses if you fail or turn out to be mad or bad. In the interview for the job I have now they were not assessing me, they were working hard to persuade me to please, please take the job.

Nevertheless HR insisted on my references. One of my referees was sweating it, I told her not to, that I had it and they just wanted to know I wasn’t mad or bad.

Took an unconscionable time to actually start work, council HR depts in the pandemic there. Then I do two weeks work before the month ends to be told no money, they’ll pay it end of this month. I wish they’d told me that when I started. When you’re expecting money you spend more than when you are not. Bastards.

Good: Water vapor signal detected for first time on distant planet. Bad: Er, we'll let one of the boffins explain

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Re: Hmm ...

Nope, ideal coffee brewing temperatures are around 85C. When making my morning cuppa (fresh ground beans, Aeropress) the jug is first boiled then a modicum is poured into the coffee mug to warm it.

Only at that point are the beans ground (the Aeropress is set up whilst the water boils). It must then be tipped into the device with straggler grounds encouraged out with the brush then the funnel brushed down.

Only now can the only quite hot water be added to the grounds (sitting on the metal filter for maximum oil content, the metal futrther cooling the water).

2000C is rather more than that making for a harsh, astringent cup of coffee.


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