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Today I shall explain how dual monitors work using the medium of interpretive dance


Re:photos of screenshots

we get that all the time. Sometimes it makes sense, for example email on PC isn't working, or network connection is borked.

what is a shame is that the photos are taken with 20 mega pixel cameras, so the attachments that come through are huge.

Which is almost as bad as people who send a full screen grab (on dual high rez monitors) for a small error box in the middle of one screen.

Japan to send ‘transforming robot’ to the Moon in 2022


This is not the transforming robot i was hoping for


Are you ready to take a stand? Flexispot E7 motorised desk should handle whatever you dump on it – but it's not cheap


Re: Cable management

We had an office refurb not too long ago. Had a load of nice new desks put in, with monitor arms, PCs mounted under desks, built in cable trays for the made to measure power cables. Very nice.

It was later decided that for one office worker who has 'special workplace requirements' that their desk would be replaced with a standing desk. Being a desk, and nothing to do with computers, IT were not consulted.

The desks were switched over, and on the first test of raising it up, the desk promptly pulled the made to measure power cables out of their very carefully measured sockets.


US declares emergency after ransomware shuts oil pipeline that pumps 100 million gallons a day


Re: Presumably the fuckwits in charge ...

I know far too many places, where a statement such as..

"UNLESS we re-design The Internet from the ground up, from scratch!"

would be met with, "jolly good idea, get on with it"....

Google will make you use two-step verification to login


66 per cent of Americans admit to...

and what, 30% do it but don't admit to it, would be my guess

Apple, you've AirDrop'd the ball: Academics detail ways to leak contact info of nearby iThings for spear-phishing


defeating encryption

I've been doing some studying recently, and from more than one source I have seen references to a 'rubber hose attack' which can be effective in defeating encryption.

Makes me think of that xkcd, which in turn, makes me chuckle.

Smart doorbells on business premises make your property more attractive to burglars, warns researcher


Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

or, one that i used to see on my paper round.

i shoot every third salesman, and the second has just left

Watch this space: Apple offers free repairs for the self-bricking Apple Watch SE and Series 5 wearables


Re: 18 hours is Apple butt covering

I have regularly found my apple watch lasting into a third day.

Bill Gates on climate change: Planting trees is not the answer, emissions need to be zeroed out to avoid disaster


Re: Bitcoin

I've seen something a couple of times recently that was suggesting that the amount of energy being used to mine bitcoin has reach the same level as the energy being used by Switzerland.


LastPass to limit fans of free password manager to one device type only – computer or mobile – from next month


Re: KeePass

I was using KeePass for a while, and while it is quite good ( i still use it on a single device), i was getting frustrated by the manual synch i needed to do every time i updated my database to keep things working across many devices. Have moved to BitWarden a little over a year ago and have had no problems with it, mostly just seems to work and is still free. Not sure what the paid for version might give you.

No ports, no borders, no hope: Xiaomi's cool but impractical all-screen concept phone


Re: Nokia 3310

Best way to ruin a perfectly good sledgehammer

Transcribe-my-thoughts app would prevent everyone knowing what I actually said during meetings


Re: And Then There Were Flipcharts

During my service working at a conference center, I discovered (due to some people bringing their own markers to our regularly re-stocked meeting rooms) that if you write over a 'permanent' marker with a non-permanent one, it often wipes off relatively easily.

Got Surface Hubs? Better get cracking: Windows 10 for Whiteboards to resume rolling out in February


Re: Ummmm.... so 2019...

If it's anything like our place at the moment, what it actually is, is instead of having 10 people in a samll room having a meeting, you have 4 people in a larger room with a big screen, and the other 6 people elsewhere, on the big screen

Pandemic? Check. World in peril? Check. CES is on? Check. So of course Bluetooth Smart Masks are now a thing


Re: "Smart" Masks

plenty of people in my dark corner of the UK who think that wearing them with your nose sticking out over the top is correct, especially inside (supermarkets etc.)

Apple aptly calls its wireless over-the-ear headphones the AirPods Max – as in, maximum damage to your wallet


Re: SonicStage

I think part of the reason i have never been too bothered by the 'awfulness' of iTunes, is because i am aware first hand of how atrocious SonicStage was.

Users complain iOS 14.2 causes some older iPhones to overheat, rapidly lose charge


similar issue

my XS has been having a problem the last couple of weeks, gets down to around 30% then powers off. Plug it in, comes up at 11% then charges to 100% in about half an hour. Then stays at 100% for half a day or so, even with reasonable use. Annoying, but not unusable. Seems to be something to do with the power management software. What is more annoying is that the the 30% gradually became 40%, which is now around 55%. Still get a good day+ of use out of it, just means the battery icon is pointless.

What is really annoying is that having sought out "expert advice" i did a full factory reset and set up 'as new' so not from backup. Which means i have lost a fair amount of stuff that (by my own admission I forgot about backing up (some notes, saved games, that sort of thing)). Thought it looked like that had saved the problem, worked fine for a few days, but this afternoon, bam, shut down around 50%, charged from 11-75% in 20 mins......

so not only do I still have the issue, but i've lost a load of my junk into the bargain. For the record this is the first (even minor) issue that I have had since my iPhone 3G (not that i get a new one every year).

OPPO showcases 'rollable' concept phone that turns into a tablet – no bending needed



Sony used to make some wonderfully unusual computers didn't they. Does anyone still make 'interesting' laptops, or are they all just focused on making MacBook Air clones?

Here's a neat exploit to trick someone into inadvertently emailing their files to you from their Mac, iPhone via Safari


Yeah, i guess everyone should be using something less fashionable and safer, like Android.

That's safe, right?

Gone in 15 minutes: Qualcomm claims new chargers will fill your smartmobe in a flash



I tend not to charge mine overnight as it only takes an hour or so from near dead, and i could be wrong, but i feel that leaving a fully charged phone, on charge for several hours is likely to do it less good than just charging it for half an hour or so in the car to and from work.

This week of never-ending security updates continue. Now Apple emits dozens of fixes for iOS, macOS, etc


Re: Huge updates...and how much free disk space it expects when installing those updates.

quite a problem with updates for watchOS. Capacity on my series 3 is 4.8 GB, apparently, i have 0 bytes free. New update is 135 MB, so that is going to mean taking all the music off which takes ages, don't have any apps installed that i can remove, install the update and then put some of the music back on, which again, takes ages.

Her indoors has just brought a series 5 which has considerably more storage, but has an original SE, so faces similar problems any time an iOS update turns up.

If you have Microsoft 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop, do you need Citrix? Apparently


Re: stability


We have gone up from about 20 a day, to around 60 users a day with all this lockdown nonsense, and apart from spinning up a couple of extra VM's to cope with the load, haven't seen any problems.

Google employs people to invent colours – and they think their work improves your wellbeing



are all very well, but i think the really important question here people, is can it be fitted nasally?

CERN puts two new atom-smashers on its shopping list. One to make Higgs Bosons, then a next-gen model six times more energetic than the LHC


Black Mesa

Are a bunch of hacks.

Give me Aperture Science, or give me death. (or most likely both)


Re: Eventually

I can't find it now, was several years ago when I saw it (around about the time the LHC was making big news). A clever little animation suggesting that as the colliders need more power and get larger, that the end result is building them in space, and then making them habitable, and then before you know it you have Halo.

We really doing this again? Rumour has it that Apple is nearly finished developing augmented-reality glasses



wasn't that the name of the old integrated web cams in early macbooks and iMacs?

Easyjet hacked: 9 million people's data accessed plus 2,200 folks' credit card details grabbed


Re: EasyJet password policy

also limits certain 'special' characters

Baby Diesel? Little d'Artagnan? There is another child of Musk in the world


Re: X Æ A-12


Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--

Announcing the official Reg-approved measure of social distancing: The Osman


Re: 'Pointless' is OK,...

something tells me you'd be a fan of Only Connect.

Tech won't save you from lockdown disaster: How to manage family and free time while working from home


Re: Zoom

We use zoom at work in the conference rooms, it's really not that bad at all.

It's been quite nice when friends have been moaning about Skype and Teams, being able to say to them, 'yeah, have you tried Zoom?'

Hello, support? What do I click if I want some cash?


Deep fried Creme Egg

Had one once, never again. It was amazing.

Grab a towel and pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 42


listening order

I have the 13 CD box, which has made several long car journeys much more enjoyable.

I have also found, that once ripped to your favourite format, shoved in a playlist and put on shuffle, it is still thoroughly entertaining, and only makes slightly less sense than in it's "correct" order, to the point where i have some of the best bits in music playlists, as they always put a smile on my face.

Come kneel with us at UK's Cathedral, er, Oil Rig of the Canal: Engineering masterpiece Anderton Boat Lift


Re: location

and perhaps a W3W address?

How many times do we have to tell you? A Tesla isn't a self-driving car, say investigators after Apple man's fatal crash


Re: vtcoder

because glancing at information on a display, or looking in a mirror is not the same as playing angry birds, or sending a text or whatever.

It's Terpin time: Bloke who was SIM jacked twice by Bitcoin thieves gets green light to sue telco for millions


Re: I hope he wins ...

Something tells me, if he is the kind of person that has (had) BTC 24m, that he probably has a lawyer or two at his disposal as well.

That's not to say that The Big Guys won't win in the end, just that it might be a slightly more 'balanced' fight than it would be if it were you or I.

Who's got the WD-40? Owners of Motorola's rebooted Razr whinge about creaky hinge


Re: 7110

Had a spring loaded slide, was great fun, til it stopped working.

There was also one of the smaller nokias that had a button on each side, that when pressed the main body of the phone would 'rise' out of the lower part of the phone, slowly.

Galileo got it wrong – official: Jupiter actually wet, not super-dry: 'No one would have guessed that water might be so variable across the planet'


Re: Incorrect Data

But surely in those situations, the Data itself is still correct, just within very specific and undesired conditions.

(yes i'm serious, sorry i called you Shirley)

Hear, hear: The first to invent idiot-cancelling headphones gets my cash


Re: How to silence the idiots...

I love the smell of burning idiots in the morning, smells like...victory

How do you like them Apples? Cook drops 'record' 30 times* on conf call as iPhone sales up, services up, wearables up


Most powerful (xyz) ever...!

It has always struck me as an odd thing to make such a big noise about. Every year in the iPhone Keynote, they make reference to 'The most powerful iPhone we've ever made', and the 'most powerful processor' and various other things. I mean, it's not like they're going to be up on the stage and say, 'This is the iPhone 12, it's not quite as powerful as the one we released last year, but it's still good, honest, go buy it'.

Like its Windows-noob-stabilisers OS, Zorin's cloudy Grid tool is Linux desktop management for dummies


changing font

How about a font that changes dynamically, like Rorschach's mask?

Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard



While i don't disagree with the approach, i hate to break it to you, but removing something from the box won't have any impact on the price

Clunk, whirr, buzz, whine. Shared office space can be a riot and sounds like one too


background hum

There is something in our office, that apparently only i can hear. It seems to come from 'behind me' no matter where i am in the room. On a quiet monday morning before anyone else got in, i went round and switched off every plug socket, regardless of if it had anything plugged into it. Still the hum continued. Tinnitus had crossed my mind, except it seems to only happen when I'm in the office, which wouldn't be a big deal if i didn't spend more time sat here than i do in another other one place. I think i finally found the culprit. The emergency exit sign, out side the office and down the hall. Bastards.

Step away from that Windows 7 machine, order UK cyber-cops: It's not safe for managing your cash digitally


Re: Options

Thanks to both for suggestions. I will check 'em out



I'd quite happily upgrade my home win7 machine to some flavour of Linux, except pretty much the only thing i use it for these days is managing a music library and syncing that (and OS updates and taking backups) to an iPhone and iPad. If there is someway to do that without windows or MacOS, i'd be happy to know. I had a bit of a google the other day, and found lots of 'alternatives to iTunes' but they all seem to be Win or Mac only, especially the ones that still let you sync devices.

When i can justify the outlay, at the moment my first choice is an Intel NUC of some sort. would be quite happy with a Mac Mini, but not at those prices, hmmm maybe an older one off ebay......

We’ve had enough of your beach-blocking shenanigans, California tells stubborn Sun co-founder: Kiss our lawsuit


Re: Americans are so polite

Looking at the map on that link, i'm having a hard time trying to work out which bit he has blocked.

There seem to be a fair number of buildings down, very close to the beach, on what appears to be a public road.

If it was the house, up by the 'Martins Beach Parking Lot', and then that road led directly to the beach, i could see how their might be a problem. I just can't work out how any one of those many beach front properties would be able to block public access.

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?


Forced re-boot

I have an option that says "Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install an update...." which is switched off. I still come into work once or twice a month to find my PC has restarted over night due to updates.

You can set 'Active hours' during which "...we wont automatically restart..." but that can't be more than 18 hours. Funny that.

(i guess maybe the answer is to set your active hours as between when you usually leave work, and usually arrive, in the hopes that while you are actually present and using it, it wont restart.....)

Tragedy: CES squeeze forces frequent flier hotshots into economy hell


one and only upgrade

Never had the misfortune of flying for work, so haven't flown any where near as much as many of you fine folks, but the one time i did get an upgrade was returning from a trip to New Zealand.

I was waiting in the queue to check in for my late afternoon flight, huge rucksack on my back, when i was approached by a friendly face informing me that my flight was over booked. I had two choices, hang around and hope to get on it, or, be put up in a hotel while waiting for the next flight, early the next morning, with a nice business class ticket and $500 for my inconvenience.

I'll give you one guess which i chose.

Only small sting in this tale is that it was only the first of the two 12 hour return flights (NZ - Hong Kong), which meant i was back in cattle for the second and that was quite a reality check.

If at first you don't succeed, pry, pry again: Feds once again demand Apple unlock encrypted iPhones in yet another terrorism case


Re: What more could Apple do?

The way that i see it, in this case, there is no more that Apple can do, because (as you say) they DONT have the keys.

However, (again, just the way that i see it) what is happening here is the Feds are laying groundwork so that they can say

'This keeps happening, and you try to help, but CANT, so, how about, when you release iOS14, you slip in a little bit of code which will allow you to help, WHEN this happens again, which we both know it will'

SanDisk's iXpand Wireless Charger is the unholy lovechild of a Qi mat and a flash drive


Re: The problem with wireless charging

is that you have the same number of wires as you had before, just permanently attached to another gadget

Oi, Queenslander who downloaded 26.8TB in June alone – we see you


Re: Consumer hardware

I get routinely freaked out by the fact that i have a number of 'spare' 128gb USB sticks. The other day I had to carry 8tb of HDD from our small onsite fire safe, to our considerably larger offsite filing cabinet. It made me a little uncomfortable. And don't even get me started on MicroSD cards.

Amazon drops battery-powered Echo speaker so you can play Despacito on the go



But surely, if you have an Echo in every room of the house like you're supposed to, why would you need one to be portable?



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