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Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory


very odd...

This is very odd.

I have searched for myself, and found myself at an address i havent lived at for over 2 years !!

The really annoying thing is that i NEVER EVER EVER give out my mobile number to ANYONE bar friends and family. I certainly dont publish it on forms, letters etc - so how the hell did they get my details ????????????????

Greece grounds Google's Street View fleet


@Citizen Kaned (again)

"and as for the guy previously saying buy a new gate - well, of course he can. but then he is going to be down some £££ isnt he?"

So your mate is blaming Google on the fact he cant afford to buy a gate ? Surely google or no google every man (and woman) should protect their "castle" ?

If he did get burgled, would he still blame google if streetview didnt exist ? if some casual hoody strolled down his street and thought "oh, no gate, lets have a look"

I think the world is screwed up enough as it is. People are dying in the world, people have no food to eat nor water to drink, and people are crying over the fact google is taking a picture of their fence and curtains - how sad - we should all be ashamed.

Google - get on with it and ignore the critics i say.

Paris Hilton

@CItizen Kaned

"he tells me that you can see down the side of his house (no gate) "

So, tell him to buy a gate ?

Honestly, whats the issue ? surely a burlgar to be could just walk down the street and see the same information/images - ok i admit that Google make this a little more sat in sofa with laptop easy but who cares a toss ?

I think that Streetview is brilliant.

I think Google is brilliant.

They offer a great search engine and great email to me - all for free.

If you dont like the adverts, dont look at them or look elsewhere !!

Paris, cos she'd make an interesting view

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service


oh no

not again ..............

Virgin Media cool on cable wholesale plans

Paris Hilton

oh no... not again

You had to do it again didint you.. mention those two letters... V M

Each and everytime i hear those words i have a shudder.

Mother of all broadband

fibre optic super highway

50mb blistering service

well ha.

try 4 months of hell, over 150 phone calls, 30 engineer visits, road dug up outside house, garden dug up in some kind of time team dig-stylee, and its STILL faster browsing the web on my poxy (or should that read proxy) mobile phone than using my "child of 14.4k" broadband.

Stay clear, stay very clear of anything to do with VM in my opinion - you have been warned !!!!!!!!

If they cannot offer a decent 10 or 20mb service then why oh why oh why start offering 50mb, let alone start talking about wholesale access and 100mb.

Paris - cos i need to take my frustrations out on someone

Study finds IT heads not interested in power saving


power usage

Who really cares ?

Do we switch street lights off ? - there must be millions of them.

how about advertising signs ? how about the millions upon millions of other electricity hogging things out there.

There is enough to do in IT without worryign about how much power is being used.

Virgin Media switches to Gmail



You had to mention Virgin Media.

try 4 months with a 20mb "mother of all broadband" which i get 1mb if i am very lucky.

25 engineer visits.

15 miles of cable replaced in every conceivable place. Google mail - i can get that for free without Virgin Media.

BT's great hole of Ilford still causing grief

Paris Hilton


"BT War Room" ;)

Does anyone live nearby who can take some pics of the action ?

Paris, well, cos she is well connected, even when tunnel bored ;p

Vulture Central on total G20 terror lockdown



am i missing something ?

so, you normally wear a suit to work... but you now can wear casual clothes

how that going to increase security ???

Pot Noodle boils up instant doner kebab



Life is now complete.

Ofcom insists on emergency roaming

Paris Hilton

2mb ??? - I wish

I cant even get 2mb/sec.

My virgin media connection is supposed to me 20mb but i get about 0.5 - 1mb - even though after 25 engineers later, my neighbour 20 feet away enjoys full 20mb.


Paris, well cos she always enjoys full throughput ;)

Deception of 'up to' broadband speeds exposed

Paris Hilton

who cares

I was on BT. I live about 15 paces from the exchange and syn'd at about 2.3mb on what was supposed to be 8mb.

After 14,000 calls to BT, usual advice of unplugging everything, reinstalling my life etc, i was told an engineer would "boost the signal" to my line. 5 days later without any phone service or broadband, i was told it was an exchange fault.

Short of runnign a lenght of cat 5 to the exchange i gave up.

I'm now on Virgin media, 20mb connection, and get 20mb. very quick, its never broke (touch wood) and i am very happy with it.

That said, I know loads of people who have had a crap VM experience. I can only guess as i live on a street where noone else is under the age of 97 that no-one in my area is a heavy net user, hence my connection is nice and quick.

Oh, and ive never experience any of this bandwidth throttling / traffic shaping ?? i can start a download of 20Gb at 6pm, and get a pretty consistent download rate until its completed.

Paris - cos she needs a good downloadin'

Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates



error in missile_launch.exe

We are sorry but this program has caused an error and will be closed.

Sorry for screwing up your war. Microsoft apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

Essex copper deluged after forwarding web hoax email



LOL ;)

Lapdancing 'not sexually stimulating', MPs hear



so, some bird thrusting her tight arse on my crocth ISN'T sexually stimulating ?


Net pedants dismantle Quantum of Solace

Paris Hilton

Too much time ?

It would strike me some people have far too much time on their hands....

Paris, because she has lots of time on her hands.

Link spammers set up shop on GMTV sofa website



or, youve got a shite proxy ;)

Swiss boffins sniff passwords from (wired) keyboards 65 feet away

Paris Hilton

If this were true....

Surely if this were true, then the same sniffing practice could be done on an ATM, since they are basically a PC (alot of the time running XP Embedded).

So, an "attacker" could sit in their car with their Waltham sized antenna outside Tesco and get peoples PIN numbers with relative ease ? Then bruiser brian follows the victim round the corner, nabs the ATM card and can purchase / withdaw at their leisure !

Think also alarm panel keypads, door entry keypads etc.

Paris, cos she would never give off RF signals... just pheromones (sp?)

Lag log leaks - Home Office contractor loses entire prison population

Paris Hilton

Sheer Utter Incompetance

This is just yet another example of utter incometance by this Government

"lost" laptops by the MOD, "lost" CD's of data by the NHS, HMRC, you-name-it department

This is unforgivable, not the fact its data from HMP, but that this type of thing happens so frequently.

Surely I have a case to go to European Courts and claim compensation for the Govt putting my personal data at risk ?

what is the difficulty here ? its OUR data and they are playing with it like its nothing.

No wonder there is so much ID theft.

Paris, because, she would never treat her "data" like a toy

Be Unlimited pulls plug on home CCTV service


IP this and that

so... the question begs, who is BE's backend partner who provides the service ?

Paris Hilton

They giveth, they taketh awayeth !

"We hope youve enjoyed using our fantastic great service.... BUT we are taking it away"

Can't have been that good then... or weren't BE making enuff money out of it !

Paris, well, why not.


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