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1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

Nick Peck
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Depends where you are

2 companies I do support work for use 1&1 exchange hosting

Same as everyone else it all went wrong from friday morning onwards, with OWA available a short while after - Outlook access still down.

Their support is hopeless really - bad VOIP lines to poor english Philipines first line support (who try their best I guess). They can't (or won't) give me an expected resolution, their attempted fixes are ridiculous (create new profiles etc), and switiching to the .com server in the proxy settings is not idea as it is very very slow (do a tracert to exchange.1and1.com to see why). Anyone in IT will forgive problems - but I can't abide poor communication, and with 1&1 this is non existant. I have never ever managed to get past 1st line to speak to one of these fabled 'admins' who reside in the land of Narnia.

Outlook connectivity now works for everyone unless they are connected via BT as their ISP - so it seems there is a routing issue going on. Changing DNS settings to non BT servers hasn't fixed the problem.

Don't know what to suggest. I hate not knowing info - at least they can attempt to give us an idea of probable timeframe to resolution, but they can't (they never can).

My clients are forced to use OWA in the office - which is not ideal.