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We're not Meta support: State AGs tell Zuck to fix rampant account takeover problem



"...dramatic and persistant spike in account takeovers"

How can a spike be persistant...? Wouldn't it be a plateau?

I'll see myself out.

Malwarebytes may not be allowed to label rival's app as 'potentially unwanted'


Seems to be beside the point

If I'm using Malwarebytes, it is a choice. The choice of using their opinion on what is or isn't undesirable software on my computer. If their classification was more vindictive than accurate, I would simply stop using the software. Their expertise is what I, in this scenario, have voluntarily bought. Go ahead and classify away!

What has the court have to do with anything here? Malwarebytes role to protect brands on my computer is non-existent. I really want them not to care about brands.

What a world we live in. Please, technologically illiterate judges, tell me what is good for my PC...

Tired: Data scientists. Wired: Data artists


I am not a scientist, but wouldn't rotating the buses just distribute the same amount of wear and tear on more buses, resulting in the same total maintenance/repairs over time?

Some specific buses will break less often, but the fleet will have the exact same cost associated with it.

Unless they mean rotating within a single day, meaning being on easy route -> hard route -> easy route allows for cooldown periods that reduce effective wear... But as stated, it is a good example of wasting time looking at data ;)

Microsoft's Teams goes native on Apple, retains a human touch


You missed a step...

How about a native win32 version first? Teams is an Electron app and a terrible resource hog (for what it actually does).


GPUs aren’t always your best bet, Twitter ML tests suggest



Dedicated tool vendor says dedicated tool is more efficient than general tool at specific task.

...that's a double-dose of obvious with a side of bias...

Backup frustration brought this CTO to forefront of ransomware protection


Re: Any particular reason this wasn't tagged as an advertisement?

Well thought out criticism of a backup solution that claims to be magic, with a fair dose of sarcasm.

...la routine habituelle quoi.


Any particular reason this wasn't tagged as an advertisement?

See title.

Preliminary report on Texas Tesla crash finds Autosteer was 'not available' along road where both passengers died


Re: Best just make a full size scalextric

A bowl of petunias and slightly confused looking sperm whale appear...

Talk about a Blue Monday: OVH outlines recovery plan as French data centres smoulder


Re: Disaster recover?

yawn... "Damn you kids and your cloud!"

Should people not use datacenters? Is the average website needing punter expected to build it's own fire-suppression system?

Hosting your own website, on premise, is generally a pretty dumb idea. Having no backup is a dumb idea too...

That chess website is a pretty good example of doing cloud correctly. On their own, they could never have been distributed like they are now, and barely bleep at a "once per generation" event like your datacenter being razed by fire.

Doing it wrong, and doing it right are concepts that will survive everything. Shacking your fist at the clouds does not accomplish much.

Teams seeks 24-hour party people for consumer chat


"[...]only applies to group chats with two or more participants."

Group chats with a single participant need not apply...?

Apple suffers setback in epic Epic Games games fight: Federal judge zaps damages counterclaim


While I understand the hate for Apple, both companies here are giant greedy corporations.

That being said, if apps can take transactions from Apple's users outside of Apple's reach, that will be the end of free apps in the marketplace. It's how the model makes sense. Apple gets there's eventually.

If I can take transactions away from Apple, I definitely make my app free initially, and take direct transactions...

I think the Netflix case is interesting. If Apple wins here, could they consider going after someone like Netflix for a share of memberships, or forcing a price for the iOS Netflix app?

I know my comment is not overwhelmingly in favor of one side and that breaks the internet, but I just find the situation to be very interesting and both parties to have a case. (...and both be very transparently greedy corporations, which is a pleonasm if I ever said one).


If you think you've got problems, pal, spare a thought for these boffins baffled by 'oddball' meteorites


Maybe it's a completely new type and forces us to rethink what we thought we knew and all that...

...or they are simply from two separate celestial bodies, one of each type...

Researchers hearing footsteps and thinking zebra?

NHS contact tracing app isn't really anonymous, is riddled with bugs, and is open to abuse. Good thing we're not in the middle of a pandemic, eh?


Re: "Design it to be secure from the start."

That's an old-world view that's at the source of many of our current challenges.

I will leave that here:


SpaceX didn't move sat out of impending smash doom because it 'didn't see ESA's messages'


Here's what happen, I will bet money on it:

- Initial event goes into some ticketing system tied to a pager

- SpaceX gets the alert, discusses the probabilities, everything is fine, does nothing

- Closes the "ticket"

- Odds get recalculated, things are not ok. New information is sent to the same, now closed, ticket.

- No paging on closed tickets, no one gets notified

Makes too much sense to not be true :)

Funny how nothing is really new.


Micro Focus belches as it struggles to digest HPE Software


Shocked! Shocked I say!

The challenge was culture clash and backend IT integration? Wow... that's unusual...

What did they expect the challenges would be? Prefered font size? Tab Vs spaces?

Et tu Accenture? Then fall S3er: Consultancy giant leaks private keys, emails and more online



That's bad... crossing the streams bad

Why is the article written with the odd assumption that no one found those before the white hat researcher?

Uber fires robo car exec for insubordination


" the necessary steps to ensure that its employees return stolen files to Waymo "

I don't think this judge understands computer files...

Google, Microsoft bump bug bounties


Google adding '1337' to its bounty numbers... Trying to relate to the target market ;)

Why does it cost 20 times as much to protect Mark Zuckerberg as Tim Cook?


Bill Gates

Ran into Bill Gates at a restaurant in Seattle last year; No security. Was friendly enough.

Ever heard of 'multi-cloud'? Get with cool kids – it's the New Big Thing™


What a scoop!

Cloud broker says cloud brokers are essential...

You like jumping out of planes? Try the new GoPro 4. Short walks? There's a Hero instead


What's that smell?

Call me crazy, but do a few of the preceeding feedback stink of astro-turfing?

Who mentions the return policy out of the blue? Followed closely by why it is a great gift idea?

Processor pioneer Victor Poor dies of cancer at 79



How come the bio in the NY Times is so different?


I'll take a wild leap of faith and say TheReg's story is a lot closer to the truth, but still amazing how they seem to be 2 very different stories.

Dead network provider arms Rustock botnet from the hereafter



CWIE Holding are the owners and operators of ccbill.com and the hosting company CaveCreek Hosting ( http://www.cavecreek.com/ )

Would like to know how they are related to this deal...

Google will eat itself in 202,345,117 years


Even an artist will understand...

Even an artist will understand that it is adword advertisers that are paying for his shares.

Google is actually making a profit from all this.

So us Adwords users are buying him shares so that he can, in theory, give them to random people on the net.

So far all I see is someone who as scammed USD$400,000 from advertisers, used it to buy google share and made a website out of his basic ignorance of how this works.