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Kamikaze ballooning Brazilian soars to Darwin Award

Craig Zeigler

have to vote for the hometown hero

Sorry. That was generally funny, but I have to vote for 'Clotheslines' as that genius removed himself about 5 miles from my house.

In response to Mr. Harrison, yes, sometimes you do have to get a laugh out of people who do away with themselves by an obviously retarded means. As a likely resident of California (or some place like it) I can understand his feelings even if I find them naive.

Finally, the Priest... Yes, he removed himself from the gene pool, and entered the pool of jeans. As is states in the holy tombs of South Park, he obviously wasn't allowed to have biological children of his own. Little boys and hands can't get pregnant.

UK gov to issue child boozing guidelines

Craig Zeigler


Oh come on... Nanny Sate? WTF are you people smoking. At least you're not trapped in the undersexed prude capital of the world. Here in the US just allowing your child to smell alcohol or even hear you think the word really hard constitutes Child Abuse... Child abuse is taunting them with the deliciousness of booze.

Could someone please let the underage youth in the US drink? Thankfully I've been old enough to legally drink for several years now, but that doesn't mean things don't need changed. Afterall our new overlord The Great and Powerful Brack "Master of the Universe" Obama says its time for change!!!

Now that I've said my bit, time to get wasted. Happy GNU Year!

Intel denies Core i7 glitch

Craig Zeigler

Here we go again

Intel didn't have a problem with the Pentiums, Pentium 2's, Pentium 4's or any of their other chips. They have never had to do a mass recall/replace, now have they ever done a software patch to correct hardware flaws. Intel is perfect, and anyone who disagrees bust me working for the AMD PR department, and therefore stupid.

...and if you buy that... I'll tell ya another one.

Seriously, I've been using AMD kit for years, and don't have issues with them. Their chip designs have in my opinion been far better than Intel, and although they take longer to get to market with them, I'd rather wait, and buy something that has had the bugs worked out.

Citrix tries to woo crowds with XenApp 5

Craig Zeigler

Price point

The price point on the Citrix licensing hasn't changed for a while. I don't see where you can say they 'jacked up' the price. That pricing is the same as current versions, and unlike Winders licensing, is per concurrent connection, not per seat.

Anyway, I'm excited to see the next version coming.

'Milestone' Microsoft service pack staples .NET's stomach

Craig Zeigler

Microsoft and bloatware

Okay, Its nice that.NET is going on a diet. Personally I don't care for the whole .NET way of doing things, but if you're going to run the evil empire's products, you have to play with their toys.

As for things like Vista and Office 2007. I was horrified when I had to download a full gigabyte just for office 2007. there is simply no reason for that. No way on earth you can possibly justify a download of that size. It made it appear that Office 2007 was a total rewrite with those patches.


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