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1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

Duncan Kerridge
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.com working

Update - the .com fix is working for me now, just have to wait for my mailbox to download again. Thanks David and Arran

Duncan Kerridge
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.com didn't work for me

I tried the .com fix and it couldn't find my username on those servers.

A call to support yesterday had me setting up my Exchange account again on my PC - of course it didn't work, then she goes to speak to her supervisor - 'oh it appears there are some connection problems with Exchange clients', you don't say - why aren't the support staff aware after a week !?!

Then I discovered that deleting the old Exchange profile and setting up a new one also deletes the local information store - web access still works but for some reason i'm not feeling too happy about having the only copy of my historic emails at 1and1 ...

And today emails are arriving in a non-chronological order, and some I know have been sent have not arrived at all. Not happy.