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AMD draws x64 battle lines with 'Magny-Cours'


Anyone remember ...

when AMD bagged on the idea of banging procs together on one chip?

Guess it wasn't such a bad idea after all ... :D

Seagate sets Constellation above Barracuda


If it lasted a week ...

... it lasted a lot longer without problems than the Seagate drives. :D For being the king of capacity and generally having a good rep, the Seagate should have at least worked. Shouldn't have to beg Seagate and convince them I have a problem to get a firmware update for a widely spread problem.

I've never had any problems with WD drives. Been running the original Raptors for over 4 years.

I've had some great Seagate drives, which is why I tried it. But the 1.5TB was crap. Just read up about it online.

Did you also the think the old Deathstar's were great drives too?


Thumb Down

Yeah but ...

... does it work? If it's anything like that 1.5TB Barracuda that constantly locked up thanks to the firmware bug (and Seagate not making it easy to fix), I won't be buying or recommending this drive.

Incidentally, the WD drive that replaced that Barracuda has been flawless ...

Windfall taxing big oil: how to make the gas crisis worse


There's some merit, but missing info

There's some merit to what's being said. The government getting involved in the market is one sure way to disrupt it and it can cause some problems.

However, I think some points are being missed.

Of the legislation I read, a tax on windfall profits is in the works. However, the tax seems to be graduated so it's not an across the board tax increase on all profits. Addtionally, the taxation is geared to help spur exploration and more drilling. Companies like Exxon are doing very little drilling ... they have no incentive to with high prices. Some are doing it. A lot are focusing on stock buy backs and paying huge dividends. If they invest more profits in exploration, drilling and alternative fuels, they can avoid a lot of the tax.

Is it the right answer? I don't know. However, I know what's happening isn't working either. Points about speculation making the market crazy and breaking things are valid too. Gotta wonder how much FUD is spread about by both sides.


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