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Ballmer pumps Windows 7 up to thrifty customers



Hey Steve, the emporer called and wants his clothes back.

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View



Being able to take photos from a public place is a right we all have.

If a few idiots persue Google over this what will happen is we will get a raft of Whackysmith legislation banning us from using recording or record capable devices in yet more places to preserve yet more treasured memories.

Bad enough parents can no longer record their kids school plays, these guys want us to see them as champions of the people whilst they erode our civil liberties??

Google streetview is cool, it's useful, interesting and gives us a chance to see places we couldn't go to or review places we might want to go to, whether thats a holiday or just learning a route to a meeting/interview.

What's more they are quite happy to delete things that people don't or might not want recorded as we can see from the up-chuck scene http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/19/street_view_vomit/

Being able to use my camera in a public place is also cool and useful, if some twat in a foil hat takes that away from me I will be very upset.

Multi-sense VR helmet in development



But what happened to all the VR headsets people like Escomm were selling in the early nineties?

Ok, so they needed headphones and didn't smell but I still want one or three.

Softbank gives Japan free iPhones



iPhone created a lot of interest in Japan when it was released, but there are some stunningly similar devices from China which took the lion's share of the market, copyright laws being somewhat different I believe.

Get ready for the coming data centre crunch


Oversold on hardware.

Too many customers are sold dedicated quad core, multigigabyte servers for a single website with a under dozen simultaneous users.

I've been using a Cobalt RAQ550 for years, 4 websites, mix of asp/php/jsp with mysql and ...

perfectly fine

In fact the only reason I upgraded from the RAQ 4 was that php resizing large images on the fly was slowing it down. In retrospect I could have adapted the code and kept my R4 which required so little cooling and was so quiet I kept it under my monitor. RAQ550 needs to be in the garage (and thats only 1ghz Pentium4).

So heres the thing, an R4 is a 500mhz processor.

Webmasters, check your logs, did you really need the same rig the MMORPG guys with their 1000s of simultaneous users need or could you save your company a small fortune and share hardware with other virtualised users?

Bosses, go check those logs too if your system is always chuntering along at 10% usage then you're wasting money hand over fist.

oh, and would gladly swap the 550 for a RAQ4 if anyone is interested.

Marketing body condemns 'draconian' Olympic law



I'm releasing a computer game in the near future.

"Silver bullets 2012: Vampiir werewolves in London"

and a book:

"Gold standard: 2012 marketing games that can keep your sponsors happy"

Do I need to rethink?

But... as nobody has asked yet:

Where's the IT angle? This is a marketing article and marketing is one step up from... what IS under the bottom rung of society?

MS preps four critical updates for September



20 times a month?

Are you running Windows for Workgroups?

Haven't seen a crash here since. hmmm, can't remember.

Have had to downtime for software installs but crashes?

Me thinks you may need to review what the cause is because while I'm a linux fan at home our office systems are MS by request of management and are stable, albeit inefficient.

Intel hands out rose tinted polarizing glasses to chip geeks

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not new

It's not new.

Sony have loads of stuff like this in Japan.

I first came across it in 1998 at the Sony Plaza in Osaka and most recently at the Sony Park in Odaiba (Tokyo), where they have some really good 3D and spatial video that needs no glasses.

Game rating system needs legal backing, claims supporter

Paris Hilton

GTA is bad

Is this why GTA has been getting so much coverage this week?

What of the parents who allow their children to play the games or the kids who fileshare without parental consent?

I'll be trying for top speed in the car on the way home, if I get stopped I expect to get off scott free by claiming Super M*rio Cart made me do it.

Paris, because Leisure Suit Larry made her do it.