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Helpdesk/Service Desk Recommendations

Chris F Carroll

YouTrack ticks every one of your requirements, I think

I was in a similar sized company using it last year, everyone seemed happy with it. Extra kudos for having a command line interface in the web app. jetbrains.com/youtrack/

Is Microsoft's Silverlight evil?

Chris F Carroll
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Embrace and extend / Oh no not again

The MS tactic with stuff that took away their monopoly was, 'embrace and extend' -- which means they start by looking as if they are aiming for compatibility but they 'extend' the technology in such a way that it only works properly on Windows.

Silverlight is that same tactic all over again.

It will work somewhat on non-windows platforms. It will only work properly on Windows (with Windows Presentation Foundation). So it's billed as cross platform -- but it's really for Windows.

Flash is not like that. So yes, there's a difference. Silverlight is yet another move to replace a cross platform solution with a "you need Windows" solution.


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