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Oh no, startup Massive Analytic unleashes 'artificial precognition'

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I am not a beast, I'm a human...doing

"In a recent list of 'recommended for you' I had a crochet kit and a hand axe besides each other - both utterly irrelevant and not reflecting the actual purpose of my visit that day or even the following year."

I purchased a PA amp for manufacturing facility a while back. The next three months I kept getting ads for (basically) the same product. This is not a "consumable" (I suppose that depends upon it's quality). My guess is that marketing, the spawn of consumerism, looking to justify itself, will show (with tweaked data) that I bought this because they advertised, not the other way around. They'll do anything to look good when it has been... just... failure after failure after nobody believes they're worth the investment anymore...

Krebs: I know who hacked Ashley Madison

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Sick and tired of endless coverage...

"Particularly with all the double entendre snackfood names they had."

This needs chicken/egg research...

.. Brownie bites? Sno balls? Tiger tails?

Perhaps middle-aged blokes SHOULDN'T try 34-hour-long road trips

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Life in the fast lane

Given that we assume, right at the start, that there's an infinite number of human desires and wants to be satisfied there's plenty for people to go off and.......

.....and satisfy some other human desire, a desire that was previously being entirely unmet.


All that social commentary and all you got was (mostly) 3 pages of comentard accountants focusing on the numbers game? These are undoubtedly the first to be replaced by the robots.

I disagree that there is "an infinite number of human desires", and (clearly) any good capitalist is trying to trim the edges of that *number so as to make things, at least the stock market, predictable (lol)... and at best all that marketing appear to be serving the demand side economy. It's not like they are teaching existentialism in schools...

BOFH: My diary is MINE and mine alone, you petty HR gimps

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Orange you glad

Mid 80's we had the amber on black models from KFC, which, of course were affectionately known as Kentucky Fried Computers.

Ahem, FCC, who do you think you are? The FTC?

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....and in this corner...

"... the FCC decided it was going to become a consumer complaints organization for the internet despite having absolutely no experience of doing so."

Aside from being the "consumer complaints organization" for every conservative bonehead in the US that is afraid of "7 words" and, etc, etc.... it has no experience at all applying "contemporary community standards" (driven by complaints). <blank stare>

In a fight between "Trade" and "Communications"... which do you think has the support from an oligarchy?

Apple Watch is such a flop it's the world's top-selling wearable

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Re: Who actually wears a watch anymore? And why?

Jake - I tried asking that question before with the same basic voting results %.

He did say "Serious question ...", you down-voting *nutters!

My simple (to me) explanation is that alot of people have developed a Stockholm syndrome with *time. It explains every person who down-voted you.

"...because people are used to wearing something on their wrist all the time, but smart glasses are something extra to wear." It must be a British thing. (certainly not seen here in the US). Or, perhaps, an Apple investor thing.<snicker>

BTW, dogged. Yes, I do get to criticize anything I want. That's why we are here. Handle it!

Robo-taxis, what are they good for? Er, the environment and traffic

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Can you spare some change?

breeders - auto manufacturers

trainers - designers/safety inspectors

stables - car parking lots

foodstuffs - gas stations

vets - repair shops

saddlers - customizers/car washes/detailers

blacksmiths - aftermarket accessories

farriers - tire makers

carriage makers - trailer makers/RV attaching homes


Multiple auto's driving in close proximity for any length of time sounds like "mass transportation"... perhaps it's time for detachable little cubicles on each train/bus... because I really don't want to interact until you are paying me my hourly wage for it.

Either way, isn't it about time that we wasteful wankers just stop traveling so far to "be productive"?

Trans-Pacific Partnership stalled says Australian trade minister

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Re: Yay! (to the message, not the messenger)

Hillary totally caved to the real democratist in the group, Bernie Sanders. She would've been more than happy to leverage these trade agreements if it would've helped lead to the oval office. She's losing ground and is pulling nicely further left.. trying hard to not lose actual democrats' votes. She'll eventually screw up. Sanders will call her out. The mainstream media and false claims like this article's (that it was Hillary Clinton's voice) will soon be replaced by the actual voice: someone thinking by and for the US people... not just following the "trade winds".

Gasping for an Apple Watch? You'll have to tremble and shake for two more weeks

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Do you really want a neuroses?

You probably already have one.


Smartwatch biz Pebble says smartwatch biz Apple won't approve its new app – surprise

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An Apple per day...

"Number of Aston Martins seen today, 0."

Well done, EC!

For all of you's coveting a stockholm syndrome with time... (you know who you are)


Insurer tells hospitals: You let hackers in, we're not bailing you out

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Re: Actuary cow dung

Fine. It was not a good analogy... but I'll forget the mention of "self-sealing tubes in bicycle wheels".

Isn't the word "unforeseeable" appropriate? Of that I can have an assumption of unforeseeableness (that which I don't know)... the reason for me seeking "insurances". Providing specific definitions of what falls under the context of "unforeseeable" is cheapening (sic) any definition of an "insurance". I'm not saying standards shouldn't be met. But I think it should be up to the insurance company to provide them and enforce, in essence... for themselves, if they are going to actually enter into a "coverage" contract. The contract covers what neither insurer or insuree can foresee. Yes, it'll require a lot more people with *actual knowledge, not risk assessors and bet hedgers (lawyers)*.

One would think the core problem is security. I believe the core problem is the assumption of security...

But, then again, as far as I'm concerned (see * above), insurance companies should not be allowed to be profitable, but that's the usual issue, isn't it?

Keven E.

Actuary cow dung

Methinks an anonymous FTP account being "left open" really requires more investigation to see who *actually made the mistake. Isn't insurance for "unforseeable" things... like mistakes?

Anyway, HTF can an actuary take into account insurance *risk when using... oh, for example only... a Microsoft server which over the last 5 years there has been 100+ security flaws discovered, exploited and "patched"?

You drive car knowing full well somewhere along the line the chances of getting a flat tire is big enough to buy road side assistance. Seems like these "security insurance" co's are just low-balling thier rates to get business... ignoring the eventual "return of the cows".

EU geo-blocking: Ansip's crusade liable to disappear through 'unjustifiable' loophole

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Laws shmaws

"Price discrimination between US states may also, unless justified, be illegal under federal law which is fairly simple to enforce."

The "dollar menu" at a local fastfood joint on the west side actually list everything for .99. Downtown, however, it's still called a "dollar menu" but apparently the dollar is worth less there cause it'll cost you $1.69 for the same item, served quicker without a place to sit during the lunch rush.

Justified? Cost of doing business? Implicit subsidy? Bullpuckets. All profits go into the corporate pool... these aren't "franchised" locations.

I'd like some Euro fries with my US DVD, please.

NSA spying is illegal? Then let's make it law, say Republicans

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All that is left is to pay attention

"Republicans appear to be fielding a varied group while Democrats field Hillary."

Bernie Sanders.

Boeing 787 software bug can shut down planes' generators IN FLIGHT

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Perhaps I missed something...

... one can't easily tell where within the 248 days one currently *is?

Keven E.

Re: So...

"..when do you ever power down your car? Never. Switching the ignition to "0" isn't turning it off in the same way pressing the power button on your TV isn't actually turning it off either."

My '66 Dodge has a broken dash clock, and I've checked for leccy "leaks" at the battery terminals... so I'm pretty sure nothing is "on".... but I'm sure the maintenance staff get to watch *inflight movies while scrubbing the barnacles off the hull.

Major London rail station reveals system passwords during TV documentary

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I've heard "keyboard-monitor interface error".

Tesla Twitter account and website hijacked, Elon Musk pwned

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One of my favorites...


UK rail signals could be hacked to cause crashes, claims prof

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"Other countries have already successfully rolled out the system and there are no reports, at least, of any meaningful cyber-attack to date."

When your computer blows a power supply do you take out your typewriter and send off a letter to your boss/teacher to tell them that the world+dog ate your report?

Are they really gonna (attempt to) establish UPS's along *the whole system?

Were there any reported cyber-attacks that really weren't full of *meaning?

Apple Watch: Exactly how many vids does it take to teach a fanboi to tell the time?

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"Okay, I take your point, but it's still sounds a bit patronizing."

Understatement of the year award winner...

... or...

Lou Abbot does marketing.


Labour policy review tells EU where to stuff its geo-blocking ban

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It's nothing like DVD region coding...

As an artist, I get to choose whether or not to make customers happy, when to make them happy or not(kinda) how I personally feel is best and for what price and/or cost. At least my copyright lets me (think) I have full, legal "Restraint of trade" over that.

Unfortunately, it also means racists, bigots, marketing areseholes of all kinds also have subtle amounts of that *control, and would like to (and do) use it for cultural *dampening. The proof is in the soggy pudding so generously designated as popular before it even hits the stage.

Don't confuse the intention of "pop culture" with the work of *artists. Artists having full control over their production pisses off (to no end) those who live vicariously trough them....

Keven E.

Re: Re:Capitalism works

Nicely done edge_e.... hence my "vacuum" comment.

Keven E.

Organic politicing

"Are the content owners saying they want the freedom to release the same content at a *lower* price in other parts of Europe..."

No. They feel the value of the product increases when it is available only locally... of course, specifically immediately after "release". Part of the problem here (in this comment group) is everyone frames what they call "art" into/with access to a TV show/video. I know we are mostly *technicians, but, clearly, we all need to dig deeper into "art" and the cases/forms in which this effects the artists/authors/musicians. The actual IP.


Capitalism doesn't work "ipso facto". That's rather disingenuous, or if not at least naive. There's no *vacuum for it.

"Politicians should rightly be focused on their electorate and not their lobbyists. Protect our choices, not the special-case profits of companies."

While I agree with this sentiment, that so called capitalism, in the forms that it currently exists, takes this statement and twists it by making the *actual electorate = "the special-case profits of companies". This is how libertarianists (one of many ways) have twisted themselves against their own best interests into supporting "the lowest common denominator".

Microsoft's top legal eagle: US cannot ignore foreign privacy laws

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Re: Turn it over...

"But PLEASE do not tar and feather all Americans with the same "American values" brush!!!!!

That the *pursuit of happiness* is subjective... really pisses-off libertarians and so-called "capitalists".

It really should be "The United Sovereignties of America", then we can just ignore Texasistan, and the neighboring like *states... have them sign on separately to the Geneva convention. Don't expect us northern *states to come to your rescue when you personally start losing whatever war it is you feel like waging... trying to maintain your black gold dominance and your patriarchical abusiveness. You too, Califoniawood. We know you really have no "intellectual" property, and you don't represent US from a cultural perspective, so stop negotiating worldwide trade agreements and copyright laws for anyone else.

Keven E.

Turn it over...

"How do you spell 'hypocrisy' in American English?"


FAA approves Amazon US drone flight just months after firm gave up and went to Canada

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Investment opportunity



This will crack you up: US drug squad's phone call megaslurp dates back to 1990s

Keven E.

Gone fishing, eh?

"Demoncrat... Democratic machine."

Someone left the toilet seat up and didn't flush.

Don't be stiffed by spies, stand up to Uncle Sam with your proud d**k pics – says Snowden

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Re: too late


Keven E.

Comedy doesn't specifically trivialize, but...

"...interviewing randomly selected volunteers..."


It's not even the proverbial case of "proving it with statistics", it's barely even describing it.

Keven E.

Re: Its smart to put the NSA's surveillance in a context that people understand

"Also, kudos to HBO for producing so much good original programming. This Sunday they start the new seasons of Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicon Valley on the same day and run the seasons concurrently. If those shows... "

There's your problem, right there... your second paragraph. That's how quickly the attention changes from understanding and core concerns to patting someone on the back for what's on telly. The later gets 1/3rd again the attention, and if you look at the news 2/3rds of that are stories about so-called entertainment. Supply side economics driven, of course.

I challenge that his interviews weren't cherry picked... let alone his interviewees.

Microsoft drops Do Not Track default from Internet Explorer

Keven E.

Thanks, Trevor.

"... a little civil discourse on this website without YOUR bigotted namecalling of every thing and person you don't like. There is no one on this site that even approaches you in the vitriolic manner that you attack..."

I usually like having fun and making fun, obfuscate things a bit without being specifically dishonest and enjoy a little banter... however... bull* really gets to me, too.

No, claiming it's "Anti-Religion" is not "conversley"... it's bull*.

Trevor ain't specifically anti-american, yet, again, clearly anti bull*, and thankfully, specifically yours, as you, sir, are a classhole (to say the least)... and are not allowed to use the term Nazi... ever. Get out of our country! We've tried to make progress in the last 100 years, yet certainly not able to enough because of the same old bull* trying hard to go backwards... and we just don't want your bull* around here anymore.

BTW- standing still / not progressing IS going backwards.

Here's a quote:

"..."Maybe the continued media glorification of the hip hop THUG life will result in some nice crackhouse jobs for these new "graduates"."..."

Your bull* has been called out. Again.

Keven E.

status quasi

"hands up who wants to be tracked by default?"

Them asking the question is degrading my experience... considerably. If the marketing team was worth a grain of salt... or it really mattered... or one could proffer any gain from knowing... they'd already know what my answer would "most likely" be. However, ask me the question more than once I'm very likely to give different answers each time (just to mess with the data), and yous really don't want that, do you?

Europe could be drowned in 'worthless pop culture' thanks to EU copyright plans

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Just one way?

"But if you can figure out a way to stop people looking for even just one way to feel superior to everybody else, by all means, please do. I'm all for it."

I'd thought (when I was younger) that forms/surveys should just stop asking people to identify/choose a "race", and it would slowly stop being a consideration. I believe it'll take something beyond that, but...

Everything cultural has identity. People do have choices and often want to choose. Sometimes people don't want to choose or share. The mere decision of identity isn't always on the road to a "superiority complex", even if it seems to be a necessary first step.

Artists seem to be being forced into something within the original issue here. The least of which is cultural comparison. Perhaps, specifically, loss of context control.

Keven E.

Re: the world improves as we decrease our cultural differences

There will be nothing for artists to communicate if we were all *culturally the same. There would be no reason to reflect when everything is, in essence, a mirror image. High art would be pictures of your lunch. Hmmm... that sounds familiar...

Keven E.

Re: "Partially worthless"

It's only the half empty part of the glass that is perfectly flawed.


Keven E.

Ooops... I didn't see you there.

That level of sales won't make the 'bots mainstream, as ABI suggests the time is right for “Organizations that are comfortable with the risk of early-stage adoption” to make a purchase.

Not the bullshit bingo game, again!


This has a BOFH episode written all over it.

German court slaps down Uber's ride-sharing app

Keven E.

In a van down by the river

"...or at least compels drivers to be adequately covered..."

Based on the cost of medical treatment these days (not to mention vehicles), even with their additional coverage on top of whatever "compelled" insurance the driver has which they deem ok (the site says nothing about the requirements of the driver's policy), this falls short of "adequate" in my book.

Keven E.

Re: Crystal Ball Gazing

Double thumbs up, dorsetknob!


Perhaps you, too, would like to *own a cab company...


Apple Watch: HOT WRIST ACTION plus slim $1299 MacBooks - and HBO TV

Keven E.


"It's about ergonomics.".... "Apple has always been about the interface and convenience of use for ordinary people of their equipment."

Snicker... chuckle... LOL... ROTFLMFAO...

Clinton defence of personal email server fails to placate critics

Keven E.

Hilarious wankage

"Judicial Watch"

LOL! Completely irrelevant corporate folly. Just like "Citizens United". Bullshit.

Put down the puppets and step away from our civilization.


I can't believe anyone hasn't yet suggested that she was letting people "hack" her systems just so NSA could follow the trail of those who would be so arrogant to believe they could do so without being *watched. Do I sense naivety?


veti - We've been here before. Don't put Snowden under Obama just because it happened to be revealed during his time. Those *revelations are about way before him.

Keven E.

Absolutely pathetic is correct.

Shame on John Leyden for writing an article on this subject which really requires no more attention, and certainly not here. Justifying mentioning it would be palatable 'cuz it is an "IT" issue, but all this one does is a not-so-decent Howard Cosell emulation... describing talking about talking about it. We are over it... over here. Those that aren't are only partisan.

Perhaps you can scribble an article about a certain letter that 47 senators should have used encrypted email to send instead of blatantly disrespecting a whole country. Perhaps on a different website.

This ISN'T Net Neutrality. This is Net Google. This is Net Netflix – the FCC's new masters

Keven E.

Re: Could have been worse

"...that cost me nothing."

"...Or Comcast or at&t."

Everyone's a comedian.

Keven E.

Morale is low. What to do?

"The fight over Google's/Facebook's/Netflix's dominance in content is for another day, and it's not even up to the FCC to take up that one."

It's a strange bird, this one. When porn is broadcast, content is the issue for FCC. Is it not exactly because they are losing any/all sense of government/oversight power/relevance that they've latched onto the only piece they have any chance of some (allbeit limited) control... perhaps an only point-of-access to keep the record *keeping going. <mini-tinfoil>

It seems that independence between content and delivery systems (even if the cat's head is sticking out of the bag) is a goal I'd prefer, one where if not even more strictly enforced, will end up with entire swatches of independent internet-intranet networks that can (and will) actually be isolated from the internet in general.

Think of the rural student never knowing that all of his internet access came from the <pick your enemies religious/political ideals> supported library. It sounds like some foreign governments' actions... as wars are fought over. Perhaps provider/deliveries can start reporting a whole different outcome to yesterdays football match...you know... just to keep the morale up.

We've read all 400 pages of the FCC's baffling net neutrality rules – here's what YOU need to know

Keven E.


"On the other hand, it signals incredible micromanagement of an industry by a Western power that's supposed to favor of light-touch government."

I'm not sure where it says "supposed to" favor light touch, anywhere. It does say "supposed to" be about the people... yet, that's been pseudo-redefined lately.

The FCC isn't specifically a "light touch" kind of agency (conceptually). I can think of (at least) 7 reasons my freedoms are being *touched. 8 if you include "fire". I consider these very heavy-handed. (ok, maybe not the "fire" one).

US Senators hope to crack down on the trade of private information

Keven E.

Call it in the air

With this as part of the key to the definition of "data-broker", the legislation is useless:

"...concerning an individual who is not a customer or..."

It's not just marketing that calls everyone a customer.

US court rubber-stamps dragnet metadata surveillance (again)

Keven E.


"Nothing of substance has changed since then."

Yeahbut... back then Democrats were considered conservatives and Republicans were liberals.

Finally, a decent use for big data: Weeding out crooked City traders

Keven E.

Watch this

"All traders phones are monitored its a dismissal offence to use a non-company phone for trading business."

Even before GPS became public, a cellphone signal and the camera locked onto each trader were bound. Any attempt at buying a prepaid cell from the local five-n-dime was considered uncivilized... <tinfoil>

The mere thought of the day-trader trading in after hours sessions with his own cash means that person is by default dishonest... not just moonlighting?

Keven E.

Real old news

I'll take it one step further... farther... father?

"However, firms do need to exercise some caution and accept that there will be some behaviours and trades that appear suspicious on the face of it but which are in fact perfectly legitimate."

Let's see.. it is, in fact, perfectly legitimate to take money+infomation=more money, so, yes please tell us you are excercising caution when you are trying to distinguish between profitability and profit. We'll believe you.

"Technology can be used to flag malpractice but there should be follow up procedures to ensure firms understand the context of traders' actions before taking any disciplinary action."

Let's see... the context of traders actions is to make money... mostly for themselves, but *sometimes through and for a 3rd, 4th, 5th... party, so please explain to us what/who these "follow-up procedures are for. We'll believe you.