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Sony intros 'Quad SSD' Raid-ed notebooks

David Torrens

Moving Parts left?

So perhaps the only moving parts left to worry about failing would be

the cooling fan on the procesor

keys on keyboard

and the cables etc associated with the hinge for the display.

Apart from them should it last forever?

and those parts would probably be easy to replace ...

Freesat BBC iPlayer trial coverage widened

David Torrens

Humax HD Player and iPlayer

I was amazed how easy this was. I was already primed with an ethernet conection laid in to the area of my LCD TV. Just had to move it from the laptop to the Humax HD box. Then just had to enter the 5483 as if it was a page number and there it is. iplayer just like on a PC.

The arranegment I use before was to have an old Laptop set up wired up to the TV but this is excellent and seems to play HD quality very well. I am lucky in that my BT Internet connectyoin is plenty fast enough.

The present software is a bit clunky compared to the on-line PC version and does not give any detailed info on programs,

1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

David Torrens

1and1 Exchange Email with Outlook 2003 Stopped Working Again

My Outlook 2003 connection stopped working on Friday August 8th. Came back on briefly on Monday and now Tuesday 12th has stopped working again.

The replies to my emails to Support were unhelpful. They made no mention of the business about IPs and DNS addresses mentioned on the register page.

I rekon they have a system on their Email support that gives automated replies. They do not even seem to read the emails as the questions in the email do not get answered. This is no way to encourgae email support in preference to more costly phone support. Consistently the emails are nor read properly.

While trying to fix what I thought was a problem with my computer I found that the help/FAQ pages in 1and1 for exchange Email were very unhelpfull and inaccurate. They needed updateing.