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Ten... inkjet photo printers

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Rubbish Reviews

How long does a set of ink cartridges last in a turned off printer?

How much does a replacement set of print cartridges cost?

The major failing with the last 3 ink-jet printers I have owned (Cannon, HP and Kodak) has been that if you leave them untouched for 3 months then come back to print something the ink has dried all over the heads and you need to buy new.

Often a new printer is cheaper than a set of ink-cartridges.

Now I send them off to snapfish or take them to the local print-shop, it's cheaper and gets better results.

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

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Read the KB Article linked

That is exactly what the KB article tells you to do, you boot from the install media and modify the registry.

OK The registry is ugly in principle, but in practice for this particular error it's not any harder than with a *nix box.

Acer shows laptop lid look tablet

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Augmented Reality

Rear Camera is essential for AU apps like dishpointer.


Colchester Hospital sacks manager over lost laptop

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Of course he shouldn't be responsible for the security of the data, but he should be more aware of the ownership of the hardware at least.

If someone takes something belonging to their employer and leaves it unattended in a car then they deserve to be sacked for it, let alone doing it whilst away on holidays.

Work laptop is for work not holidays.