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Toyota to launch hydrogen (ie, NATURAL GAS) powered fuel cell hybrid


So why not just an LPG car instead?


Re: Why hello there officer...

Detractor because battery is still the most efficient and cheapest form of electric propulsion, hydrogen propulsion has 1/10th of the efficiency of a battery.


Re: Hydrogen advocates forget to mention the obvious



Hydrogen advocates forget to mention the obvious

The obvious problem of hydrogen that is always over looked, intentionally, is the fact that hydrogen extremely inefficient to produce with electricity due to high conductivity of water where most of the energy is lost in heat. Its why hydrogen is currently is mostly produced from fossil fuels. It is also extremely expensive to transport. All of this makes hydrogen cost 10 times as much as petrol!

BEAK DRONE: 1080p HD Wi-Fi quad-copter by Parrot takes to skies


Wot, no gimbal?

No gimbal thought, I would still go for a DJI phantom instead.

Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet review


Re: Why not just buy a laptop??

Seems like a comment for someone who hasn't used public transport for over a decade.

Everyone seems to use a laptop to watch a movie on the train these day and age.

You also look more like a tit trying to hold your tablet up with both hands to to get a good sitting postion than having a laptop sitting compfortably on the lap with the screen held up by itself.


Why not just buy a laptop??

For that amount cash you can get a fully specced mid range laptop which is a far more capable device instead of an overpriced oversized phone! Is fanboyism going on overdrive?


Productivity Apps?

So what Office apps can you get for this tablet, can you edit word docs or excel spread sheets offline?

Can you edit photos and movies?

Apple's iPad Mini mishap: scratching out the retina screen


Nexus 7 smooth scrolling??

Every Nexus 7 I have seen was scrolling jerkily at 2fps like a bad 70s scifi special effect. Please check your facts!

EC plans stronger data protection and copyright laws


What about Copyright laws

So what about the draconian copyright laws that MPAA and RIAA want to impose on th EU?

iPad includes hyberbole generator, first reviews show


Apple haters seem to be turning on their graves.

No doubt Apple haters are on overdrive and bet the next comment will be why the iPad is not as good as a NetBook. The same nerds that thought text interface was best when GUIs came out also will miss the point of the paradigm shift of the iPhone/iPad.

No doubt iPad is interesting, will I be getting one, not just yet, I already have an old PowerBook, but eventually I will get one. I expect in next few years Apple to slowly creep the iPad into bigger devices for desktop etc. use.

77% of domain registrations stuffed with rubbish


Been saying that all along!

So much for the uproar for when the ITU and governments wanted to take over ICANN, the fact that the everyone oversaw the problem that the ICANN does an appalling job at domain registration baffles me! They actively encourage cybersqaueters (criminals to you and me) with their free 2 days domain registration trial and also has been the practice for over a decade that they don't actively check registration rules trial.

Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - Flash developers need not apply

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ActiveX 2.0

It will turn out as yet another Microsoft failure and show their inability to penetrate any market other than their encumbered office market base.

While the rest of the world (Google, OSS movement in general) is moving away from flash and plugins in general with HTML5. It is just like pop ads all over again which thanks god have been almost eradicated with popup blockers and now the same is happening with plugins.

I can see a niche market with the naive customers who fell for asp .net, specially in the financial sector, where office integration is relevant.

Sony claims 'lightest notebook' crown


Makes Apple look cheap!

So why haters winge that Apple is expensive then?

This is the exact market place where Apple is, not acer, asus etc. market.

Linus calls Linux 'bloated and huge'


He should have thought about it tobegin with

Having every single driver in the universe shoehorned inside the kernel definetly contributes for the vast majority of the bloat.

The Linux community is still extremely offensive against drivers that are not bolted inside the kernel.

So the problem was created from the conception.

EC calls for one world internet governance

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At last someone to keep a lid on them

One word: cybersquatting

ICANN not only allows them but also active encourage cybersquating, it is quite a substantial part of their income and they can get away with their self regulating rules.

Space shuttle replacement delayed until 2014

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Private industry is ahead

NASA after failing to develop a fully reusable space craft now they are going backwards. Look at how Space X is developing a fully reusable rocket at the fraction of the cost!