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Taiwanese rat snake bites Taiwanese trouser snake

Michael Walsh

Told You So

I knew you brilliant folks on the other side of the pond wouldn't let me down!

Classic comments all... does Sarah need a new keyboard, or have you become immune?

Michael Walsh

Oh Really??

After all your references to trouser snakes? I'd be banned if I.... No I can't do it... somethings are just going too far, however I know there is an equally bad pun out there. And I'll be back later today...

XSS flaws found in sites of multiple anti-virus firms

Michael Walsh


It seems every time I'm asked to "fix" an infected PC (Vista or XP) it usually has McAfee installed. Of course Comcast is "giving" it to all their high speed internet customers. I just tell the client that their software is worth just what they paid for it.

And the Symantec corporate AV that I use has decided that Reflexive Arcade games are all trojans and need to be quarantined. Ah well, back to the drawing boards...

Microsoft: Windows 7 release in August '09

Michael Walsh

Be Still My Heart...

A "New" release for Windows.... where's my barf bag? I just ordered a brand new machine and it will have XP, as my Win2k machine is getting a little long in the tooth. I have just seen to many Vista machines with malware, and virii, and odd quirks in behavior not to mention those GD wizards to be bothered. I can't wait to see what kind of surprises this "new" os has for us.

Businesses will postpone Windows 7 rollouts

Michael Walsh
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Attention: Sarah...

RE: Goat Jam

My heavens, man,... erudite, intelligent, well thought out, concise comments...

What are you trying to do? Give the Comments Section" a good name...

Note to the Editorial Staff... perhaps you should keep your eye on this guy...

Next Windows name unveiled: Windows 7

Michael Walsh
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Windows 7

Ah...wonderful, "a rose by any other name" but it's still winblows!

S'kiddies light-up LHC website

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RE:It's too late! We're all doomed!

Gilbert: Absolutely Brilliant! ... Everyone should take a peek!

'Milestone' Microsoft service pack staples .NET's stomach

Michael Walsh
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Much Worse

Let's see:

DCOM -- broken, kind of

RPC -- broken, kind of

activeX -- very broken

MS virtual machine (was java until Sun sued them)-- broken, kind of

.Net -- ver. 1.0 broken

.Net -- ver 1.1 somewhat broken

.Net -- ver 2.? somewhat broken

.Net -- ver 3.0 broken, kind of

.Net -- ver 3.5 ???

Why do we put up with this?